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Dec 21, 14 8:00 PM EST
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Dec 23, 14 9:00 PM EST
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Dec 24, 14 9:00 PM EST
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All classes and levels welcome. Contact Kaylorin in game or send mail via guildportal to DB_Leader. Join a kin which will support you and offer a varied fun experience.
Game News
Welcome to The Dawnbreakers website

We are a rank 10 (maximum) kinship with a kinhouse in the Falathlorn Homesteads (Ered Luin) at 2 Waterbank Road, Glad Orchall in Lord of the Rings Online playing on the Vilya Server.

There are regular kinship meetings held each Friday at 8 pm cst where we partake in questing, instances and general tomfoolery. We also hold occasional other meetings.


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Guild News

Kin Meeting December 12, 2014

Cait, Dec 12, 14 11:46 PM.
Kaylorin: hello all. Thank you for turning out .. I know this is a very busy time of year and you could probably be multiple other places, but I am glad you are here :)

Kaylorin: Frelorn announced today that update 15.1 which includes the 6 man version of Pelargir will be going live this Monday. So maybe we will be able to give it a go on this week's 100s night.

Kaylorin: Next week we will be running a normal set of events, but the week after everything will be cancelled including the kin meeting. Kin meetings will resume on the 2nd and normal events sequence on Sunday 4th. We generally find events this time of year get a low response rate so this frees everyone up for other things.
Kaylorin: However members are free to organize their own events spontaneously at any time during this period if you want to. There are lots of things including epic battles and skirmishes that can be done if people want.

Kaylorin: Another sign of Xmas being upon us is that it is time for the Annual Dawnbreaker awards. You have next week to make nominations in 4 categories. Best Dressed Member, Most Popular New, Most Improved and Most Helpful Member. We will then publish the nominations for people to vote upon at the kin website.
Kaylorin: I will be sending out a mail calling for nominations to remind you. I say every year that we do expect Officers to be helpful so please only nominate Officers if you feel they have gone above and beyond what should be expected of them. And every year to date an Officer has won, which shows what a great Officer team we are lucky enough to have.
Kaylorin: That relates to the Most Helpful category.
Kaylorin: The results will be announced in the new year, probably at the 2nd kin meeting. I havent checked dates yet but we like to give you a while to vote.

Kaylorin: The results will be announced in the new year, probably at the 2nd kin meeting. I havent checked dates yet but we like to give you a while to vote.
Kaylorin: Last week in her ever popular Did You Know segment, our deputy Kin Leader Cait, talked about the Tolkien Professor Corey Olsen and the Mythgard Academy courses. We learned this week that Professor Olsen is going to be offering an open course utilizing LoTRO, exploring the decisions the world designers have made and how what they have done relates to the lore of the books.
Breeper: Ooo Thats sounds cool and fun!
Kaylorin: Currently he is at the levelling a character and reading thru the quests stage. In the next stage he will be wandering through the world musing on what he sees and analyzing it in terms of the book content. This stage will be live-streamed by Turbine. The final stage will be assembling an academic course based on what he has gathered.
Kaylorin: Stage 1 is taking place currently on Landroval on Monday nights if anyone wants to participate. You can find some details at
Kaylorin: It promises to be very interesting. Corey Olsen is a very interesting scholar and much more open minded than many of those who study Tolkien's works. The final structure of the course is yet to be decided whether it will take place in-game or via the normal Academy teaching software but it should eventually be online for everyone to view for those who missed it.

Kaylorin: This week's Item of the Week is a level 43 axe [Stanhogg]. Speak to an officer if you would like it.

Kaylorin: On sale in the Turbine store this week are expansions/expansion quests at 20% off, skirmishes and instances at 20%, token of the hornburg (extra xp) at 25% off and mark acquisition and enhanced xp scroll boosts all at 25% off.
Kaylorin: This weekend's special sale though is 30%% off the contents of your shopping cart, useable twice per account.
Hezraldor: a great skirmish for any kinmate to get is the Attack at Dawn Skirmish to get the Dawnbreaker title
Kaylorin: that is very true and we do encourage people to get that title :)
Kaylorin: Use code BUMP4 for a free 100% xp boost scroll

Kaylorin: Some scholars use the term "Legendarium" to refer to Professor Tolkien's mythical works including Hobbit, LoTR and Silmarillion. A truly magnificent and epic body of work. It pales into insignificance however between the writing project which I have witnessed this week. From tiny topics last week Cait has gone to the other extreme
Kaylorin: I am therefore pleased to present her Legendary Weaponarium - The Miniseries. She seeks to bring clarity and insight to the confused and complex topic of Legendary Items. She has worked incredibly hard on this so over to her for part I.

In tonight's Did you know, I want to start telling you all about Legendary Items. Legendary Items (LI's for short) are very complicated and so I'm going to break this into several sessions. Because LI's are so complicated, this will definitely be a bit of information overload, especially for those not at all familiar with the system. I will do my best to keep it to a trickle, but at first, each part of LI's requires that you understand some other part. As I said, it is very complex!

In this first session on LI's, I'm going to cover how to get the right to use LI's and some of the core components of the system...basically this will (hopefully) be like a glossary.

In the most basic terms, you will acquire a LI, identify it at a forge master, slot it in on your Shift i interface (and maybe on your character panel), gain experience for it, reforge it every time it gains 10 levels of experience with a forge master where you will add a legacy or increase the tier of the legacies on it and eventually destroy it with the relic master to slot in another LI in its place.

Now, let's break that down to make a little more sense!

