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All classes and levels welcome. Contact Kaylorin in game or send mail via guildportal to DB_Leader. Join a kin which will support you and offer a varied fun experience.
Game News
Welcome to The Dawnbreakers website

We are a rank 10 (maximum) kinship with a kinhouse in the Falathlorn Homesteads (Ered Luin) at 2 Waterbank Road, Glad Orchall in Lord of the Rings Online playing on the Vilya Server.

There are regular kinship meetings held each Friday at 8 pm cst where we partake in questing, instances and general tomfoolery. We also hold occasional other meetings.


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Guild News

Kin Meeting January 23, 2015

Cait, Jan 23, 15 10:03 PM.
Kaylorin: Thank you all for attending the kin meeting. Fairly brief agenda so should be a fairly short meeeting and we can then run an epic battle if people want.

Kaylorin: Thank you to the couple of people who volunteered to help with the website. I will be getting something together next week and will then get back to you. More volunteers however welcome :) Contact me if you can help review pages so we can keep website up to date.

Kaylorin: Kin events will be following usual pattern, except that once again the Sunday levelling group will be taking over Saturday evening as well to give them time to complete some of the longer instances at their level. Otherwise its deed night Tuesday and 100s night on Wednesday as normal.
Lesraldor: all characters level 48-55 are welcome, we would love to run a Rift on level

Kaylorin: Cait also always welcomes suggestions for Deed Night activities. Contact her if there is any deed in particular, or specific area, you would like to run.

Kaylorin: Earlier in the week Turbine announced they will soon be publishing more details of server moves and the mechanisms involved. We will of course be monitoring these as a kinship and by the end of next week we should have a clearer idea of timescale and process.
Kaylorin: One surprise in their announcement was that they are proposing to encourage/support people moving prior to their new code being in place. This means people will soon be able to move but those things that currently cannot cross between servers, like mithril coins, will remain behind but should move over eventually when Turbine produce their upgraded transfer code.
Kaylorin: To me this does seem somewhat of an act of faith in Turbine's coding ability which based on recent performance might be misplaced, however it does seem that they will start encouraging people to look for new servers faster than we might have originally expected.
Kaylorin: As a kinship we will be looking at the documents Turbine produce and assessing the situation as it develops. My hope is that Vilya will only be affected by people transfering to us, but in the event that is not the case, and we face closure, I do want to have a thoughtful discussion of what our options are with members having time to consider and vote.
Kaylorin: Therefore once we do have all the information I want to move as quickly as possible, if necessary, so that we get ahead of Turbine's schedule allowing us plenty of time for such discussions.

Kaylorin: Also published this week was a draft of events for the next few months by Turbine. Check it out at .

Kaylorin: A new build of update 15.2 is now on Bullroarer. I took a quick look at the patch notes. Nothing major since the previous chances only some tweaking of Beorning things as far as I can see. It is on the Bullroarer test server for those who want to check it out.

Kaylorin: This week's item of week is a pair of 100 medium leather boots with plenty of agility, vitality and fate. Probably good for hunter, burglar, warden etc. [Greater Dextrous Boots of Fate]
Kaylorin: Speak to an officer if you have an alt that would like them.

Kaylorin: Turbine Store sale this week is 20% off quest packs, mithril coins, 100%xp boost scrolls and max power/morale scrolls.
Kaylorin: Use code DMGAT5 for a free 5% attack boost scroll if you don't get enough of these as Hobbit presents.

Kaylorin: And now, the boring part of the meeting is done. It is over to Cait to brighten our day and illuminate our minds. After the recent epic series on LIs her Did You Know is back to a more usual length this week but still full to the brim of useful info. Over to her then.

One thing that the Sunday night leveling group and even the 100's group have learned is that you can't always power your way thru the game. There are many fights that have a specific mechanic that must be respected. Fortunately, the game gives us the tools to beat any enemy. The tool I am going to talk about tonight are the curative potions!
There are two kinds of potions in the game. There are potions that restore your vitality and there are potions that remove debuffs. 
The restorative potions are divided into two types. The Athelas potions are the green ones we get from many quests in the game and they restore our morale. The other restorative potions are the Celebrant that restore our power, the part or our selves that allows us to use our skills and abilities..unless you're a Beorning. Celebrant potions are blue.
The potions that clear debuffs are divided into 4 types, one for most of the primary types of debuffs that our enemies use on us.
Lhinestad potions cure diseases and are yellow.
Conhuith potions remove fear effects and are pinkish purple.
Milkthistle potions are lime green and cure poison effects.
Healing draughts are the red potions that remove wounds.
There are no potions that remove shadow damage.
There are a few ways to acquire potions in the game. Killing many monsters will give you both Athelas and Celebrant potions, usually more than you will likely need.
The debuff potions are occasionally granted by quests, usually after you've defeated a series of beasts that inflict a given damage type!
Another way to acquire potions is from your friendly neighborhood schollar. And you can always go visit a "healer" vendor. If you go to a Healer vendor you will notice that they sell both potions and salves. The difference between potions and salves are that salves can be used on yourself, or on another player. I have tried to use Salves on an escort quest, but they didn't seem to work. 
Potions and salves also have a level factor to them. The restoratives have a minimum level you have to be to be allowed to use then and the debuff potions have a maximum level of debuff they will cure. The order of strength is lesser, simple, greater, refined, distilled, infused, steeped, Dunland, Easemnet and Westemnet. 
There are also some other types of potions that you will come across, particularly the rejuvenation potions that are a regular item in the daily hobbit presents. These restore morale and power.
The color of the debuff potions matches the debuff in your bar, making it easier to quickly know which is the right one to drink.
apparently, the site I looked up for the order of strength was a little lacking, for example, the westemnet potions level is Anfalas.

Kaylorin: Thank you as always Cait. Very helpful. Does anyone else have any issues to raise or questions to ask?
Cait: Come back next week for a DYK not written by me!

Kin Meeting January 16, 2015

Cait, Jan 16, 15 10:11 PM.
Kaylorin: hi kin, thank you for attending. Fairly short agenda this week so won't be too long a meeting (cheer now!). Then as usual we will see about getting an epic battle together for those who want to participate.

Kaylorin: This week the Sunday levelling group will be taking over Saturday as well to give them a chance to finish the Angmar instances. The group has been doing very well and did a full successful run of Carn Dum (CD) last Sunday.
Cait: anyone 48 to about 58 is welcome to join in, we will try to get everyone thru at least CD and Uru this weekend
Kaylorin: Other than that we will be doing the usual Deed Night on Tuesday - suggestions welcomed and 100s night on Wednesday, making our way through Gondor. If people want specific instances run or any other kind of event. Let us know the details and we will always see what we can do in addition to our regular program.

