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Kin Birthday Week
Jun 8, 15 1:00 PM EST
Kin Meeting with ride from Kinhouse to Bree to Weathertop
Jun 12, 15 9:00 PM EST
8 hour Chicken Play Deed
Jun 13, 15 1:00 PM EST
Jun 14, 15 9:30 PM EST
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All classes and levels welcome. Contact Kaylorin in game or send mail via guildportal to DB_Leader. Join a kin which will support you and offer a varied fun experience.
Game News
Welcome to The Dawnbreakers website

We are a rank 10 (maximum) kinship with a kinhouse in the Falathlorn Homesteads (Ered Luin) at 2 Waterbank Road, Glad Orchall in Lord of the Rings Online playing on the Vilya Server.

There are regular kinship meetings held each Friday at 8 pm cst where we partake in questing, instances and general tomfoolery. We also hold occasional other meetings.


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Guild News

Kin Meeting May 29, 2015

Cait, May 30, 15 12:25 AM.
Kaylorin: Thanks everyone for attending. It will be a fairly brief meeting as there is not much on the agenda.. hang on.. where did this list come from? Do we actually have agenda items again. Sit down and enjoy your sleep again

Kaylorin: Firstly the kin website. We are aware that there were problems with it earlier in the week. Guildportal were once a great hosting company but they haven't done anything to their platform for more than two years and the quality of service is diminishing. We are taking a look at alternative hosts as well as taking backups of all the important stuff on the website like Cait's DYKs.

Kaylorin: Now whilst for some playing any other game than LoTRo is a blasphemy, the truth is that because we are gamers we do play other games. However it is nice to take a little bit of Middle Earth with us into those games. So with this in mind for those with an old but skill good game installed.. Skyrim.. news of a rather good hobbit house mod.

Kaylorin: At you will find an extremely cute little hobbit house that actually has a lot of useful features for players .. oh and wait till you see what is functioning as the enchanting table now. There are two videos there. The first shows off the mod fairly well has a lot of nasty comments about hobbits
Kaylorin: The other one is NSFW unless you work in that industry which I understand in California now requires wearing goggles for safety reasons. There is rather a lot of flesh displayed as well as the house.
Cait: NSFW = Not Safe for Work
Kaylorin: I did download and try the mod earlier..and the house is really beautiful and if you have skyrim..definitely give it a go

Kaylorin: Who wants more Turbine Points? I thought you might.. well LoTRo players are having a 5000 point giveaway. To stand a chance of winning all you have to do is go leave a comment on this thread by 11th June.

Kaylorin: Today saw the third in the Corey Olsen live streams. If anyone has ever wanted to know the word for someone who eats books then you definitely should watch for this and many other useful bits of information. These streams and also the Mythgard monday ones may well provide many of the answers in a forthcoming trivia compeitition.. so kin members might want to watch them .. hint :)
Kaylorin: You can find the latest stream here
Kaylorin: The previous one is here but is mislabeled as Thursday Fun with Frelorn which is as good a way of killing its audience numbers as I can imagine.