Every class gets to use 2 LI's. The first is a weapon and the second is usually a class item. For Hunters and Wardens, their class item LI slot is also a weapon. The class item slot for other classes boslter that class, for example, Minstrells have a song book where they record their hymns, RK's have a satchel - allegedly to hold their runes, Guardians have a belt....yeah, I don't get the reasoning behind that one either! Maybe think of one of those gaudy championship belts, like for boxing or wrestling?

To gain access to LI's, you must be at least level 45, then go to Echad Dunnan in Eregion. Talk to Rathwald, a dwarf to the left side of the ruined gate.

He will set you on a series of quests which are part of the Volume II, Book 1 epic quest line. You will be offered a few side quests in this instanced area that are not mandatory, but if you don't do them now, you'll never be able to go back and do them. On a good note, many of the mobs count toward the Eregion slayer deeds. Once you get near the end of the quest chain, you will get your first meetimg with an epic monster of that you have to face at least 3 times, and there is a deed for facing (and defeating) it in those 3 encounters. (trying not to give it away for those that have not gotten this far in the game) After the first meeting with this monster, you get given your first LI!

The NPC that gives your first LI to you will give you a little training session to teach you a little about the weapon. You then have to level it up to level 10. That is one of the unique features of LI's. They are weapons and/or class items that you level up, and they can be made stronger as you level them.

The first main LI interface is accessed by pressing Shift & i at the same time. This is the interface that lets you see how many LI's you have that are leveling up, what level they are and many other features of the LI system. We will get back to this panel in detail later, but for now, know that you have to have an LI slotted into one of the numbered tabs that you can select at the top to be able to have it earn experience.

The first LI that you get can gain 40 levels of experience. Every 10 levels (so 10/20/30 etc) you need to take your LI's to a special NPC known as a forge master. Once an LI has hit that threshold, it will not gain any experience (typically) until you Reforge the LI, unlocking the ability to gain the next 10 levels, until it is maxed out. When you reforge an LI, you get to add a new legacy or upgrade one. Legacies are like the stats of lower level weapons...such as + to resistance/vitality/might. Most legacies will bolster your skills, either singally or to a whole type of skills. 

For example, there is a legacy that bolsters careful step, a warden stealth skill, and there are Mini legacies that bolster _all_ of their healing skills. We will cover legacies more in depth later on in this series.

All LI's (except your first 2 that are given to you by the epic) max out at level 60, though this can be extended an extra 10 levels, to 70 with a special scroll of delving. Scrolls of Delving are available from some quests and vendors, as well as in the Store. They are also linked to the minimum player level of the LI. 

LI's have 2 kinds of levels. The first is the minimum level you have to be to be able to equip it, the other is the amount of experience it has gained. From here on out, when I refer to the level of the LI, I won't be refering to the level the player has to be to equip that LI(unless I say otherwise).

The legacies on your LI also have 2 kinds of levels. The first is major or minor. Major legacies have a gold circle and minors have a silver circle. The second legacy level is a little more tricky. To the left of the name of the legacy, inside the silver or gold circle you will see a symbol. The symbol is pictigram that is made of small lines. The number of lines indicate the level of the legacy, between 1 and 6. Again, this relates to yet another kind of level LI's have, and I'll explain more on that later.

LI's gain experience just like your character does. By that I mean you can gain LI experience by killing monsters that are not grey to you in the open world, or by killing monsters in an instance (moria cluster and above) and sometimes by questing. 

Not all quests will give LI experience. The eariest quests that do are most of the ones in Mirabell, Eregion. The Quest will show in the rewards area if it includes LI experience, but it never tells you how much it grants.

So now, you've gotten your first LI (and are completely lost in what to do with it), reforged it for the first time and are sent back to face the epic Moria monster I mentioned. You then get the right to enter Moria, your second starter LI that also has a max of 40 levels and you then go about your leveling with shiny and very complicated new weapons! This is typically when you will start seeing LI's as loot. Mostly, LI's drop from humanoid mobs or loot chests in an instance.

Another unique feature to LI's that you will now notice is that LI's are class specific. You will pick up thousands of LI's between the time when you first step into Moria and when we finally vanquish Suaron and Saruman! Since there are now 11 classes in game, you have a 1 in 11 chance that the LI will be for your class, so at least 80% of the LI's you pick up will not be for your class, but that is ok! Don't rush to find a kinnie that is of that class to give them to...unless you are questing together, or they have specifically put out a request for LI's at that level for their class.

Every time you head to the forge master and relic mater (and you will do this a lot from now on) you should just blow it up. To blow up an LI you will visit the forge master to ID it. The forge master interface is broken down into 2 tabs, Identify and Reforge. When you ID a LI, it tells you what the first 3 legacies are of that LI. The first 3 legacies will always be major/gold legacies. Then visit the relic master (usually standing very near the forge master) and go to the second tab at the top of their interface. Find the LI's that do not belong to your class and deconstruct them. 

The reason that you will blow up these thousands of LI's that don't belong to your class is because they become a type of item which you will need millions and millions! Once you have blown up at least 5 LI's that were not for your class, go back to the first tab of the relic master's interface. Here, you will have the ability to combine the fragments from blown up LI's into larger fragments. These fragments are called relics, and you mostly you will do one of two things with them. You socket them into your LI's to add extra stats to them that help you...such as resistance rating and bonuses to moral and power regen, as well as agi/might/will, or you can combine relics together to make stronger relics. (you can actually do a few other things with relics, but I'll cover that much later in this series) It takes five tier 1 relics to combine to create a tier 2 relic. Obviously, a tier 2 relic gives better bonuses to a LI that it is put into than a tier 1 does. 