Kaylorin: Speaking of events, regular attendees at this meeting know that I usually promote the Weatherstock music festival which is held annually at Weathertop on the Landroval (RE) server. This year, in fact this weekend they are holding the first ever Winterstock which is much the same thing, though a 3 day concert rather than a competition between bands.
Kaylorin: It is being held on the lake in front of Thorins Hall. For those who do go over, we do have an alt kin over there you can join and I will look up details as I dont have them on me.. anyone else remember?
Antrolamneth: wardens of freedom is the name I believe

Kaylorin: This week's item of the week is a level 53 pocket item with agility and fate, would be nice for a burg or hunter. [Key of the Ancient Barrow]. Speak to an officer if you would like it for an alt

Kaylorin: Now if you rush to the kin website and check the item of the week shown there you will notice that is not the item of the week depicted. indeed it might be better retitled, Item of Nine Months Ago. This illustrates a problem we have.

Kaylorin: The kin website contains a lot of really useful information for members but some of it is getting incredibly out of date and running the kinship and the website is too large a responsibility for me. We did have a website assistant step forward but faced with the workload they fell silent and I recently removed them from the kin for over a year of idleness.
Kaylorin: Therefore I don't expect any help from them any time soon .. or ever. How much we have out of date is however a problem and it is one that I cannot afford to neglect further. In the last week several members have highlighted things which are wrong, such as the information on plugins.
Kaylorin: I am going to be looking therefore at a new program to review and update information on the website. What I am asking for is volunteers to form a website review team. Each member will be assigned 1 page a month and asked to check it for accuracy and to make suggestions for modifications if required. The more people who come forth to volunteer, the more the work can be shared
Kaylorin: and of course the faster the website can be brought up to date. I will be sending out a kinmail about this shortly.
Cait: we can use some of my did you know sessions to bring many articles up to date, but there are some topics I don't understand well enough

Kaylorin: Earlier today Turbine released update 15.2 to Bullroarer (test server). I took a quick look through the patch notes and here are some items of interest.
Kaylorin: Beornings gain an out of combat rez ability. They also receive a nerf to one of their primary attacks.
Kaylorin: Warg dens are being added to Lonelands making the warg slayer deed easier to complete
Kaylorin: The new music system has been modified and is back in testing again
Kaylorin: And now one that probably doesnt affect many but those of us with two monitors can rejoice.. full screen windowed mode is back again as an option.
Lesraldor: and hopefully no more being dismounted when riding a horse through ankle deep water

Kaylorin: This week's turbine store sale concerns traits and virtues. On sale are virtues and virtue bundles (generally not recommended you get either of these as they are obtainable in game via deeds), trait slots (always handy) and skill/slayer deed boosts .. all 25% off. In addition it is a 30% off your entire cart weekend.
CT1510 for 10%, CT1520 for 20%, CT1530 for 30% off
Kaylorin: Use code CLAIM3 for a free essence reclamation scroll
Lesraldor: for your cart you only get 30% off if you spend 3000tp, other wise its 20% off if you spend 2000 and 10% if you spend 1000 tp

Kaylorin: And now the highlight of your the continuing epic tale of good v evil continues .. the characters may not be that clearly defined but the plot is dramatic .. even legendary .. indeed it is time for the next installment of Cait's LI series in her Did You Know segment. So over to her..

Welcome back to another week's Did you know on LI's. Are the blank looks on your faces boredom or are your minds just numb?

We have pretty well covered the basics and intermediate concepts of the Legendary Items System, and now, we are down the the last few loose ends.

One day, you're just going on your merry way of purging Middle Earth of some foul orcs and goblins when out of the loot chest you see a blue named LI. Wait! Don't all LI's have a purple name? When did this hapen? Who decided to turn your comprehensive understanding of LI's on it's ear! I cry foul! Yes, I am sorry to say that there is yet another factor that complicates the topic of LI's. (Believe me, I really am sorry...I have been writing and re-writing up this guide for over 8 hours now!)

LI's of the 2nd age and 1st age are more or less the same as the LI's of the 3rd age. The main differences is that it takes increasingly more iXP to level them up, and they have better base DPS and the legacies will have better stats on them, especially when ranked up. (see the section on the shift i interface) They also earn more advancement points than a 3rd age. A 2nd age gets 750 points to advance legacies and a 1st gets 830. 3rd only gets 670. (assuming you do use a scroll of delving and take it all the way to level 70.)

2nd Age LI's can be found as loot in an instance, as a quest reward from the Epics or can be crafted, and they have a teal/blue name. 1st Age LI's are available from a very few vendors or from players with the correct crafting guild access and reputation. 1st age LI's have a yellow/gold name.

Because most people will hold on to a 2nd or 1st ager a little bit longer, these are the LI's that you really should consider some of the other forms of bolstering them up...such as the scrolls of delving and empowerment, as well as making sure that the legacies that you have on them are the ones you find the most ideal for your play style.

Crafting a 2nd or 1st ager isn't cheap, and you should consider that before asking for one to be made. Each require 4 kinds of ingrediants. The ore, wood, leather or scholar mats is usually the least difficult to acquire, and most kin mate crafters won't even ask for that, but make sure that they have stock, don't just assume. The legendary fragments are also easy to come by.

The harder parts are the "symbols". These are usually gained by completing the epic for a given region and occasionally by running post-moria instances/raids, especially on tier2 difficulty. Up to 90, the symbols are also available in skirmish camps for a few hundred to a few thousand marks and/or medalions. You can also get the scrolls of delving and empowerment from the same skirmish vendor. See the Legendary Items vendor. This is one of the least expensive ways to acquire these scrolls.

Speaking of kin mates that can craft LI's for you, most major crafting profession can make LI's. Crafters must gain at least Artisan of the Guild with their crafting guild to craft Legendary Items. The patterns for each LI are bought from the crafting guild vendors.

Cooks are the only primary crafting profession that don't make LI's. They do get to make crafted relics with morale.

Jewelcrafters make class item LI's for Champions (Runes) and the primary LI for RunkKeepers (Rune-Stones). They also make crafted relics with Will.

MetalSmiths craft class item LI's for Captains (emblems) and Guardians (belts). Their crafted relics have might on them.

Scholars make the secondary LI's for Loremasters (books) and Minstrels (songbooks). They also make crafted relics with Power.

