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Today at 9:00 PM EST
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Tomorrow at 10:00 PM EST
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Nov 23, 14 8:00 PM EST
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Nov 25, 14 9:00 PM EST
100's Night
Nov 26, 14 9:00 PM EST
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All classes and levels welcome. Contact Kaylorin in game or send mail via guildportal to DB_Leader. Join a kin which will support you and offer a varied fun experience.
Game News
Welcome to The Dawnbreakers website

We are a rank 10 (maximum) kinship with a kinhouse in the Falathlorn Homesteads (Ered Luin) at 2 Waterbank Road, Glad Orchall in Lord of the Rings Online playing on the Vilya Server.

There are regular kinship meetings held each Friday at 8 pm cst where we partake in questing, instances and general tomfoolery. We also hold occasional other meetings.


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Guild News

Kin Meeting November 15, 2014

Cait, Nov 15, 14 3:00 AM.
Kaylorin: Thank you all for attending. Fairly short agenda so should be fairly brief meeting.

Kaylorin: We will be running CD tomorrow night, which is about 48+. So if you need to get the class quest items for your new Beornings that will be an opportunity.

Kaylorin: Tuesday will be deed night. It will probably be a Beorning themed one again but non-Beorning characters are welcome to attend as always since most of the deeds are applicable to everyone.
Kaylorin: Wednesday will be 100s night. We will probably be running one of the scaleable instances at level 100. If you have any ideas or suggestions about what you would like to see please let us know.

Kaylorin: That pretty much concludes all the kin part of the news. We do always welcome suggestions about things you want us to run so if any of your characters need a specific instance or quest let us know.
Cait: of course Sunday night will be the medium level group. We have started working Angmar and will be there for a few more weeks
Kaylorin: Ooops. Of course mustn't forget what use to be the low level group. Yes, anyone in early 40s is welcome to attend at 7 pm cst Sunday.

Kaylorin: Early in the week there was a somewhat cryptic post from Turbine in their forums, saying that they were wanting to spread some seasonal cheer and would players therefore visit and make sure their [snail] mailing address was up to date.
Kaylorin: We don't know what this entails. It might be we will get some kind of card with a code or something but we are probably lining up for some WB junk mail but most people probably already get that anyway. So it is at your own risk but it is probably worth doing.

Kaylorin: Another slightly unusual thread from Turbine this week asked players to list their top 10 bugs. You can find the thread at! Now it is possible that if you do list a bug here it might get fixed but I wouldn't hold your breath. However if there is a bug that bothers you particularly, I would definitely take this opportunity to bring it to Turbine's attention again.
Kaylorin: In some ways doing this is a shrewd move on their part, since most people don't manage to name more than 4 bugs it gives them the chance in the future to point to the fact there are clearly less bugs in the game than most people think.
Kaylorin: The turbine forums, also by comparison making the World channel look like a meeting of Mensa, large numbers of people have listed anything other than bugs, including feature requests and things they just disagree with. The last time I looked some moron was complaining about wanting more wardrobe space.
Kaylorin: So please, if you do have bugs that need fixing, please list them with in the thread with enough detail that the developer can identify and reproduce the error - Draigoch -- fix it! is not very helpful
Kaylorin: Even if it is a valid sentiment.

Kaylorin: Finally this week saw a new official policy from Turbine. One of the things that does make this game unique is the amount of player-organized events, such as musical concerts, that takes place particularly on the larger servers. Recently there has been a number of players who have taken to disrupting these, often invading the stages with their mounts.
Kaylorin: The music community was not feeling exactly warm and fuzzy towards Turbine over the changes to the music system and the resultant bugs, so this provoked a large backlash particularly as GMs were closing all tickets related to these incidents without taking action.
Kaylorin: There is now a formal policy that GMs will respond to attempts to disrupt player organized events events on designated stage areas. You can read the full policy at

Kaylorin: Item of week is a level 100 ring with will and vitality and fate. [Potent Resolute Ring of Fate]
Kaylorin: Let an officer know if you have a character that could use this and you would like it. If you want to see more lower level items offered in this slot feel free to send me some :) As long as I mostly get level 100 items that's all I can offer you though I am very grateful for any items provided.