Currently, we can create up to tier 10 relics. If you never get a critical success when combining relics, it will take 58,320 tier 1 relics to make a single tier 10 relic. Now you see why I loot all! Don't be disheartened by this. While it is difficult to make a t10 relic, it isn't impossible. More often than not, when you combine t1 relics to become t2 relics it will crit, and you will receive multiple t2 relics, the same with t2 into t3, though less frequently.

Around when you are combining t4 into t5 you will rarely see a crit, and virtually never at t5 and above. It also only takes 4 t2 relics to make a t3, 4 t3 to make a t4, and from t4 and above it only takes 3 relics to make the next tier.

Once a relic is placed into an LI, it requires a special relic removal scroll to get it back out of the LI. These are available from the store, and are pricey considering most LI's will have 3 or 4 relics slotted into them. Only slot relics into LI's that you are using as equipment on your C panel, not the ones that you are just leveling.

Leveling LI's that you don't intend to use as your weapon or class slot item is the next main topic. 

You will level up many LI's over the next several months of play time for your character. You do this for 2 main reasons. First, when you destroy an LI that you leveled up, you get relics, just like when you blow up the ones that are not good for your class. 

When you blow up a LI that has gained experience by being slotted into one of the numbered tabs on the Shift i interface, you will get a lot of relics, and not just t1 ones! This therefore makes getting those t10 relics easier. So leveling LI's to blow up is your first main source of relics.

There is great debate as to when you should blow up the LI's that you are leveling. The real answer is it is your choice. Here is some info to help you make that decision better. First, the higher the level the LI is, the more relics (and some other items) you will (potentially) receive. If an LI is at least level 30 you can remove one of the legacies from that LI. You do this to make another LI more suited to your play style. 

As you get used to the legacies that are available for your class, you will develope favorite legacies. But let's say that on the LI you're using to battle the forces of evil you didn't get that one legacy that you feel is invaluable. You can swap it out!

When you do this, the legacy you add to your LI will be tier 2 (so, 2 lines in the pictagram). No matter what tier it was on the LI you pulled it off of, if you put it on a different LI, it will only be at tier 2. For the best results, you should swap in the legacies you want on your equipped LI's after you reforge the LI at it's level 30 milestone. As I mentioned earlier, when you reforge a LI, you will either add a legacy or upgrade it's tier (the pictogram).

The first 3 reforges will add a legacy. The next 3 (or 4 if you use a scroll of delving) will let you upgrade one of the legacies 1 tier. Whether you are adding or upgrading the legacy, you get a choice between 2 legacies for the add/upgrade. Choose wisely, young padiwan! If you swapped in a legacy that you want for your LI after the 3rd reforge, you'll have 3 (or 4) chances to make that tier 2 legacy one tier higher.

Hopping back to destroying your leveled up LI's and when to do it. Besides getting to remove a legacy or getting relics, you will always get an iXP rune. An iXP (item experience) rune is another way to level up your LI's. It looks like a little tan/brown disc on a blue background. The amount of ixp the rune will give will always be at least 1000 experience. 

To use an iXP rune, you right click on the rune, and are given a list of all your LI's that are slotted into your shift i interface. You will not see LI's that are maxed out in this interface. Be careful, you can use an iXP rune on an LI that will take it beyond its max amount of experience, therefore wasting the balance of iXP that rune would have provided to a lower level LI.
Another complication to leveling LI's is that a LI that can be used by a player at level 55 takes less iXP to max out than one for a player that is at least level 56 and so on. The increase needed is minimal at first, and grows to well over 1.5 million overall iXP on a LI for level 100 players.

Finally, if you don't have any LI's ready to be slotted into your shift i interface, and don't need one of it's legacies for your equipped LI's, keep leveling the ones you have! The iXP rune you get for a level 60 LI will be larger, you will get more and larger relics and so there isn't a good reason to have empty slots if you can avoid it.
I apologize that I have jumped around in the info on covering LI's to this point. As I explained from the start, LI's are hugely complex, and understanding each of the basic parts of them requires understanding some other part.

We will end the first session here. Come back next week for the next installment on LI's!

Kaylorin: Thank you for that Cait. Extremely informative as always. She has spent at least two solid days writing this Did You Know so far and hasn't quite finished yet. We should all get our minds around the many issues with LIs and everything clear in our heads by the time Turbine decide to change things by adding imbuing in April!
Hezraldor: you actually get a legacy from a LI at 30 not 31 (Cait already made this correction) so you can reforge and decon quickly, also the xp added from a rune is carried over a reforge except if it gets to lvl 60 so if its close to say lvl 20 and you add an xp rune, the xp on the rune will carry it to 20 and what ever is left will be applied after the LI is reforged so don't worry about wasting xp there

Kin Meeting December 5, 2014

earmy54, Dec 5, 14 10:24 PM.

[Kinship] Kaylorin: ok everyone thank you for attending. Cait is currently asleep.. she had a long day and though she will probably kill me for not waking her I am going to let her sleep as she needs the rest. She did prepare a Did You Know but I am not sure where it is on her computer. There is a good chance she will wake before the end of the meeting though..