Tailors make class item LI's for RuneKeepers (satchels) and Burglars (tools). They also get to craft the Bridles needed around level 75. Their crafted relics give a plus to Fate.

Weaponsmiths make metal weapon LI's for the primary LI slot for most classes. Those are daggers, 1 and 2 handed swords and axes, maces and halberds. They and woodworkers have the most LI patterns to buy. The crafted relics that they make have vitality.

Woodworkers make wooden weapons for the primary LI slots. These are Bows, crossbows, spears, 1 and 2 handed clubs and hammers. They also make the secondary LI's for Wardens (javelins) and Beorning (carvings). The crafted relics they make have agility.

I have spent well over 300gold buying patterns on my weaponsmith, and I still have only about 2/3 of the available patterns. My scholar bought all patterns for around 10gold. You don't need to buy all the patterns, as few crafters will ever be asked to make many of the LI types available.

To digress a little bit, Beornings get a main hand LI which can be a 1 hander or a 2 hander, and a carving as their class item.

Around level 75 you get a new kind of LI. The bridle. The bridle is used to bolster your war steed. While there are only 3 types of Bridles, light, medium and heavy, the type you select and equip on the shift M (instead of the C) panel doesn't have to match the horse type you use. If you do mis-match, you'll not receive any benefit for legacies that are horse-size specific. 

The legacies on a bridle are made class specific once it is identified...kinda. While I could ID a bridle at the forge master on my Warden then pass it to my cappy, it wouldn't be a good idea because I might ID legacies that went along with Warden mounted combat spells. My Cappy would then have to replace them with ones that were for cappy mounted combat.

Another difference to bridles are the relics that you can slot into them. Like the 4th relic slot on regular LI's, Bridle relics are crafted. Unlike regular LI's, all 4 slots for the horse relics are crafted. You make these in the 3rd tab of the relic master interface, so you don't need to find a weaponsmith for a Vitality relic.

Finally, there are other sources of relics. Some quests and instances will reward you with fused relics or a little trasure chest on a blue background. Take these to the relic master and blow them up on the deconstruct tab to reveal 1 or more relics, typically of a t2 or greater. If you are already sitting on plenty of higher tier relics, these are another good option to convert to shards, as you didn't spend relics to get them to this higher level. You can turn in marks at the skirmish came to get relics, I wouldn't suggest this, though. Save the marks for the scrolls of delving and empowerment.

While questing through Moria you will get Khazad tablets and rusted dwarf tools, either in your bags or barter wallet. These can be turned in for class specific LI's if you don't have all your tabs filled or for fused relics. The vendors that accept these barter items are in Dolvenview and 21st hall. 

If you've run a couple of the moria instances with us, go see one of these vendors, cash out for a stack (25 per stack) or 2 of fused relics, then go break those down to either normal relics or convert to shards! If you're going to convert to relics, and can afford it, this is a good time to use that scroll that increases crit chance when combining relics.

There are several quartermaster vendors from Moria onward that will barter rep tokens you earned while questing through their zone for things like the scrolls or fused relics, or even LI's for your class. Most are level restricted, so get them while you're there for the heck of it, or pass down to a lower level alt as an early birthday present to yourself!

That completes my mini series on LI's. I didn't cover which legacies you should use because that depends on your play style and the roles that you use that LI for. Classes like Minstrel and Cappy that can do multiple roles (heal vs. dps or support vs. tank) may need to keep multiple LI's on them that they switch out. I'll add a list of all the legacies available to the did you know thread by class, so you can have a easy reference point of what legacies you might want to look for to add to your equipped LI's.

Thank you all for attending these sessions. I hope that I have taught you something about the LI system that you didn't already know...I know that I learned a few things in my research!

Kaylorin: Thank you for that Cait.. it was a monumental undertaking.. and that 8 hour figure she quoted was right at the time but she has lavished many more hours on it since. However I know many people have found it a really helpful series and are very grateful for your work. You are now our LI expert like Les is our Beorning expert.
Cait: and it will be acurate until April!
Kaylorin: you can bring out an update then ;)

Cait: does anyone have questions or comments for the Kin?
Cait: ok! thank you all for attending and we'll see about starting up a pelagrir run after a short intermission

Kin Meeting January 9, 2015

Cait, Jan 9, 15 11:18 PM.
Kaylorin: Thank you everyone for attending. Will be a fairly long meeting this week as there is quite a bit of detail to go through and I believe Cait's Did You Know will itself be fairly epic.

Kaylorin: Following on from last week's meeting where we warned about the possibility of changes to reputation items, this week's hotfix included the introduction of a level to all reputation items. So if you didn't pass them down to your alts, its is probably now too late.

Kaylorin: This week we got back to running a fairly normal and full program of events. The Sunday night leveling group undertook Carn Dum (CD) for the first time. For most of those participating it was the first time they had experienced it on level. The Helchgam fight proved monumental. After several wipes, a truly great battle began.
Kaylorin: Sadly two of us perished almost immediately but the remainder of the group fought on heroically. Les did an amazing job of tanking whilst coping with low power since there wasnt an LM alive to feed him extra. Cait put in one of the most incredible jobs of healing I have ever seen in a fight where everyone takes damage.
Kaylorin: Finally Paddrik and Percyval put in an awesome performance churning out mega DPS for the last part of the fight which is a race against the timer. That this kinship 3 manned the Helchgam fight on level is something to be truly proud of.
Kaylorin: The next day, some of the Sunday group who missed the original battle did another CD run and this was another amazing performance. Congratulations to everyone who participated.
Percyval: without the experienced leadership, it would not be possible
Bredor: here here!!!