Kaylorin: In this weeks turbine store sale we find 20% off quest packs (not the new Gondor one), mithril coins, 1 hour 100% xp boost scrolls and 20% off max morale and power scrolls. If anyone is looking at the 100 mithril coin unlock for the third tree, say for your new Beorning, this would be 680 tp with the sale on mithril coins this week.
Kaylorin: You can get a free scroll of combination using the code RELCOM
Cait: This item is normally 795 TP!!! And it lasts 15 minutes

Kaylorin: And now, it is the highlight of the week. Cait is going to astound us with her knowledge of some aspect of the game. So time to wake up and pay attention as I hand over to our erstwhile deputy kin leader, as she again asks, Did You Know? to which I will probably answer yes.

Cait: well since I proof read it to you every week, you better know, my love
Kaylorin: sssh.. I was trying to persuade them of my psychic powers and eidetic memory

There are several quests in the game that are intended to teach the player about the mind-set of the class. These are the class-specific quests. Teaching the captain that the morale of their men is paramount, teaching the minstrel that is their role to keep the spirits of their comrades elevated, teaching the beorning to temper their wrath with compassion for a wild beast.
Class quests happen at certain intervals. For most classes, they happen at levels 15, 30 and 50. Some classes get more than that, particularly Hunters. Completing these quests frequently are a portion of your class deeds, one third of the tier deeds.
As you ding 15 you'll receive a mail telling you that there is a pressing matter, and you should go see a certain person of importance, frequently in Bree. They will have you do a solo instance, helping to defend Bree in some way.
At level 39 everyone should visit their class trainer and buy 3 books from the trainer's shop. Reading the books opens up a quest, sending you to talk to someone important to your class. Hunters talk to Legolass, for example, in Rivendell. Most of the level 39 book quest givers are in Rivendell.
Then at level 50 (can accept the first quest as early as level 45) we get sent back to a quest giver in the early starter areas, Nogolond, Combe, Archet and Staddle for example. 
They then send you on 3 separate quests, the first is to kill a named mob for an item it has as well as some creatures for parts of their bodies on the first quest. The second quest of these chains send you to get items that are dropped on the landscape of Angmar (and other locations you can find level 45-50 mobs, like Forochel) and the third and final quest stage has you get items that are generally dropped by enemies found in Urugarth and Carn Dum, the instances of Angmar.
This makes sense as these were some of the original "end game" content. When LoTRo was first released, 50 was max level.
The rewards for these quests are gear and weapons that are specific to the class. Unfortunately the classes have been re-worked several times over the years, but it seems like the rewards have not been. 
The kin keep stocks of the items that are needed for the second and third stages of these class quests.  When you hit 45, please see Kay, Randi or myself for these items. While the second and third tier items can be bought at the skirmish camps as well, it would be a shame for you to spend your hard earned marks needlessly! 

Kaylorin: And any Beornings not sure what items they will need for their 45 class quest should see the thread Les kindly wrote for our forums.
Kaylorin: Thank you as always Cait. That was very helpful and we are always delighted to give out these class quest items to people so please don't be shy people!
Zyion: yeah. he's a beast,, no pun intended
Kaylorin: Are there any other points people want to raise or questions to ask/
Cait: and while this weekend is a bonus Marks Weekend, there are still many better things to spend your marks on!
Svartharth: yes take it from someone who bought the 3rd tier items for my hunter from a skirm camp, its a waste of marks, alot of marks, a ton of marks

Kin Meeting November 7, 2014

Cait, Nov 8, 14 12:35 AM.
Kaylorin: Ok thank you everyone for attending. It will be a short meeting tonight then you can get back to interesting things like levelling a Beorning :)

Kaylorin: Well as we are all aware Update 15 hit and brought with it 4 new regions of Gondor, a new solo epic battle and of course, the Beorning, the first new class in the game since Moria. All I can say to those who haven't purchased the class yet is that it is a lot of fun and most of us are having a wild time ;)
Furaibeard: yep i may need to get it. I didn't expect so many people across the server to jump on it.
Kaylorin: Yes, for a people that are few and withdraw.. there sure are a lot of them about currently

Kaylorin: We will be celebrating the arrival of the bears with a few themed events including a couple of deed nights working on getting bears a firm foundation in their virtues and racials. There is also talk of doing a couple of bear only events, maybe Hobnanigans and maybe an instance run - for laughs since its unlikely to be a success without healers

Kaylorin: We did cancel 100s night this week to give people a chance to experiment with their bears. However it will be running as normal this week. Which means Les will be bringing his 100 Beorning which I am sure it will be by then.
Kaylorin: Also with update 15 there was another quest pack with 4 new regions of Gondor. This quest pack is available for 795 tp in the LoTRO store for those who are not VIPs.