[Kinship] Kaylorin: especially as I will be doing my best to extend the meeting length to 4 hours to make sure this happens :)

[Kinship] Kaylorin: I am of course not joking about this, though you will wish I was ;)

[Kinship] Kaylorin: Today saw a new version of update 15.1 added to the Bullroarer test server. This includes retuned versions of the Pelargir 6 man and lots of Beorning related changes, including the ability to fish in their homeland, the ability to use -beorn as a name for your character and correcting a few things which Beornings are currently not able to

[Kinship] Kaylorin: There are quite a number of these apparently where quests or instances are dependent on race and Beornings have been overlooked. This includes not being able to legitimately gain access to the hobbit village in Enedwaith to the end boss in the Forochel ITA instance not being able to "possess" the powers of Beornings.

[Kinship] Kaylorin: Apparently in this last case if there is a Beorning in the instance, the Burglars get a double dose of being "it" which is great for the Beorning but sucks for the Burglars.

[Kinship] Kaylorin: Other changes include those Gondor "archers" having been sat down and explained at length what an archer is, and they will now be using ranged attacks.

[Kinship] Kaylorin: And the world will be a lot quieter as Lore-Master bears will no longer be roaring whilst not in combat.

[Kinship] Kaylorin: You can find the full list of changes at

[Kinship] Svartharth The Fellowship version of Retaking Pelargir yields superior victory boxes that come with higher drop rates of good stuff, plus an exclusive surprise. that sounds interesting

[Kinship] Kaylorin: Yes I wondered about that but no one has apparently found out what it is as there are no posts on it yet.

[Kinship] Svartharth it also sounds like there will be some new stuff for the winter fest since its active in the current beta build

[Kinship] Kaylorin: But since this hopefully means the 6 man will be released in the next few weeks we will hopefully will get a chance to discover for ourselves as well as any changes to the winter festival which has hardly been modified since it was introduced.

[Kinship] Kaylorin: Chance Thomas was the composer of the music for the original Shadows of Angmar LoTRO as well as the Riders of Rohan expansion. His music has always been well received and popular with players. It was therefore with sadness that we learned this week that his association with LoTRO has now formally come to an end.

[Kinship] Kaylorin: Music can add a great deal to the atmosphere of a game. Though I wouldn't say I was a great music lover by any means I find that I always halt on the Brandywine Bridge to hear the short turne that plays there and it introduces the appropriate air of brightness and frivolity that the Shire represents. I do find it sad then that Chance states that Turbine no longer regard music as a

[Kinship] Kaylorin: high priority. Whilst the HD music was better than some of their previous in-house stuff I didnt find it anywhere near as powerful as the Rohan material that Chance Thomas wrote. He also used to hang out on the LoTRO forums and discuss his music with players and obviously cared about the game a great deal.

[Kinship] Kaylorin: So I do regard it as a bad sign and another example of LoTRO being starved of resources since WB took over Turbine.

[Kinship] Kaylorin: You will find in our kin Message of the Day a link to a competition Turbine is currently running on Facebook to tie in with Peter Jackon's Hobbit movies. This include a chance to win a copy of the Bluray/DVDs as well as a 1000 tp. Using the form at you can register for the competition.

[Kinship] Kaylorin: As I say the link is in the MOTD for those of you that can't remember that. Since I am not a Facebook fan I will not be taking part but since most of you are probably users of Facebook it is probably worth doing.

[To Kinship] one thing to note you dont need a facebook account to register, it is just a form where you input you own information

[Kinship] Kaylorin: Straightforward item of the week this week, a nice level 54 second age Champion rune Legendary item. A very good opportunity to replace your starter LI with something very powerful. So if people have a Champion alt that could benefit speak to an Officer.

[Kinship] Kaylorin: [Champion's Rune of the Second Age]

Kinship] Kaylorin: This like all the Item of the Week objects was donated by a member. We are always greateful to receive fresh donations, especially non level 100 ones, though level 100 items are very welcome too :) Send any items you dont want and think others might find useful to myself in a mail marked item of week.

[Kinship] Kaylorin: As well as the usual weekly Turbine store sales, they are also going to be doing special weekend-only limited sales. Keep an eye on this thread for details of the sales. Not anything great yet though 30% off epic battle promotion points might be of use to some people

[Kinship] Kaylorin: though with Pelargir out in solo there are now more points that can be readily earned so its less valuable a purchase than it once was

Kinship] Kaylorin: The normal sale this week concerns crafting with 30% off ingredient packs, crafting guild access , craft xp boosts, rapid crafting boosts, tiers and recipe books.

[Kinship] Kaylorin: You can also use the code BUILD6 for a free universal solvent

[Kinship] Kaylorin: Now we reach the high point of the week.. Cait's Did You Know.. so Cait what have you to say to us this week on LoTRO. Hmmm.. ZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzz. Let me translate that.. It is important for LoTRO players to maintain a healthy sleep schedule and not stay up too late playing the game. I know a lot of players definitely don't know that ;)

[Kinship] Kaylorin: In tonight's did you know I wanted to cover a few small topics that aren't big enough for a full session on their own.

[Kinship] Kaylorin: The first topic tonight is a handy little command when doing the dreaded task of escorting Sara Oakheart. This will work best for classes with a large variety of ranged skills.

[Kinship] Kaylorin: Click on Sara (or anyone else that you have to escort) and type /followJust like following a player, this keeps you with the escort. Use tab to select the next target and take them out before they get close to Sara, Sally the hog or the children of Langhold!

[Kinship] Kaylorin: Next up, a quick reminder that the vendors in the kin neighborhood, and the neighborhood where your personal home is located will buy goods from you at a higher rate. They will also sell to you for cheaper rates and finally they will charge you less to repair your armour & equipment.

[Kinship] Kaylorin: When you need to stop by the bank too, considering porting there, especially if you always change your milestone to the camp where you are questing from!