Kaylorin: We learned this week that LoTRo has a new Executive Producer, Athena Peters who goes by the name Vyvyanne. After eight years at Turbine a couple of which were Acting and then Executive Producer, Rowan departed with not so much a bang as a whimper. A couple of lines about sailing to a new project at Turbine posted about 15 minutes before the Producers Letter came out.
Randiriell: Rowan did a good job for his short time as Executive Producer. I rather liked him.
Kaylorin: I think Rowan definitely cared about the game, had his heart in the right place and tried to do the best he could with the hand he was dealt.That said I can't honestly say I have been impressed for some time by Turbine's organizational ability and it doesn't bode well that a transition which it was later revealed was several months in coming was handled in such a slipshod manner.
Kaylorin: In my view the Producer's Letter was disappointing when it came, being a mix of vagueness, prevarication and obfuscation. It was also one of the shortest such letters we have received and definitely lacking in detail. In it Vyvyanne sets out her plans for the first half of 2015. These are:
Kaylorin: Legendary Items - The promised LI revamp with imbuing is still on course and currently undergoing internal testing. However how useful it will be to have items that level with you when it was also revealed there won't be a level increase this year is somewhat questionable. Doubtless when we do start to level again we will appreciate it.
Cait: there is another session I'm going to have to write...
Randiriell: And the LI imbuing seems to only affect level 100 LIs.
Kaylorin: Fellowship Challenges - New 3 and 6 man instances are coming but no raid, though Turbine do not rule out the possibility of one day producing another raid. There will also be more Roving Threats like the one that regularly kills members of the Wednesday 100s group.
Cait: we're getting better at it...
Percyval: getting better at being killed??
Lesraldor: by the time we are done we will kill all the roving threats in central Gondor
Bredor: By the time we are done we will be thought of as roving threats to middle earth!
Kaylorin: Quality of Life Improvements - There will be a serious effort to address bugs and similar technical issues. Something to be welcomed though it sounds rather like we were promised we would get this year when they said they would be improving the game and addressing fundamental systems and what we largely got were more bag options and a broken music system that was eventually pulled
Randiriell: It sounds like they still intend to try and fix the music system, though.
Randiriell: We'll see what happens, I guess.
Kaylorin: That is true. In some ways since things like the music system and the concerts are one of the things that distinguish this game its something I dont think they can afford not to address if they can find sufficient resources to deal with it properly.
Kaylorin: Episodic Content - There will be a new form of questing which will roll out, little by little, much like the episodes of a TV series. Interesting and intriguing and look forward to hearing more about this.
Kaylorin: Server Population - Some servers will almost certainly be closing and people will be given tools to find alternative homes, both at an individual and kinship level. This is to make it easier to find groups for instances and make festivals more fun, though the majority of these don't depend on other players at all.
Kaylorin: Since we have to face the possibility that Vilya could well be one of the closed servers, let me says now that in that event I will put any decision about how to proceed with this kinship to the membership including which server to go to. I feel that Dawnbreakers should survive and bring our unique mission and style to a new server.
Kaylorin: At a personal level though, I came to Vilya because it was not a heavily populated server. It was a conscious choice. I began my characters journey on Vilya and I will end it there .. one way or the other.
Randiriell: The devs haven't decided yet which servers are being closed. Vyv has said that they will base closures on player movement once they open up server transfers. There will then be a grace period and some servers will close.
Percyval: i hate moving...all the packing and unloading...blah
Randiriell: And we need not transfer immediately. No one is being forced to go unless their server is chosen to be closed.
Randiriell: Supposedly, they're trying to make the packing a bit easier on us. Figuring how to transfer Mith Coins and other account-bound things.
Lesraldor: sounds like they are redesigning the transfer system to let you take more things
Kaylorin: We will doubtless hear much more over the coming months but I did want to signal to the membership that if it becomes necessary I will allow you to decide the fate of this kinship and abide by that decision.
Kaylorin: Finally it is hoped, and Turbine did not commit any more than that, that when the new Osgiliath region comes out, then it will be capable of being adapted to offer a PvMP map. Possibly using the layering technology with te PVMPers on a different layer. Since PvMPers were promised a new map before Isengard came out, I imagine this is something they will like.
Randiriell: And they've noted that there will be no expansion this year. Just Osgiliath in the Spring and Minas Tirith in the Fall.
Kaylorin: It certainly promises to be an interesting year.

Kaylorin: Item of the Week are medium armor boots with lots of agility, fate and vitality. Lev 100. [Greater Dextrous Boots of Fate]
Kaylorin: Speak to an officer if you would like them for an alt
Kaylorin: After a couple of weak sales, this week's turbine store sale focusses on travel and has 20% off riding traits, milestone skills, Hurried and Returning Traveller and Simple Rally horns.

Kaylorin: Use code SSK88 for a free sturdy steel key.
Randiriell: 2 keys, actually. 2 keys per account.

Kaylorin: if that's the case cool, their notice says 1 per account but this is turbine and sometimes incompetence can work in our favor ;)
Kaylorin: And now, more eagerly awaited than the next Star Wars, longer than the most recent Hobbit Movie and with more laughs than The Interview, its Cait with the next installment of her Did You Know on Legendary Items.

Welcome back for the fourth installment in my guide to everything LI!

The Relic Master. Hold on to your brains. If you though LI's were complicated the relic master takes what you can do with the LI system to a whole new level! 

The tabs of the relic master are out of order, in my not-so-humble opinion. Therefore, I'm going to start with the 2nd tab, Deconstruct. After you visit the forge master (see last week's DYK), you probably need to visit the relic master. Start by going to the 2nd tab, Deconstruct. The first thing you should do is blow up any LI's that are not for your class. Every time you blow up a LI that isn't for your class, you will receive a tier1 relic. Remember, we discussed early on that you need over 58,000 t1 relics to create a single t10 relic, and you're going to hopefully use 6 of those bad boys in your final pair of LI's. I won't scare you with that math.

You will also deconstruct LI's for your class here. You will blow up LI's that you leveled up either because it is maxed out or you want to pull a certain legacy off of it to put onto your equipped LI. When you do this, you will receive several relics. 
Abenagian: 324,000 t1 relics for 6 t10 relics
Typically, an early player level 50's or 60's LI will give you several relics that are t4/t3/t2 and t1. You will also get an iXP rune to help you level the next LI you slot into it's place on the shift i interface. Higher player-level LI's give higher tier relics when blown up. Sometimes you will also get blue scrolls of renewal and legendary fragments from blowing up a leveled LI.

The scrolls of renewal let you reset the LI back to all rank 1 legacies. This is good if you have a mentor explain to you that it is better to max out a given legacy over another...especially if you usually do dps and are going to tank instead in the run you are about to join. (Thanks Darror) Generally, these are best sold to a vendor, but keep one or 2 in back stock. Like scrolls of Delving, they have a level requirement factor to them, so only keep the better ones in stock. 

The legendary fragments, another item regularly received blowing up leveled LI's, are used in crafting LI's. We will cover that much later. If you are a crafter, a stack of 100 is more than enough of these for all of your crafting alts. And, if the LI was leveled to at least level 30 (just after the 3rd time you re-forged it) you also get to pick 1 legacy to pull off of it. Generally I sell these scrolls, but they allow you to put that legacy onto another LI. 