Kaylorin: It was pointed out recently that our Which Quest Packs to Buy article on the kin website under the Library section is getting .. a little out of date .. what with new quest packs and also the revisions to North Downs, Misties etc. I am aware of this and will be looking at making some revisions in the near future. I think the basic info is still sound but though.
Kaylorin: More like months. It has proved somewhat difficult to keep updated. We did have someone volunteer to help with those aspects of the website who then disappeared and has hardly been on since.
Svartharth: there are alot of things outdated on the kin site, we are working to update them
Kaylorin: Indeed we are, and thank you to people who do point out the errors .. its nice to have proof people are reading the website ;)

Kaylorin: Speaking of item of the week, we have a nice 100 shield. [Potent Resolute Shield of Tactics]
Kaylorin: Let an officer know if you would like this item for an alt

Kaylorin: This week's turbine store sale concerns traits including trait slots, virtues, virtue bundles and slayer deed boosts. All at 25% off
Kaylorin: You can use code 4LOOT to get a sturdy steel key for free

Kaylorin: And now, over to Cait for the high point of the meeting, as in her Did You Know segment she presents some aspect of the game which people may have overlooked. So over to Cait (time to wake everybody!)

Every different MMO that I have played since the early text based MMO's has used a feature called "Keymapping". Press a button on your keyboard and you can see your inventory/bags, see your character's stats or even move. Every game I have played has had a different mapping system. In LoTRo, you can access the keymapping table by using the "ctrl o" mapped key to open your options panel. You can also get there via the blue ^ at the far left of your skills bar.
There are over 200 mapable functions in LoTRo. Each one can be set to a unique key or combination of keys on your keyboard to trigger it, and in LoTRo you can set 2 different mappings to the same function. So, for example, I could set both i(nventory) and b(ag) to open my bags. Both are used in different games and both can easily be remembered. C is used in most games to open your character's attributes table, where you can see your gear and basic stats, but p for player would also make sense and is used in some games.
One of the default key mappings that gets people confused is the very last one in the list, "Toggle Target Lock-on Mode". What this does is it moves your camera angle to follow the monster or item that you have targeted. If you ever see your camera angle suddenly moving unexplainedly, this is probably the cause. I personally reccomend removing the keymapping for this feature. To remove the current mappings for any feature, press the red circle with the slash thru it to the right of that maping. To set a mapping, click the button with the name of the mapping, then the next button pressed will become the first availavle mapped button or combinations of buttons for that function.

Kaylorin: Thank you as always Cait. Now before we see about getting an epic battle together are there any other issues people want to raise or questions to ask?

Svartharth: i have been making a thread for beorning deeds on the kin forums, in those deeds are your skill deeds, it is a work in progress and any beornings that know the daily limits of the skills feel free to add to that or any other part of the thread in the comments

Kin Meeting October 31, 2014

Cait, Nov 1, 14 1:59 AM.
Kaylorin: hello everyone. Thank you all for attending. I realize for many people this is another of those big days when real life intervenes, so it is good to see so many here when you could be out blackmailing people into giving you candy instead. Short agenda but fairly important items.

Kaylorin: Update 15 is now scheduled for release on 5th Novemember. This will bring the new class, the Beorning, into the game, plus 4 new areas of Gondor and a new offensive epic battle.. and from the comments Kayloradan made when he tried it, they sounded pretty offensive.
Kaylorin: The Beorning class will be available to buy for 1000 tp. It is a medium armor wearer who can turn into a bear in combat. There is a bundled option of 1295 tp for both a Beorning unlock and a character slot. Earlier today Turbine confirmed this will be an exclusive slot, much like the Moria ones, so is only obtainable this way and extends your max char slots by 1 extra.
Kaylorin: The Gift of the Valar, the special insta-level to 50 option is available at 50% off until 4th. So those who want to level their Beornings can buy this now and store it for their new character when they create them. Its an account bound box that can be passed to any of your characters. So for anyone wanting a level 50 beorning with 1 gold and 4s in their virtues, the cost is 2498 tp

Kaylorin: The 6 man version of the new epic battle will not be available on 5th but should be coming sometime between now and April. Once it is available though we will be running it as a kin event like the other epic battles.