[Kinship] Kaylorin: Finally, despite popular opinion, I [CAIT] am not the only source of good info on all things LoTRo. [That is true .. there is me too :) Kay addition to notes]

[Kinship] Kaylorin: Every week, Kay and I listen to several pod casts about LoTRo and middle earth. Short audio talk shows by people who play the game and do a lot of research and share it with anyone who wants to listen. These programs are free to listen to and are frequently very entertaining.

[Kinship] Kaylorin: We regularly listen to LoTRo Reporter and LoTRo Academy. No longer in production, Casual Stroll to Mordor back episodes may still give some info, espicially the episodes about the assorted holiday festivals, were above average. LoTRO players has its own podcast too which has taken over from CSTM in providing regular LoTRO news.

[Kinship] Kaylorin: For general info on Lord of the Rings look up pod casts that feature Corey Olsen. He is a professor of English on the East Coast of the US, specializing in the works of Professor JRR Tolkien.

[Kinship] Kaylorin: In fact, Corey calls himself "the Tolkien Professor" and has a few classes at the "Mythgard Institute", part of the online "Signum University", on the works or Tolkien. These are college level classes, and are not free to take though are cheaper than many conventional university courses.

[Kinship] Kaylorin: The institute has a donation-supported Academy which does however provide some free classes on fantasy literature including Tolkien.

[Kinship] Kaylorin: Mythgard Academy has free college level classes on Tolkien. There are 3 podcasts on LoTR which you can find available for free download under their past classes.

[Kinship] Kaylorin: And that concludes my .. er her .. Did You Know this week

[Kinship] Kaylorin: Thank you Cait, very informative as usual and can I say how expecially pretty you are looking tonight ..

[Kinship] Kaylorin: That concludes all the points I have. Other than to congratulate Les on being the first 100 Beorning in the Kin. He is now ofificially the Beorning expert, please direct all your questions to him and I look forward to reading his class guide in our forums soon ;)

[Kinship] Kaylorin: Since there are login problems I don't think we will be able to do a 6 man epic battle tonight. So I will just see if anyone has any other questions or issues to raise with kinmates before I close the meeting.

Kin Meeting November 28,2014

Cait, Nov 29, 14 1:06 AM.
Kaylorin: Hello kin.. thank you all for attending tonight when I know it is a holiday for many people and you have families to rediscover and keep you away from the computer. Those of you who have locked granny in the closet and managed to get on tonight though I am very grateful for your presence. I thought I might be here mumbling to myself with no one else listening..then I realized that was every kin meeting.

Kaylorin: Not a lot of news from the game this week so will be fairly brief meeting but some of it is important. You will remember that I mentioned a few weeks back that turbine were asking people to update their snail mail addresses, well this week turbine sent out 500 tp cards to a random selection of players. So if you don't often check that box in front of your house now might be time.

Kaylorin: Though the holiday period is now upon us and December is filled with parties and other events, we will keep our regular calender of events going for most of the month. So Deed Night Tuesday. Currently the Beornings have been working on various deeds they need but suggestions are welcomed from anyone. For 100's night on Wednesday we did something a little different
Kaylorin: and went off questing in the new part of gondor, doing the quests as a group. It was a lot of fun and everyone enjoyed it and was I think one of our longest events in a long time.
Cait: we ran for about 5 hours that night. it was great and I thank you all!
Cait: and I apologize again for the t2c fiasco

Kaylorin: The other group questing is what was the low level group, now mid level group, on Sundays. They are working their way through Angmar and we did a number of the fellowship quests that normally get skipped which was also a lot of fun. Anyone in early - mid 40's is welcome to join the group.
Kaylorin: We also run instances on Saturdays. This Saturday we did some of the Moria ones including Grand Stair but again suggestions are welcome. Anything from about 40+ is possible since we can run them over level with less people than they originally required as we did with Helegrod a few weeks back.

Kaylorin: Now I understand that in the US today marks a peak of commercial exuberance and depravity. In honor of this turbine have a number of very special short term deals. These are available at the Marketplace which is their pay with real currency (ie dollars) not tp store. And includes: Mirkwood quest pack/expansion for 2.5 dollars, Helms Deep for 10 dollars, 5 dollars for Rise of Isengard, 5 dollars for Moria.

Kaylorin: There is also the Samwise starter pack for 2.5 dollars which is horse, riding skills, 4th bag and currency cap. Good to buy if you have a friend just starting in game.

Kaylorin: Now the Sunday mid level group is about to run out of content and we are seriously considering at least Moria and maybe more of the expansions. If people who attend regularly could let us know if they can afford these. The sale lasts until Dec 1st so there would be time and it would be a good way to keep the group going through higher content.

Kaylorin: Also on sale during the same period are Turbine Points (TP). When you buy points you get a number of base points and some extra that Turbine want you to think you are being given for free. During the sale period these bonus points will be doubled. So 20 dollars will buy you 1950 tp rather than the usual 1600 for example
Kaylorin: However, if you want to buy these, be sure and buy them through the normal turbine store and add points, rather than buying them via the Marketplace (real money) place I mentioned earlier. We checked a little while back and it seems that points from the Marketplace are not being increased.
Kaylorin: When Cait writes that up for the notes she will put that last warning in 6 foot light flashing letters of fire on the website so hopefully no one buys from the wrong place.