If you have an equipped LI that has several good legacies but one that is not as good for your play style, right click this scroll, select the target LI from a list and then select the legacy to replace. Once applied this way, the new legacy will be tier2 (2 lines in the pictograph).

All of the different scrolls that affect an LI are backwards compatible, meaning that it can affect any LI from (for example) 75 back down to 51 (player level, that is).

Once you've blown up any LI's that you need to, go back to the 1st tab, Relic Forging. At the top center of the tab you will see a drop down menu. If you have enough relics (settings/gems/runes) of that tier you can combine them to create at least 1 relic of the next tier. The outcome is completely random. Combining t1 & t2 to create t2 and t3 relics will often give you a critical success, and therefore give you 2 or more relics of the next tier. I have seen a very few rare occasions where I have crit so well that I skipped a combining t1 relics I received some t2 and some t3's! I've only seen this a very few times. 

There is a special scroll in the store that increases the crit chance of combining relics. It lasts for 15 minutes, but it is hugely pricey at 795TP. It only works on relic combining tiers 2-7. It is called the Scroll of combination.

Every so often, you should combine up your relics to make better ones. But don't always jump to do this. We will shortly cover yet another use of relics! You can use auto combine to let the game choose which relics to use, or on the higher tiers you may want to manually select which relics will be combined. Neither affect the outcome, that is strictly in the domain of RNG (random number generator) luck.

I've mentioned Shards when we covered the forge master, and now, I'm going to cover them. 

When you combine relics, you have a chance to also find shards. Shards are the little purple icon in the curency bar. The higher the tier of relics you combine the more shards you will generally receive, if you get any at all. Combining t1 and t2 relics is the most common time you will receive shards, though it does happen at the higher level relics as well. You can pay relic and forge masters for their services with shards, but you should never do this. 

Shards are a type of barter curency. The shards that you earn are shared between all characters on that account, while relics are character specific.

The 3rd and 4th tab of the relic master is where the whole system takes on a new level of complexity. 

The 3rd tab is where you can spend those shards that you won by doing the relic forging on tab 1. Here, you can use a t5 relic of your choice (preferably one that isn't good for your class) and a few shards and make a specific t5 relic that is good for your class. (or any other tier 1 thru 10).

Below those types of meldings, you will also find cooler relics. These relics are based on the minimum player level for the LI. They are for LI's that require player levels of 55/60/65/70/75/80/85/90. They require many shards and 3 specific relics to make a very spify single relic. These are the kinds of relics when a scroll of removal would be highly encouraged! (before blowing up the LI)

Further down the melding tab you can use many many shards to create the Scrolls of Delving that I have mentioned a few times. These scrolls let you add an extra 10 levels to an LI, so instead of only 60 levels (and 6 reforges) you get 70 and 7. 

You can also make scrolls of empowerment...these let you change that t3 (H or N) legacy into a t4 (ladder). Don't plan on this being the way to increase your legacies. 

A scroll of empowerment for a level 100 character LI is 42,600 shards. With 4 characters into using LI's I am currently only at 80k shards.

Finally, on the 3rd tab, another horrible use of shards is that you can buy LI's with them that are for your class. (Instead, go work on a humanoid slayer deed and farm for LI's the normal way.)

While this includes Bridles (oh yeah, I never mentioned that there is actually a 3rd kind of LI) for your war steed when you hit level 75 and do the epic in the Harwick area. 

And then there is the 4th tab for the relic master's interface. 

What's that you say, the RNG Gods have cursed you to mordor and back again? Never fear, my dear kin mate. On the 4th tab of the relic master's interface, you can blow up your relics and get shards out of them to go use on the wonderful things on the 3rd tab. A t1 relic will give you 1 shard. a t2 wil give you 3 shards. t3 gves 9 shards and so forth. It sounds horrible, but it is actually better to break down t1 relics into shards. People much wiser than myself have done the math.  Remember that frightening fact that it takes 58,000+ t1 relics (assuming the RNG Gods do really hate you and you never get a crit) to make a t10? To convert a t10 to shards you will receive a meager 2304 shards. Instead, you can use a bad t10 relic on the 3rd tab and make a good one.

I will personally wait until I have about 25 t1 relics or so, and combine 2 or 3 times, praying for at least a few good crits and then blow up the t2 relics when I want to increase my Shards total. It takes 5 t1 relics to make a single (or multiple with crit) t2 relic. So, that's 5 shards for sure for turning the t1 relics to shards, or just 3 if I break down a single t2 relic. If you do get a crit and make 2 t2's, then you can get 6 relics, and of course that increases with how many t2's you got with an even better crit. For making better relics to socket on my equipped LI's, I occasionally take the relics I have earned by blowing up my leveled/fodder LI's and meld those into bigger relics. on't always remember.

Not sure I made it clear, but the higher the player level requirement of an LI _and_ the higher you level the LI (like to level 60) the more relics you get when you blow it up, and the higher tier relics as well. Blowing up level 100 (player level) LI's that I took all the way to 60 gives about a dozen or so relics between tiers 7 down to 4.

So, that completes most of the basics and intermediate lessons on LI's. And is therefore a good place to stop.

Randiriell: That's a whole lot to process...
Bredor: *needs a drink from the moria Keg!*
Cait: I did warn you that was going to turn your brains to mush
Skilgrim: (just one thing. I believe the scrolls of delving and enpowerment can be bought by marks at legendary skirmish traders. I do not know if it's easier to pay the mark price, but the shards seem harder to stack)
Cait: yeah, I mentioned last week I think that the skirm camp was a cheaper way to get those items, but ty for the reminder, Skil!

Cait: Does anyone have any comments or questions for the Kin?
Percyval: when replacing legacies on an LI, do the points have to be reset first?
Cait: no, but I think it might do it automatically, so you can allocate to include the new legacy
Lesraldor: it refunds all points spent on the replaced legacy, not the whole LI

Maplemuncher: Ive been stacking some Crafted Relics from my Cook crafting
Maplemuncher: Should I rather break it up or save it for actual usage?
Cait: it depends on the stats on the relic. If they are good for you, use them. Rysh also commented to me that he used to use crafted relics as a way to bolster his relics pool
Bredor: bolster your relics pool helps how?
Lesraldor: she meant shards pool
Bredor: ahh
Lesraldor: since you can decon relics to shards
Cait: more relics means you can combine up to bigger relics that give better stats, and as Les just clarified breaking crafted relics to relics, then to shards

Kin Meeting January 2, 2015

Cait, Jan 2, 15 9:56 PM.
Kaylorin: hello everyone. Welcome to the first kin meeting of the new year. Very good to see so many here. Clearly absence does indeed make the heart grow fonder ;)

Kaylorin: We will be resuming our normal weekly set of events from today. Thank you for being understanding of the break. It is difficult to predict attendances during this period and it was good for us to have a break from the responsibilities of kinship management for a few days. That said this is a very special kinship and it is an honor to lead you.