Kaylorin: Speaking of kin events, tomorrow we will be running Draigoch. So those of you with chars of 75+ feel free to come along. The cloak you can get from this raid is good for some time so it is well worth having. We only run Draigoch periodically so it is best to take your chance to earn the precious scales for the cloak. That will be 9 pm cst tomorrow.
Kaylorin: The Sunday group will be continuing with Trollshaws and the epic story before ultimately entering Angmar. Anyone with a char in the early 40s is welcome to join the Sunday group in levelling, questing and skirmishing.
Kaylorin: Tuesday will be Deed Night. This week we did Sarnur, completing some of the more tricky deeds to do, including killing all the bosses. Suggestions are always welcomed for regions, instances or deeds that you want to do Tuesday. Pass these along to Cait.
Kaylorin: Wednesday is 100s night, for max level chars. This week we did a number of scaled instances including one Anuminas one. Again suggestions are welcomed and I know some people still need to do TC. Both Deed Night and 100s night start at 8 pm cst.

Kaylorin: Remember that in the US the clock changes this weekend, so don't be late .. early .. whatever.. to events as a result. Most of the rest of their world reset their clocks last week.
Kaylorin: This week's item of the week is a pair of 100 boots, medium armor with plenty of agi and vit. Speak to an Officer if you have an alt who could benefit from them and you would like them.
Kaylorin: [Greater Dextrous Boots of Fate]

Kaylorin: This weeks turbine store sale is 20% off movement related items, including riding traits, milestone skills, hurried and returning traveller and simple rally horns.
Kaylorin: You can use the code RELL9 to obtain a free random relic pack

Kaylorin: And now, its time to prop open your eyelids, the boring part of the meeting is over. Light shines upon you as Cait moves forward to present her latest Did You Know. In last week's episode she talked about setting up your UI for grouping. This week continues the grouping theme.

In tonight's Did you Know, I want to cover looting. When you are soloing, you obviously get all of the loot, that is, if you check "always loot all" in the options panel. When you are in a group, the leader of the group sets the rules on how loot is divided. There are several settings to choose from. 

Turbine made changes to the way looting is handled a while back. For the most part, the game assigns loot to everyone in the fellowship. The loot assigned is almost always geared towards the stats your character uses the most, so wardens burgs and hunters will get agility gear, cappies guards and champs will get might gear.
There are exceptions to this, such as the random chests out in the world and (partially) the loot chests at the end of an instance, as well as the loot on enemies that have been killed by the group.

Free For All means that anyone can loot, and having always loot all enabled will trigger the looting. It used to mean that the person that clicks on the lootable item got all the loot, but I think Turbine's changes to looting have altered this a bit.

Round Robin means the first piece of loot is given to the group leader, the second piece to the second group member, so on and so forth. This tends to be a very fair way to split the loot.

Master Looter means that the group leader will have controll over the loot chests and is frequently used in instances such as Draig. Splitting the loot this way is time consuming, but it also tends to mean that someone who the loot is good for will likely be the one that gets it before someone that just wants it for vendor trash. (Vendor trash means you want to sell the item for gold.)

Roll/Pass and Need/Greed will cause an in-game mechanic where party members click a button to say if they want the item or not. roll/pass is very simply yes/no. need/greed is a little more complicated. 
Need is meant to mean that you absolutely want the item BECAUSE it is an upgrade for you. Greed is meant to mean that you want it for an alt or vendor trash if no one absolutely needs it. Many people, un-affectionately known as loot ninjas, have for years caused unhappiness to their fellow party members when need/greed was the looting option. A Champion clicking need on will/fate gear that is bind on acquire is irritating to the LM that was hoping for a better robe, and is a perfect example of what loot ninja'ing is.

roll/pass/need/greed is complicated a bit by the addition of the "quality level" options. These options refer to the value of the loot. Common would include task items, and the scale goes up from there. 