Kaylorin: Since we didn't have a meeting last week we missed the fact that there was a new producer's letter. So here are the key points
Kaylorin: New PVMP map based on Osgiliath
Kaylorin: New series of weekly quests based around a hobbit Bingo Boffin, a new installment of the quest will open up each week.
Lesraldor: first of the quests will start with update 17 i think
Kaylorin: And no surprise to anyone .. Minas Tirith will be coming soon. Since we can see it from Osgiliath I think most people had figured out we would be there soon.
Kaylorin: They are moving to a new store partner offering a store with a cleaner interface and new options
Alkurelm: I wonder if the Pellanor Plains will be a quest area or part of the Epic Battle sequence.
Kaylorin: Good question. I think it would make more sense as an epic battle but given the unpopularity of those with some players I am not sure they will do that. They do say it will be unlike anything which we have seen before which may mean they are developing yet another new system to add to the long list of those they have created and then let be forgotten, including mounted combat.
Alkurelm: I'm someone who isn't really into the whole mounted combat. Never was in any game, but that's just me.
Kaylorin: New servers and data-centers should be fully in place by September. This will also see the planned server closures and mergers. Servers will only be left up for 3 months once moves start and they are scheduled for closure.
Cleoswyth: was there talk of simplifying/improving server to server migration?
Gunhorn: Any info on what they will allow to be transferred?
Lesraldor: yeah they are creating a whole new transfer system that transfer everything you have
Kaylorin: They are adding functionality to allow a kin leader to disband a kin on one server and reform it on another with achievements etc retained. There will be new functionality allowing transfers thru the client rather than a website and they have said account items like marks and mithril coins should now transfer.
Gunhorn: What if you already have an alt there?
Cleoswyth: well, you have max character slots
Cleoswyth: as long as you have an opening, i would think they take that into account
Cleoswyth: unless you named them the same thing...
Gunhorn: don't think you can name things the same even on different worlds
Alkurelm: Will the transfer itself be free?
Lesraldor: yes every character will get one free transfer token
Cait: it is free if they server your character is on is closing
Alkurelm: K.
Cleoswyth: how much is it now? like $20
Andadriel: i have andadriels on different worlds... if you transfer a toon to a server that already had that name taken, you get a name change
Cait: $25
Cleoswyth: crazy
Cleoswyth: hopefully that price drops
Cleoswyth: now that the labor is covered
Lesraldor: its probably going to stay at 25 until they open up the free transfers

Kaylorin: Item of the Week is a low level ring so if you are planning a tanky type or maybe a Beorning this might be good for you new character. If you have someone who can use it speak to an officer. [Tarnished Ring of the Aurochs]

Kaylorin: This week's Turbine store sale is designed to help assist those who have embarked on imbuing and leveling their new imbued LIs. There is 30% off LI legendary cap increases (Scrolls of Delving) or stat upgrades (star-lit crystals). Plus 30% off relics and relic packs. Noticeably lacking from that offering are Crystals of Remembrance which are now so much more useful.

Kaylorin: Use code ZNM55 for a free sturdy steel key. Cheer now.

Kaylorin: And now of course it is time for that quiet figure in the corner there to take over the meeting. Yes, once again it is Cait's Did You Know and I believe her series of different zones continues. So time to wake up and pay attention as our deputy kin leader educates us once again.

In this week's DYK, we will be continuing the Zone spotlight series with Evendim.

The Evendim region is home to Annuminas, the ancient capital of the Kingdom of Arnor. Annuminas was founded by Elendil in the Second age, and his 2 sons founded Gondor a little later. This is why the architecture of the 2 areas are very similar.
Annuminas remained the seat of Arnor for 10 kings' rule, until the 3 sons of Earendur split the kingdom into 3 parts after his death, as we have covered in the Bree and North Down's Did You Know's.
The death of Arvedui, years later, in the icy bay of Fornost marked the end of the Arnorian kingdom, and that is when the Rangers were founded. That is also when the Dunedain started to call their leaders Chieftains. Aragorn is the current Chieftain of the Rangers, being the descendant of the line of the kings.
Evendim is located north of the Shire, west of North Downs and South of Forochel.