Kaylorin: If anyone did not check out Panda's Christmas video at . It is strongly recommended and I think nicely sums up what the Dawnbreakers are about.
Kaylorin: It was an awesome present to the kinship and thank you to her for putting it together.

Kaylorin: Wonderful though the kinship is, you may have noticed we are a little smaller. Just before Xmas I did go through the list of long term idles, people who haven't logged on in more than a year and purged about 80 names. I did try and check alts but with that many there may be errors. So if you lost any alts. Feel free to speak to us and have them put back in the kinship.
Kaylorin: We do periodically remove idles from the kinship since we don't want to give people a false impression of size or activity and long term idles can be disconcerting for some. There are just over ten people, kin founders and early officers who have been promised their accounts will be preserved for all time and we are honoring that.
Kaylorin: These preserved accounts are the reason there are some very long term inactive people remaining. Do rest assured though we regularly clean out the lists and try to keep membership up to date. And if you have any alts that haven't been played in a few months .. we would appreciate your logging them in ;)

Kaylorin: Voting closed yesterday on the kinship's annual membership awards so I am pleased to now announce the final results.
Kaylorin: Taking the category of Best Dressed Member was Panda (Andadrix). A comfortable and nearly overwhelming victory.
Penstanwell: gratz panda
Bredor: congrats!!!

Kaylorin: Showing Greatest Improvement last year, was our newest Officer, Lesraldor, who was also the first with a level 100 Beorning in the kinshp. Congrats to him.
Zyare: congrats, Les
Abenagian: WOOT
Penstanwell: gratz les!
Cait: wtg Les!
Lesraldor: thank you
Iorothiel: yey!

Kaylorin: Most popular New Member, though unusually most of the candidates were actually returnees from some time back this year, was taken by Bredor with a 5 to 3 win over Panda (Andadrix).
Penstanwell: gratz bredor!!
Bredor: ill pay eveyone after the meeting.
Penstanwell: great

Kaylorin: And though I may be a little biased.. it seemed to me entirely right and fair that there should be a commanding victory for Caiteth in the category of Most Helpful. Her Did You Know section proves the most popular part of kin meetings.
Penstanwell: gratz cait
Bredor: Congrats Cait!
Cait: thank you all

Kaylorin: There hasn't been a lot of news from Turbine lately .. what with the Xmas break ..and we are still waiting for the Producers Letter detailing the plans for this year. I did want to give people a quick heads up about one thing. Just before the holiday they put up, and then cancelled a thread about reputation items. They feel these are being exploited and plan to make modifications.

Kaylorin: This could be requiring a specific level to use them, or making them character bound. Both things we have seen as strategies in the past. So if you have alts who you want to pass rep items to. I would recommend you do it in the next few days as they do intend to return to this issue in the near future.

Kaylorin: Item of the Week is a level 100 cloak with agility. Nice for hunters and burglars or maybe a warden. [Dextrous Cloak of Prowess]
Kaylorin: Speak to an officer if you have a character who would like the cloak

Kaylorin: This week's turbine store sale is 30% off various PvMP related items including classes and traits. You can get a free relics pack using code JGBRL

Kaylorin: And now, fresh from her triumph in the 2014 Dawnbreaker membership awards, here is our deputy kin leader, with her continuing miniseries on legendary weapons. So over to Cait for her Did You Know segment.

In this week's Did you Know I will be continuing with my special series on LI's.

The first week, we covered many of the basic concepts and the second week we explored the shift i interface in depth. Tonight, I want to next cover the first of the special LI vendors, the forge masters. This session will be nice and quick, in comparison to the others in this series!

If you want to leave the kin house and go visit a forge master at this time so you can look at the interface while I describe it, I'll pause for a moment.

The Forge Master. It took me forever to keep the duties of the forge and relic masters straight. I finally remembered that I should visit them alphabetically! In a few higher level areas the duties of both are given to a single npc.

As I mentioned in the first session on LI's, the forge master's interface is divided into 2 tabs, identify and reforge. 

On the identify tab you will see all the LI's that you have looted and not yet identified. You can not do anything (other than to trade) with an LI until it has been identified, so always start here! You can trade an identified LI as well. You can pay the forge master (and the relic master) for their services in one of two ways. Either with in game silver/gold or with shards. 

I'll cover shards when I get to the relic master, but this is a poor way to pay for things. There are better uses of shards. There is a circle to the left of "money" and one to the left of "shards", make sure that the one to the left of money is the one selected. It is by default, and really shouldn't be changed.

On the reforge tab you have the option to unlock the next 10 levels of iXP for an LI. Remember, when an LI hits every 10 levels (10/20/30 etc) you must reforge it to allow it to level further. You can use iXP runes to get around this, and any surplus iXP that they earned from the iXP rune will be calculated into the leveling up process upon reforge. Using a iXP rune worth 800,000+ points will frequently take a LI from 1 to 45 (or more) in seconds!

When you reforge an LI you also get the option to give it a special name, such as Felendiel, Spear of the Morning or Fodder Six. I find it helps knowing which one to blow up if I have taken the time to name it when I reforged it. There is a minor issue that if the name you choose for the LI is too long it won't display that name to others when you link it in chat to show it off. It isn't a bug, perse, and they are aware of it, but it isn't exactly a high priority fix.

Under the rename box, you have 2 check boxes. The first, Refund LP allows you to reset the LI back to rank 1 legacies. I generally un-check this box. If I took the time on the shift i interface to allocate points to rank up my legacies, I don't want it undone. It is however unavoidable if you are ranking up a legacy on an LI that you have equipped on your Character panel. This is good, because as we discussed, a t4 legacy costs less to rank up than a t3, so the game resets that legacy to rank 1 if you upgrade it's tier during reforge and refunds the advancement points you had spent on it.
The second check box, I believe would remove the custom name and set it back to something like "Wardens Spear of the Third Age". I've never used it.

Finally, you can again choose to pay for the reforge with money or shards, always pick money. Trust me on this!

Because the first 2 sessions were so long, as is my next topic, I'm going to end this week's session here. Join us next week for lesson 4, the relic master. Be sure to bring a cushion to sit on, as it's the longest one yet!