When in a group, it is of course important that any loot that drops goes to those that need it. It is considered proper etiquite by the gaming community and by the Kin that loot goes to those that need it who are on the run where it falls. If no one needs a piece on those specific characters, then it can be taken for alts or finally the kin chest/vendor trash/cosmetics. If you want to farm for gear for an alt, it is courteous to tell the enite fellowship at the start that you are trying to collect gear, iXP runes or weapons of a given type.
Be aware of the loot rules when in a pug group, as you may find that the group leader that sets the loot rules to master looter just before the final boss fight is a loot ninja.

Kaylorin: Thank you as always Cait. Loot is always one of those highly contentious things and I know many kins that have been split over it. I dont think we have ever lost anyone over the issue but it is definitely something to be aware of. As a general rule Need/Greed is the preferred kin loot system though I know we havent always followd it.
Kaylorin: It is worth saying that the system is determined by the group leader's settings so those who lead instances for the kin should be aware of this and modify their settings where necessary.
Kaylorin: It is worth saying that we have run whole instances for one person who at the end failed to get the item because someone else accidentally or deliberately rolled on an item that was bind on acquire so the issue couldnt be rectified. Master Looter stops that happening which is why we use it for things like Draigoch.
Kaylorin: The kin's general principle is that loot goes to the person who can benefit most from the piece and I am grateful that kinmates do treat each other with respect and understanding. A rule like we have over the Draigoch scales wouldnt be possible in many kinships where there is not that core trust in each other.

Kaylorin: Ok that concludes all the points I have this week. Does anyone else have any questions to ask or issues to raise before we see about getting an epic battle run together?
Percyval: yes...milestone skills are on sale and there is free relic pack available

Kin Meeting October 24, 2014

Cait, Oct 24, 14 11:15 PM.
Kaylorin: ok nap time.. er I mean its time for the kin meeting to start so all pay attention
Bredor: nap time!!! WOOT WOOT!!!

Bredor: oh and bull pucky a relic removal scroll doesn't remove crafted relics!
Kaylorin: it will eventually.. you just have to wait to do it.. we covered that I think 2 weeks ago now in kin meeting
Hezraldor: in update 15 relic removal scrolls will remove crafted relics
Kaylorin: that is one of the changes they introduced into the build with the beornings that has been tested on bullroarer.. so when that becomes live you should be able to remove crafted relics.. assuming that change makes it to live, most do but not everything they test
Hezraldor: one thing they didn't mention but was added, is stat tomes are getting a boost, instead of +10 its +20 and +20 its +40 for upper level tomes, and they will go to 20 available tomes

Kaylorin: Ok not a very long agenda again this week. Things have been mostly quiet. So should be a brief meeting. In fact Cait's Did You Know should be about twice the size of the rest of the meeting.
Kaylorin: Since we are talking about Bullroarer currently there was a new build introduced this afternoon. So those who want to try it out update your bullroarer clients. Mostly its improvements to Beorning class but there were a few other things I noticed.

Kaylorin: Firstly .. drum roll .. the Thespian Deed of the Yule festival has been fixed. You will now be able to complete the deed and it only took them 4 years to correct that bug.
Eorand: One of those times where I kinda wanna say better late than never...but it's pretty late!
Kaylorin: The cost of all Hytbold rebuild quests stages have been reduced to 1 token. Meaning if you are still bothering with Hytbold and its something you should probably do if you never have, then it should go much faster in future.

Kaylorin: The damage output and morale of the mobs in the new Pelargir epic battle have been reduced to what they describe as something more reasonable. That might make it suck less but probably not.
Bredor: lol!

Kaylorin: Beornings use 3 wrath every 3 seconds rather than every second so you get to be a bear for longer. There have been various changes to graphics to reduce clipping issues and there are now Beorning LI traders in the usual places.
Kaylorin: That concludes the bullrorarer but feel free to use our forums to give news about anything else you find or your experiences with Beornings etc.