Link for expansion packs (also in the message of the day in game)
Link for TP at better prices (, mouse over store, click "Buy Points!" in the drop down menu)

Kaylorin: A couple of years back Turbine simplified the itemization in game so that each class had one major stat to worry about, rather than as before needing a little of everything. I don't know if people have noticed but the Beorning stats are all over the place with agility and will being beneficial to them as well as just might. That makes this week's item of the week a particularly nice
Kaylorin: piece for any Beornings, with might, agility, crit, morale and a nice reflect damage too. Plus a little extra of the discipline virtue. Its a level 40 piece but at the rate most are levelling they will be there soon. [Polished Bracelet of the Hart]
Kaylorin: Other than Les of course who is trying to remember right now what it felt like to be level 40.

Cait: I just put a post on the kin site in the Members forum thread for the Sunday group. If you are in the Sunday group please remind me if you are VIP/premium/f2p and if you are not VIP do you own all the expansions in the current cash sale. Kay and I are going to buy Moria and HD with this sale, and possibly the other 2 (after I balance the checkbook) and I need to know if others are going to be able to do the content too.

Kaylorin: And of course there is the usual turbine store sale still this week with 20% off stat tomes, always useful and now some apparently give greater than the traditional +10 they used to, regen food (who needs with honey cakes around?), 20% off run speed boosts (really? people buy these?) and also 20% off extra 5% attack damage scrolls.
Svartharth: like you don't get enough of any of those from hobbit presents?

Kaylorin: Use code MX97T for a free 90 min 100% mark acquisition boost. Very handy if you need more marks which given Kaylordan got through some 65,000 on stuff for one of his LIs, apparently the Kay family now does.

Kaylorin: And now it is the good part of the meeting. Time for Cait to step forward and delight and enlighten us with her knowledge about some aspect of the game. So over to Cait for her Did you Know? segment.

If you've played LoTRo for at least a few levels, you will have noticed that not all monsters are the same difficulty. I talked last week about building your stats so that you can defeat harder monsters and get better loot. In this weeks Did you Know, I want to give you a little more info about the difficulty levels of the monsters that you will face out in Middle Earth.

All the colors I'm about to talk about refer to the ring around the portrait of the monster you have selected or the color of the name above their head when you don't have them selected to target.

A monster whose name is grey is beneath your level by at least 9 or 10 levels. These monsters may or may not be easy to kill, depending on other factors, and will not give you experience. Generally, greys won't notice you even if you run right thru them, unless you are in an instanced area. There are some greys that have noticed me in open world and attacked, but I think this is generally a bug.  

Monsters that have a green name will give you a very small amount of experience and are generally considered very weak. These are sometimes referred to as swarms and if they are aggressive (will attack on sight) they will show as a red dot on your mini map. You will see everything green or higher as a red dot on your mini map. Monsters that are non-aggressive will not show on your mini map until they are considerable higher level than you are, at which point even they will start to look at you as a good possibility for their next lunch.

There are 2 shades of blue names on monsters' names. Both indicate that the monster is beneath your level, but not by as much as green monsters. These are considered to be easy difficulty.

White named monsters are the same level as you are and are normal difficulty. 

Yellow named monsters are a level or 2 above you are are moderately hard to kill.

Orange and red are the next colors. These monsters are higher than your level by 4 to 6 levels and are very tough to kill. They get increased mitigation bonuses, meaning that you can't hit them as easily, and when you do, it won't hurt them as much.

Finally are the purple names. These monsters will see you coming miles away and are almost impossible to kill. If you see purple named monsters, it is very likely that you took a wrong turn at Albuquerque!

Now, there are other factors that will alter the above info, making a monster less easy to kill. A monster that has a proper name, such as Torahammas or Nauroval, should be a warning to players to take a second look before attacking or running away like a track athlete.

The levels of named monsters and the color of the circle around their portrait is: 
1) Normal Rare with no special portrait, 
2) Signature has an orange portrait, 
3) Rare Signature has Green and Red mixed circle - drops shards and can be tougher than Signature, 
4) Elite has a Red portrait, 
5) Elite Master's portrait is red with an eye at the top of the portrait, 
6) Rare Elite Master has a green/yellow portrait frame with an eye at the top, 
7) Nemesis is yellow with eye and spikes on the portrait 
8) Arch-nemeses is red/orange and has a blazing eye.

Each of these get increasingly harder, understandably. Starting at rank 3 the monsters frequently drop shards that are needed for making higher quality crafting recipes. Luckily,these shards can now be bought at skirmish camps and are also found in crafting nodes such as ore, branches and farmed crops. 
Up thru rare signature, most characters should be able to solo on level(white). A level 4 or 5 Rare can be solo'd by a player that is very good at their class and is well geared. The level 6 and above monsters are only do-able in a small fellowship, fellowship or raid, in that order...or by someone as god-like as Darror.

Kaylorin: Generally nemesis and arch-nemesis are confined to be instance bosses and mini bosses but there are a very places you can find them wandering around the landscape. Particularly end-game areas or those that used to be end-game like Angmar, so be careful those who explore and take note of all the useful info Cait provided. Be sure and look at the mob's border before engaging ;)
Lalfo: there are some roamers in Sarnur
Lalfo: those might be rare elites
Kaylorin: Thank you as always Cait for a very informative Did You Know. She always welcomes suggestions on things you would like to see covered.
Cait: and I think there is a tree in the old forest that is at least rank 7
Svartharth: there are at least 5 maybe more rare elite masters roaming central Gondor, so if your riding around be sure to be paying attention.

Kin Meeting November 21, 2014

Cait, Nov 22, 14 11:52 AM.
Kaylorin: ok short kin meeting so it doesn't matter we are a little late starting.. image searching is so much more interesting than the turbine forums anyway.