Abenagian: One more thing Id like to add. For those of you with Rune Keepers, and you would like to have an INVISIBLE satchel for a cosmetic, you must keep the first satchel you get when you enter moria.

Kin Meeting December 19, 2014

Cait, Dec 19, 14 10:28 PM.
Kaylorin: Hi kin.. wow.. I think this is the most we have ever had attend a pre-xmas meeting. Thank you all for making the effort and being here. It warms my heart to see so many names :)

Kaylorin: It is a short agenda this week and then if we have enough who want to do so, we will run the new 6 man epic Pelargir battle.

Kaylorin: As well as the new battle, the update briefly brought a group of new roving threats, similar to the spider that enjoys killing the 100s group so much. Several were spotted in Angmar before Turbine realized they had escaped prematurely and switched them off again but it looks like the roving threats will be coming to other zones soon.
Kaylorin: The ones in Angmar were also level 100 but somewhat off the beaten track so hopefully lower level players wouldnt run into them accidentally. We will see though.
Lesraldor: we may have to form a task force to eliminate these threats

Kaylorin: Later tonight I will be publishing the names of the nominees in the Annual Dawnbreaker Membership Awards or the Les Awards as they should now be called since he got a nomination in every category. There was some issue about what constitutes new and the ruling is that someone will be judged to be new if all their characters in the kinship have a join date of this year.
Kaylorin: This therefore rules out Les.. sorry :) Only 3 categories you can now win.

Kaylorin: Turbine did announce that the Producers Letter has been delayed but said that it should make all groups of players, soloers/groupers, pvmpers and raiders, happy. Unlikely but as this is Christmas I will keep that hope alive.
Lesraldor: if they can make thier whole player base happy then WB for sure need to pump money to turbine

Kaylorin: As announced last week our event schedule is postponed until the new year and next kin meeting will be January 2nd. You are free to make your own entertainment in the meantime and we will see what can be pulled together when people are on.
Kaylorin: There will still be random instance night tomorrow but no formal low level/f2p group on Sunday though if people gather we will probably do the festival with them.

Kaylorin: On sale this week in the Turbine store amazingly.. are Beornings .. really there are people who don't have them yet. Beornings, Wardens and RKs are all 25% off, as are character slots, and slayer deed accelerators. All good items and not a bad price.

Kaylorin: And now, since the Peter Jackson Hobbit movie which is out this weekend is apparently shorter than we expected, it seems we will have to turn elsewhere for epic entertainment. Fortunately our Deputy Kin Leader is able to provide it with the next installment of her series on Legendary Weapons. So over to Cait for her Did You Know segment.

In tonight's Did you Know, I want to pick back up on my mini series on LI's. Last week we covered most of the basic concepts on how the Legendary Items system works. From here to the end of the series, I want to go into more detail on the various parts of the system.

So, lets next head to the shift i interface, which is where you will access the Legendary Items Panel, and cover that more in depth.

On the Shift i interface you can slot an LI to level it, you can add relics to it to make the LI even better and you can improve the legacies on a LI.

You must slot an LI into one of the numbered tabs if you want to make it level up. By default, tabs 1/2/3/4/5/6 are available to all characters. You can open tabs 7/8/9/10 with TP. These extra tabs do go on sale a couple times a year. You have to complete the volume II, Book 1 epic to open the first 6 tabs, and complete these epics and reached player level 50 to open the last 4 tabs. 

A LI must be for your player class, must be identified (at the forge master) and must be for a player your level or below to be slotted into one of these tabs. As you may have figured out by this point, LI's that are slotted into any of these 10 tabs will gain iXP. You can disable its ability to gain iXP, but I can't think of a good reason to do that.

One thing I don't know if many people are aware, you actually earn greater iXP from quests and monster slaying if all of the first 6 tabs you have, have an LI slotted into them, so keep churning those LI's! 

LI's can be placed in your bank and shared bank for storage, but they must be in your inventory to be slotted in and to gain iXP. Once you slot an LI on the shift i interface, it can not be moved out of your bags, except by blowing it up. The 2 LI's that you are given by the epic must also be equipped on your character panel (c) in order to gain iXP. They are the only 2 LI's that have that additional requirement.

When you have an empty tab, and an identified LI that you can put into it, click on that tab's number at the top of the interface. Empty tabs are easy to spot because there won't be a picture on the tab with the number. You will see a list of all the LI's you have in your inventory that are eligible to slot in the empty tab(if any). Pick the LI that you want to slot into that empty tab and click the button below the selection of LI's. Mouse over the LI's picture to see it's player level and first 3 legacies. By the way, the pictures around the number of each tab tell you what weapon type or class item kind of LI is slotted on that tab.

Once an LI is slotted, you will see it's icon and name near the top of that tab. You will also see it's experience bar. To the right side of the experience bar, there is a colored button with the word "track" in it. 
Lesraldor: or just right click the LI in your inventory and it will automatically be slotted in the first empty space
Clicking the track button gives you an on screen reminder of the LI's leveling progress. This is handy when adding iXP runes or just leveling, though in a raid/instance it is good to un-track all of them to give you more screen to see what's happening. The color of the track button matches the color of the border around the LI in your bags and also the color of the number in the track on-screen interface. The track on-screen interface also shows the type of weapon or class item in the picture around the number, though it is small and harder to identify. You can mouse over those numbers in the on-screen track interface to see the full details of that LI.

Back on the shift i interface, to the left of the exp bar for the LI is a small bar called upgrades, and has 3 little stars in it. This is where you'll see if you have star-lit crystals added to the LI. 
Star-lit crystals are yet another way to increase the potency of an LI. You can put up to 3 on a given LI. I'll explain that more in a moment.

Ok, so you have your LI's slotted in, and let's say that you have your first LI up to level 35/40. Every time your LI levels up, you get a few points to spend on making it even better. The lower (main) section of each tab on the shift i interface lets you see the 2 ways to further upgrade an LI. So, at 35/40 you will have a couple hundred advancement points to spend. On the left, you will see the legacies (stat/spell bonuses) that the LI has and on the right side we see the relics we have created that we can socket into it.

Under the legacies section (left side), we see the LI's base DPS and then the legacies that we got on it when we identified and reforged it. We also see the gold or silver circle to tell us if it is a major or minor Legacy, Gold/major will always be above silver/minor. And we see the tier of the legacy, the pictogram, as I have named it. The higher the tier of the legacy, the less points it costs to rank it up. Now, this rank up won't change the tier of the legacy, what it does is to increase the effectiveness of that legacy.