Kaylorin: Suggestions are welcomed for Tuesday deed nights. Lately we have done specific virtues and worked through the areas that give that virtue however we can also do specific areas if people need. So be sure and give us your suggestions.
Kaylorin: Most regulars now have completed the Tarlang's Crown quests but we can run them for new people when needed. Otherwise the Wednesday 100s group is now mostly doing 100 instances. Suggestions also appreciated there.
Kaylorin: The Sunday mid level group is now questing its way through Trollshaws and anyone in late 30s - mid 40s is welcome to attend.
Kaylorin: For tomorrow's instance runs we are thinking Bells of Dale and/or one of the Erebor 3 mans.
Kaylorin: So if people have any preference let us know, and hopefully see you there. Most events are 8 pm cst, saturday night runs are 9 pm cst and I believe this weekend the civilized world changes their clocks so non-Americans may find a greater than usual difference between their local time and CST.

Kaylorin: This week's item of the week is a level 30 wrist piece with agility, power and crit and extra Tolerance virtue. [Gemmed Bracelet of the Fox]. Speak to an officer if you would like this item.

Kaylorin: On sale this week in the Turbine store we have Runekeeper and Warden classes at 25% off, both very good classes and worth getting if you don't have already. Also 25% off character slots and slayer deed accelerators.
Eorand: Supposedly with Update 15, the maximum number of character slots will bump up to 21 or so.

Kaylorin: Finally the best part of the meeting is here. It is time for Cait to enlighten us with details of some aspect of LoTRO which is easily overlooked and I understand its a good one this week, especially with all the group events I have outlined already coming up. So with no more ado, other to Cait. Time to wake up everybody!

As you know, the Dawnbreakers run group content events 5 days a week. In tonight's did you know I wanted to share some of the commonly recommended settings that can make running instances a little easier.
Target assist is a small window that shows the name of one or two fellowship members and what they are targeting. As a leader, I am horrible about remembering to set a target assist, but the idea is that you select the tank or a knowledgeable DPS'er. Then the group clicks on the target assist window so that everyone is killing the same monster, which then means that when there are multiple foes we are taking them out faster. This also centralizes the threat and aids killing mobs in the right order, esp when that is crucial.
Target skill forwarding works hand in hand with the target assist window. It allows your skills to forward to the target of the team mate you have selected. This is especially important for a healer that is there to heal and do dps.
Target direction arrow puts a dotted line on the ground at your feet, and leads off in the direction of your target. The dots are a bit hard to see until you get used to looking for them.
Put your FM window as well as the FM Selection UI window in a spot where you can see them easily when they pop up. Make sure that they aren't over top of each other. If there is an FM pre-selected for the fellowship, it is important to follow the pattern, unless a leader calls out to go all green/blue.
Target of Target is another useful feature. If you're the Tank, you want to know when the enemy is heading toward your healer.
Turning off Other's Floating Damage can help a little bit with lag.
For healers in particular enabling the UI to only show dispellable effects can clear much of the clutter of icons under the health bars of your fellowship. It lets you quickly identify when someone has a disease or wound that can be cured.
Another good trick for healers is the shift/H interface. Mouse over a fellowship member and then press shift H and you'll get a small panel that pops up. This allows you to position it any where on your screen and have an easy box to click to re-select that party member. It works on non-party members too, so could be used on bosses as well.
and that is my Did you Know this week!

Kaylorin: Thank you as always Cait. Very informative. I use the Shift H trick a lot when healing. It is also worth saying that for those of you who use plugins there are some good ones that can highlight when particular buffs are in place, like buffbars, which can also be useful for seeing when benefits are in place and timing the use of particular skills.

Kaylorin: That concludes all the points I have. Does anyone else have any further points. If not we will see about getting an epic battle run together.
Eorand: Love Buffbars and Palantir..and a handful of other plug-ins. They're quite helpful without making the game overly easy. They just help increase awareness.

Kin Meeting October 17, 2014

Cait, Oct 17, 14 11:32 PM.
Kaylorin: Thank you all for attending. Fair amount of news this week.