Kaylorin: We will be doing Moria runs tomorrow at 9 pm so characters in their mid 50's and over should be able to participate. Sunday is low level group which is making its way nicely through Angmar. Tuesday is Deed Night we did Dol Dinen this week for the Beornings and suggestions welcomed for this week. There was a 100's group last Wednesday but should be one as normal this week.

Kaylorin: Speaking of whining there was an outcry over the new music system. The reaction split into two camps, those who wanted to keep the new system and work to improve it and those who wanted to revert it. Turbine have now announced they will be reverting it. We hope work will continue on it but it wouldn't surprise me if it was the last we see of it as this was Produktion's pet project and he is no longer with Turbine. I am not sure how much resources they can devote to projects like this now.

Kaylorin: Also on projects they don't have resources for, on the most recent of his weekly sleepfests, er livestreams, Frelorn was asked about raids and instances and indicated exciting news would be coming in the forthcoming Producer's letter.

Kaylorin: Finally, the new 6 man epic battle Retaking Pelargir was put up for testing on Bullroarer earlier today. So might be an idea to download the client and give it a try. I think it will work much better as a group event than it does a solo and will be interesting to see how it plays. Its a shame we don't have time to download it after this meeting and do it as our weekly epic battle.

Kaylorin: Item of the week is a nice staff for a level 30 LM [Strong Staff of the Eternal Sun]. Please let an officer know if you have an alt who would like it.

Kaylorin: On sale this week in the Turbine store are Legendary Level Cap increases (Scroll of Delving), Stat Upgrade (Scroll of Empowerment) and relic packs. All 30% off. A good reduction but you can obtain all these in game so I wouldn't really recommend spending tp on any of them.

Kaylorin: Use code SLDE7 to get a free 60 minute slayer deed accelerator

Kaylorin: And now, once again the best part of the week, its over to Cait for her Did You Know? segment.

Most MMO player characters are designed to level up and get stronger, especially the ones, like LoTRo, that are based off of the Dungeons & Dragons model. The main mechanic of the game is to run around, kill monsters and complete other objectives (quests) in exchange for experience points that make your character stronger and able to kill bigger monsters. 
Killing bigger monsters and completing quests in higher areas gets you better loot, that you then sell for more gold or wear to make your main attributes better, so that you can in turn kill harder and harder creatures. Rinse and repeat.
But, like in the original D&D game, LoTRo gives us ways to have a permanent boost to our basic attributes. By attributes, I mean Might, Agility, Will, Vitality and Morale, etc. 
In LoTRo, we have 2 ways to bolster our base attributes. The first is Virtues and the second is stat tomes.
Virtues is a quasi-temporary boost, as you can change out which virtues you have "equipped". You can pick up to 5 virtues, which each bolster 3 attributes. Virtues are earned by completing deeds. Most 2nd tier slayer deed as well as the quest count and explorer deeds give 1 or 2 points in a given virtue. 
Virtue points can also be gained by certain equipment. Many loot boxes (especially the ones from the meta deed for completing all deeds in a given zone) may have teal loot that will have a plus to some virtue.
Stat Tomes can be bought in the store, found as incredibly rare loot or found in occasional loot boxes. Stat tomes give a permanent boost to one of your basic attributes. Typically, that is +15 to a single stat, though I understand that there are some +20's and maybe +30's.
The stat tomes must be used in numeric order. So you can't read Tome of Vitality 8 until you have read tomes of Vitality 1/2/3/4/5/6 and 7 first. One problem with getting stat tomes from loot or boxes is that you always seem to get a higher one than the one you need. When Stat Tomes drop, they are not bound to your character or even account, so they are tradable. It is very common to find them on the Auction House.
Once you read a stat tome, you can never loose the points it grants you. You can also not read the same tome twice. Many players find stat tomes to be crucial, I personally rarely spend the TP or gold on them. If you decide that you want to use them for your characters, they do go on sale in the Store regularly, either as a single tome or as a bundle of five tomes, so grind out those deeds and save up your TP!

Kaylorin: Thank you Cait, and for those hoping to find a stat tome in a loot box, I believe this weekend is a loot box weekend, so good luck hunting :) that concludes all the points I have. Does anyone else have any issues to raise or questions to ask of kinmates?
(sorry for the slow posting of the news, my browser was being temperamental)

Kin Meeting November 15, 2014

Cait, Nov 15, 14 3:00 AM.
Kaylorin: Thank you all for attending. Fairly short agenda so should be fairly brief meeting.

Kaylorin: We will be running CD tomorrow night, which is about 48+. So if you need to get the class quest items for your new Beornings that will be an opportunity.

Kaylorin: Tuesday will be deed night. It will probably be a Beorning themed one again but non-Beorning characters are welcome to attend as always since most of the deeds are applicable to everyone.
Kaylorin: Wednesday will be 100s night. We will probably be running one of the scaleable instances at level 100. If you have any ideas or suggestions about what you would like to see please let us know.

Kaylorin: That pretty much concludes all the kin part of the news. We do always welcome suggestions about things you want us to run so if any of your characters need a specific instance or quest let us know.
Cait: of course Sunday night will be the medium level group. We have started working Angmar and will be there for a few more weeks
Kaylorin: Ooops. Of course mustn't forget what use to be the low level group. Yes, anyone in early 40s is welcome to attend at 7 pm cst Sunday.