So, let's explain that a little better. On one of my Warden LI's, I have a legacy that hasn't been ranked up. It is a tier 4 legacy (so it has 2 lines going up and down and 2 lines that run left to right between those 2 outside vertical kinda looks like a ladder with 2 rungs). The name of the legacy (at rank 1) is: +1% Spear Gambit Damage. So, if I have this legacy on the LI that I'm using (so it's on the bottom center of my C(haracter) interface as well), then any time I use a Warden Gambit that starts with a Spear (or red builder) I get an additional 1% damage than it would have hit for. Only Legacies on your equipped LI's (on your C panel) affect your character's game-play.

If I click on that legacy in the shift i interface and click "rank up" at the bottom I will see that the name of the legacy changes slightly to indicate that all Spear gambits will now do 2.1% extra damage instead of 1%, which then makes it a more powerful LI. The tier of the legacy doesn't alter this increase. 
Where the tier comes into effect in this is that a tier3 legacy (looks like a Capital N or H) costs 9 advancement points to rank up to rank 2 legacy, where a tier4 legacy (looks like a ladder) only costs 6 points to rank up to rank 2. This cost is for a major legacy, the cost for minors is higher.

Both end up giving me 2.1% additional damage, but the t3 legacy means I'll have less points when the LI is maxed out to increase the damage output of other legacies. That becomes important when you keep a maxed out LI for some time. The less it costs you to rank up all the legacies the more legacies you can rank up to their max. 

When ranking up legacies, star-lit crystals can affect them as well. They don't raise the ranks of the legacies, but they do further increase a few parts of an LI. They increase the base DPS of the LI, and they increase the base modifier of SOME legacies. Star-lit crystals do not affect legacies with a %, like the one in my example and they do not affect legacies with a time modifier. They are also more effective on a 3rd age LI than on a 2nd or 1st.

All 3rd age LI's can earn a max of 590 advancement points at level 60. At level 70 a LI gets 670 points. Depending on the cost of the legacies, that you picked/got, 670 still isn't enough to max them all the way out, but it is closer! (For clarity, a 2nd ager will get a max of 750 advancement points and a 1st gets 830 if they are level 70, but I haven't mentioned 2nd or 1st age LI's to reduce the confusion, and won't bring them back up until near the end of this mini series.)

Not all legacies have the same number of times that they can be ranked up with the advancement points, it is based on the legacy itself. Mouse over the pictagram on the shift i interface to see how many ranks that legacy has and the cost per rank. The cost also varies.

So, I have mentioned that there are gold/major and silver/minor legacies. You might be wondering what the difference is between the 2 types. Well, there are a few differences. A major legacy _should_ be more desirable. They typically affect general play more regularly, and therefore make you a stronger agent for good.

For example, the +1% to Spear gambits legacy I mentioned a few minutes ago is a major legacy. Wardens use a lot of spear gambits...wardens use a lot of gambits and they all start with either a spear a shield or a fist...and while you'd think that's only a 33% likelihood that we'd use a spear over the other 2 types, I actually use very few shield gambits, esp when tanking.
Lesraldor: a better example is a RK they have 3 major legacies that increase there lightning damage, fire damage and outgoing healing, so a legacy that affects all 3 trait lines
Major legacies also cost fewer advancement points to rank up than minors.But again, the costs varies based on the legacy itself. Another big difference is when it comes to swapping out legacies. You can replace a major legacy with either another major, or with a minor. With a Minor legacy, you can only replace it with another minor legacy.

Do you want a LI with all major legacies? Well, that is really up to the skills you use most often! There are some very useful minors, but it depends on the way you play your class and what roles you fulfill when you are in a group. And by the way, good luck getting an LI with all majors. You are very much a victim of the RNG gods here again.

The next part of the shift i interface comes back to the relics that we already partly covered.

There are 4 types of relics that you can slot into your LI. Again, if you aren't going to equip that LI, don't slot in any relics, that would be wasting them. So, go to the tab for your equipped LI weapon or class item. Relics are broken down into settings, gems, runes and crafted. You can click on the words or the 4 circles at the top right of the tab to switch between the 4 types.

The relics are listed in descending order of level. From the 50's through to about the 90's you'll be changing your LI's about every 7 to 12 player levels, so don't feel that you have to have tier10 relics on them all the time. Generally, I aim for about a tier 6 or 7, if I can.

And that's another point, you do not need to change out your LI's every 5 levels. Seriously!

The crafted relics are just that, crafted. A player who is a member of one of the crafting guilds can make crafted relics. Each type of crafter makes different kinds of crafted relics, and these relics do link to the minimum player level needed to use the LI. You have to level up moderately high in the crafting guild to make crafted relics. Crafted relics add to base stats, like agi/vit/will/might/morale, so are nice in that way. There are special daily quests that crafters have to do to get some of the ingredients needed to make crafted relics. The first is at Anazarmekum, Moria. Another one requires that you partly rebuild Hytbold to access the daily instance.
Lesraldor: crafters don't make the relic themselves they make an item with can be traded with the crafting guild leader for the relic, it still has to be deconed to be used and can be traded around to other players

I didn't have anywhere else this would fit in nicely...I mentioned last week that legacies can be tier 1 thru 6, and the number of lines indicate what tier it is. The tier6 legacy looks like an I with an X over it, or like an asteric. In this case, you have to count the lines from the central point. This can be confusing. So the X portion would be 4 lines from the center outward, and the I is actually 2 more lines from the central vertices. Yeah, that's geometry. Sorry.
The final part of the shift i interface is the Enhance button at the lower right. This is a link to the store that shows you there are a few other ways to enhance your LI's. Purchase relics and legacies will let you spend TP to hurry up the natural process of the LI system that I have just explained, and unless you have TP coming out of your ears is generally not a good use. 

Titles can be nice. They add a damage type to the weapon, such as Beleriand or Westernesse...making that trip back to Sarnur less painful. Titles can be bought in game with certain factions' rep items, usually earned by doing a few quests or daily instances (Dolvenview has dailies that give titles). Weapon damage titles are only useful when killing mobs that are effected by that type, so, not overly critical to have. 

The purchase upgrades option does have some things that are nice to have, such as the scrolls of delving (not always named that in the store) and the legacy tier upgrade. This turns that tier3 legacy (the H or N) into the tier4 (the ladder). While this is really nice, it's also available in game from certain vendors.

We'll end the session for tonight here and pick up again in 2 weeks at the next kin meeting, starting with the forge master's interface!
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