Kaylorin: The first announcement is my least favorite duty as kin leader, other than actually kicking people out of the kinship that is. LoTRO is a great game and it brings us a lot of pleasure, however for some people it is more than a game, it is what provides for their children and pays their rent.
Kaylorin: I therefore regret having to say that WB confirmed earlier in the week another round of layoffs at Turbine.
Kaylorin: We do not know how many left, Turbine have not said anything about who was effected, though we believe Produktion, the producer and Kehleyr, one of the chief quality personnel who organized testing are believed to be among the victims. It is noted that neither has posted since or replied to the speculation about their departure.
Kaylorin: Previously when staff were still at Turbine they have often posted to confirm this. We do have a statement from Rowan, LoTRO producer, who says that the layoffs were anticipated and do not change any of their current plans for LoTRO.
Kaylorin: Infinite Crisis, their new MOBA is due for launch soon, so it may be many of the extra staff they took on were no longer needed. It also seems that WB is transitioning Turbine to focus more on the mobile market and there are several current vacancies at Turbine for mobile developers.
Zyion: mobile, like smart phone apps?
Eleenadal: I don't doubt you but -- and I may be wrong, but that sounds like a political statement I would hear from Washington.
Alkurelm: I wish Infinite Crisis had a BOT mode.

Kaylorin: Interestingly, we saw a new Lord of the Rings game released from WB Games this week. I speak of Legends of Middle Earth which is an android RPG. It is available on Google Play. I tried it earlier today. It is graphically very nice but there is no game play to it at all, essentially it consists of pressing the explore button a lot. Combat doesn't involve any player intervention at all
Kaylorin: So if this is the future, this release doesn't entire bode well for complexity of game play.

Kaylorin: However we will see what happens and our thoughts go to those turbine staff who lost their jobs this week and we can only wish them the best for the future.
Alkurelm: The future of gaming is 1 hour campaigns and PvP being forced down our throats.
Cait: fewer staff also means it is even less likely that they will change their minds and add raids back in

Kaylorin: Last week we heard about the postponement of the new imbuing process which enables LIs to level with you.We have discussed it a few times here but today we learned about changes from the original plans.
Kaylorin: "The original plan was that you could only imbue an item that was at level cap (100) and fully leveled. Hoarse may have pulled back on that (to make it less restrictive), but we fully intend to make your existing LIs imbue-able"
Cait: Hoarse-Dev...a lead programmer
Kaylorin: This could mean that if you have a level 95 first age LI and not a level 100 one, it might be worth hanging onto it and potentially leveling it to see if you can imbue it in the future.

Kaylorin: There was a new Bullroarer release today. No major changes from the previous one. Generally Beornings have got a good reaction from the players who have tested them out. If you want to try them yourself, download the bullroarer client. You will need to purchase it with tp but there are free tp each day on bullroarer so that isn't a problem.
Cait: TP purchases on Bullroarer do not affect your TP total on normal servers
Hezraldor: it is a good idea to read all the sticky threads on the Bullroarer forum if you plan to play beta for the first time

Kaylorin: I also tried out the new epic battle. I think it will be good as a 6 man but unfortunately only the duo/solo version is currently available and I thought it sucked. Those who don't like epic battles will like it, but those who enjoy the existing battles may not like how little impact their roles have in the new battle.
Kaylorin: Its also tough for light armor wearers as you lead a group of brain dead soldiers about who refuse to engage the foe until you have got their attention first and in many cases died. Oh and finally if it couldn't get any better.. the suicidal sons of Elrond are there too.
Bredor: So I take it you didn't like it much Kay... lol
Kaylorin: I thought I hid that well.. what gave it away?
Bredor: Just a gut feeling.
Eleenadal: I think it was his laugh as he stabbed himself
Kaylorin: It will probably work well with a group and a real tank etc, but its not one I would try solo without a heavy armored character.

Kaylorin: Deed nights run every Tuesday and we are always glad of your suggestions and input. This week we did some of the deeds for the fidelity virtue including the Angmar Circle of Despair deed which involves running up to many strongly fortified and patrolled citadels. That may be the first time someone under level 40 has got that deed.
Kaylorin: Wednesday we have 100s night which will either be in TC or possibly a level 100 instance, whatever people want in future as most people are close to finishing the TC quests now.
Kaylorin: And Saturdays, including tomorrow, we will be running an instance or skirmish. Precisely what has still to be determined. So turn up and enjoy the surprise ;)
Kaylorin: Those events are all 8 pm central time except Saturday which is normally 9 pm.
Zyion: what levels are welcome on Saturdays?
Cait: all are welcome, but skirms start at 20 and instances generally start at 30
Kaylorin: Sunday is the low, now mid level group, which is now questing its way through the Trollshaws. Anyone with a char in late 30's - mid 40's is welcome to attend.