Kaylorin: Early in the week there was a somewhat cryptic post from Turbine in their forums, saying that they were wanting to spread some seasonal cheer and would players therefore visit and make sure their [snail] mailing address was up to date.
Kaylorin: We don't know what this entails. It might be we will get some kind of card with a code or something but we are probably lining up for some WB junk mail but most people probably already get that anyway. So it is at your own risk but it is probably worth doing.

Kaylorin: Another slightly unusual thread from Turbine this week asked players to list their top 10 bugs. You can find the thread at! Now it is possible that if you do list a bug here it might get fixed but I wouldn't hold your breath. However if there is a bug that bothers you particularly, I would definitely take this opportunity to bring it to Turbine's attention again.
Kaylorin: In some ways doing this is a shrewd move on their part, since most people don't manage to name more than 4 bugs it gives them the chance in the future to point to the fact there are clearly less bugs in the game than most people think.
Kaylorin: The turbine forums, also by comparison making the World channel look like a meeting of Mensa, large numbers of people have listed anything other than bugs, including feature requests and things they just disagree with. The last time I looked some moron was complaining about wanting more wardrobe space.
Kaylorin: So please, if you do have bugs that need fixing, please list them with in the thread with enough detail that the developer can identify and reproduce the error - Draigoch -- fix it! is not very helpful
Kaylorin: Even if it is a valid sentiment.

Kaylorin: Finally this week saw a new official policy from Turbine. One of the things that does make this game unique is the amount of player-organized events, such as musical concerts, that takes place particularly on the larger servers. Recently there has been a number of players who have taken to disrupting these, often invading the stages with their mounts.
Kaylorin: The music community was not feeling exactly warm and fuzzy towards Turbine over the changes to the music system and the resultant bugs, so this provoked a large backlash particularly as GMs were closing all tickets related to these incidents without taking action.
Kaylorin: There is now a formal policy that GMs will respond to attempts to disrupt player organized events events on designated stage areas. You can read the full policy at

Kaylorin: Item of week is a level 100 ring with will and vitality and fate. [Potent Resolute Ring of Fate]
Kaylorin: Let an officer know if you have a character that could use this and you would like it. If you want to see more lower level items offered in this slot feel free to send me some :) As long as I mostly get level 100 items that's all I can offer you though I am very grateful for any items provided.

Kaylorin: In this weeks turbine store sale we find 20% off quest packs (not the new Gondor one), mithril coins, 1 hour 100% xp boost scrolls and 20% off max morale and power scrolls. If anyone is looking at the 100 mithril coin unlock for the third tree, say for your new Beorning, this would be 680 tp with the sale on mithril coins this week.
Kaylorin: You can get a free scroll of combination using the code RELCOM
Cait: This item is normally 795 TP!!! And it lasts 15 minutes

Kaylorin: And now, it is the highlight of the week. Cait is going to astound us with her knowledge of some aspect of the game. So time to wake up and pay attention as I hand over to our erstwhile deputy kin leader, as she again asks, Did You Know? to which I will probably answer yes.

Cait: well since I proof read it to you every week, you better know, my love
Kaylorin: sssh.. I was trying to persuade them of my psychic powers and eidetic memory

There are several quests in the game that are intended to teach the player about the mind-set of the class. These are the class-specific quests. Teaching the captain that the morale of their men is paramount, teaching the minstrel that is their role to keep the spirits of their comrades elevated, teaching the beorning to temper their wrath with compassion for a wild beast.
Class quests happen at certain intervals. For most classes, they happen at levels 15, 30 and 50. Some classes get more than that, particularly Hunters. Completing these quests frequently are a portion of your class deeds, one third of the tier deeds.
As you ding 15 you'll receive a mail telling you that there is a pressing matter, and you should go see a certain person of importance, frequently in Bree. They will have you do a solo instance, helping to defend Bree in some way.
At level 39 everyone should visit their class trainer and buy 3 books from the trainer's shop. Reading the books opens up a quest, sending you to talk to someone important to your class. Hunters talk to Legolass, for example, in Rivendell. Most of the level 39 book quest givers are in Rivendell.
Then at level 50 (can accept the first quest as early as level 45) we get sent back to a quest giver in the early starter areas, Nogolond, Combe, Archet and Staddle for example. 
They then send you on 3 separate quests, the first is to kill a named mob for an item it has as well as some creatures for parts of their bodies on the first quest. The second quest of these chains send you to get items that are dropped on the landscape of Angmar (and other locations you can find level 45-50 mobs, like Forochel) and the third and final quest stage has you get items that are generally dropped by enemies found in Urugarth and Carn Dum, the instances of Angmar.
This makes sense as these were some of the original "end game" content. When LoTRo was first released, 50 was max level.
The rewards for these quests are gear and weapons that are specific to the class. Unfortunately the classes have been re-worked several times over the years, but it seems like the rewards have not been. 
The kin keep stocks of the items that are needed for the second and third stages of these class quests.  When you hit 45, please see Kay, Randi or myself for these items. While the second and third tier items can be bought at the skirmish camps as well, it would be a shame for you to spend your hard earned marks needlessly! 

Kaylorin: And any Beornings not sure what items they will need for their 45 class quest should see the thread Les kindly wrote for our forums.
Kaylorin: Thank you as always Cait. That was very helpful and we are always delighted to give out these class quest items to people so please don't be shy people!
Zyion: yeah. he's a beast,, no pun intended
Kaylorin: Are there any other points people want to raise or questions to ask/
Cait: and while this weekend is a bonus Marks Weekend, there are still many better things to spend your marks on!
Svartharth: yes take it from someone who bought the 3rd tier items for my hunter from a skirm camp, its a waste of marks, alot of marks, a ton of marks
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