Kaylorin: for anyone not sporting one of those nice extra xp stones, we have a nice mid 50's pocket item as Item of the Week, this week. Lots of agility and fate and a nice stacking crit buff. [Key of the Ancient Barrow]
Kaylorin: This week's turbine store sale concerns storage-related items including 20% off shared storage, vault upgrades, inventory slots and currency cap (f2p/premium only)
Kaylorin: Use code RALLY5 for a free rally horn. Useful for summoning group members.
Hezraldor: the free item code can be used 5 times per account

Kaylorin: And now over to Cait for another in her wonderful series of Did You Knows? In which she sheds light on some remote and neglected aspect of the game. So time for everyone's favorite part of the meeting and time to wake up as I hand over to our deputy kin leader

Collecting materials for Crafting is often very tedious. The earliest zone with a special mini-instance that is known as Crafting Instances is Moria. These solo instances allow anyone to go in and do quests to kill assorted monsters, though someone who is a crafter of that certain type will be able to also collect approximately 20-40 nodes in a very short period of time.
You can collect wood, ore and scholar mats in these instances. These are daily quests, repeatable once a day per instance. I did read something about the Moria crafting instance nodes apparently spawning once every 3 days.
The mats for collection are: 
Scholar - Tier 6 - Moria, winding way(west of 21st hall)
- Tier 8 - Hytbold, East Rohan (Behind the mead hall)
- Tier 9 - Entwood, Gemyndsted

Lumber - Moria, Zelem Melek(S out of 21st, left, fall down 1 story, 2nd entrance on the right)
- Hytbold, East Rohan (Behind the mead hall)
- Direnfirel, Kingstead, West Rohan

Ore - Moria,  Red Horn Lodes (along the northern wall, about 2/3 of the way to the Mirror in the bug area)
- Hytbold, East Rohan (Behind the mead hall)
- Stangraf, Entwood

Each of the Moria crafting instance areas have 2 instances that you can go in and clear out. All the mobs inside them are ones needed for Moria slayer deeds, merrevail, cave claws(these drop leather) and orcs. There are 3 rep vendors outside the 2 instances, selling assorted things, including a key that opens a chest next to them that will have more of that resource item. Another item you can barter for are the level 65 Loth Lorien gold leaves that are great for level 65 teal jewelry...a good option if you aren't doing big battles for jewelry. There are 3 quests per crafting instance, so you can get a max of 18 barter tokens a day.

There is only 1 of each type of instance at Hytbold, and you have to rebuild a bit of it before you can gain access to them. All 3 of the Hytbold crafting instances are located behind the mead hall, follow the path around the left side of the Hall.

The 3rd set of crafting instances came into the game with Update 13, this past April. I have to admit that I haven't ever run any of these, and from the limited info I could find about them, they came in with the flooded Isengard area, but the slayers inside them were linked to that level (95) and to the 85 deeds.

The Crafting Instances also are one of the few ways to get the Compendiums of Middle Earth, a component needed for making crafted relics, the 4th relic slot in your LI's.
Hezraldor: to access the 95 crafting instances you have to go to the fangorn and done the prereq fangorn quests to access them
And that is this week's Did you Know!

Cait: That's all the points that we have. Does anyone have any news or comments to bring up to the Kin?
Lalfo: I have one
Lalfo: for Mac Client users
Lalfo: the client works great on 10.10, however the store is not working
Lalfo: but i am not crashing every 45 mins...
Cait: hmm. I wonder if that was Ivrenn's problem last night...

Hezraldor: Tuesday is the start of the fall festival and runs till November 2, which means the haunted barrow will be opening

Alkurelm: Speaking of Early AM, that's the time I'll be playing on my days off for a while. I'm out of the training stages of my new job and the shift I'm going on is at night right now.
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