The zone is sometimes affectionately called ever-swim because of the size of the Lake Evendim, adjacent to the ruins of Annuminas. Lake Evendim is also called Nenuial, which is Elvish for Lake of Twilight.
The zone is the only one in game where there are travel paths that use a row boat rather than a horse. There are 3 boat paths and 5 horse paths in Evendim. The boat paths were added in 2009. To put that into perspective, the game launched in 2007. Unlike horse paths, the Boat travel is a VIP/ex-VIP only perk.
The Evendim zone is available in the LoTRo store for 595 Turbine Points and is suggested for characters 32 to 50. There are over 90 quests and 30 deeds for a total of 225TP. The zone purchase includes 3 instances, set within the ruined city of Annuminas.
The deeds, as we have seen in other zones so far, are broken into 4 types, Slayer, Explorer, Quests and Meta. There are 11 pairs of slayers, 5 explorers and 3 quest deeds.
The slayer deeds are broken into a regular and an advanced tier granting 5 and 10TP respectively. They are for killing Brutes(trolls within Annuminas), Gauradan(tall primitive men dressed in wolf-skins), Giants, Goblins, Kergrim(green swamp-thing-looking humanoids), Limrafn(balls of light), salamanders(red&orange lizards), tomb defenders(human ruffians).
There are also slayers for Leaders of the Invasion, which are high-difficulty named mobs inside Annuminas. Invaders from Angmar are mostly found in Annuminas City and are humans. Finally, Spirits Aiding Angmar are only gained by killing ghosts that are summoned by some Angmarim within the city, or living-water mobs or limrafn inside Annuminas Instances. This deed is most easily accomplished in the instance of Haudh Valandil, as the Limrafn that are farm-able count for both this deed and the Limrafn deed. This is one of the first times where a monster gives credit for 2 deeds at the same time.
The 3 quest count deeds require 30/60/90 quests and give 10/10/15 TP.
The explorations deeds are for Ruins of Evendim, The City of the Kings, Tombs of Evendim, Wilds of Evendim and Markers of the Sunken City.
The reputation for the zone is with the Wardens of Annuminas, i.e. the Dunedain. Rep tokens fall readily, particularly from the Tomb Defenders. Completing all the deeds for the zone grants 20,900 rep with them.
The headquarters for the Rangers is on the island of Tinnudir. Doing quests in the zone gives a player gold and silver barter tokens. There is some class specific gear that is purchasable from a vendor at this camp that many think is nice for cosmetic purposes.
While the recommendation is for players around level 32, It is very easy for most players to start the area around level 28 to 30. The Oatbarton quest hub has you running around clicking on things for about an hour or 2. There are a few monsters to kill, but none of them are aggressive. At level 28 to 30 a player can get a full level to a level & 1/4 in about 2 hours. It is some of the fastest leveling you will ever do!
Another good quest chain in the zone starts with Aragorn in Rivendell. You help him by being his emissary, retrieving a very important and rare item. I won't give away the story, but it draws on a main plot from the books, introduces you to the Lady of the Lake and ends with a 6 man instance with one of the 4 great turtles in the game.
The 3 instances that are included in the zone are Glinghant, Ost Elendil and Haudh Valandil. The Instances can be completed from level 40, and scale up to 100. Some of them have some nice mechanics that players can't ignore if they wish to succeed. None of the 3 instances grant TP, and their deeds do not give rep.
At level 60, players that own the Enedwaithe zone will get a quest to go see Mr. Butterbur at the Prancing Pony in Bree. He then sends players to complete a long quest chain called In Their Absence (ITA). The first instance in this chain is North Cotton Farms, which is located near Oatbarton.

There are many other parts of the Evendim zone that I enjoy thoroughly, and I found the questing pretty straight forward. I strongly recommend buying this zone for newer players.

If you would like more info on Evendim, listen to this podcast by Dr. Corey Olsen, the Tolkien Professor.  It gives a lot of insight of the founding of Arnor and Annuminas, it's capital.

Kin Meeting May 15, 2015

Cait, May 15, 15 10:03 PM.
Kaylorin: Obviously a very busy day today for most of our kinmates, so I wish them all well with their incredibly hectic lives. I do thank those of you who have been able to make the meeting tonight .. we happy few.

Kaylorin: First a reminder that Cait and myself will not be here next week. We are vacationing in Oklahoma and so won't be on much, though we might be able to cast an eye on the forums. Therefore I am assuming that there will be no kin meeting next week, though the last time Les ran one it was incredibly popular. Hmm.. maybe too popular.. maybe best I don't have him do another ..
Cait: we will be away Thursday until Monday

Kaylorin: Those of you who have been regulars on the official LoTRO stream have probably occasionally felt the need to divert your attention from Frelorn in order to do sometime slightly more interesting like watching paint dry. Whilst occasionally informative it would be true to say that they are not the most interesting experience. So many of us have yearned for something a little livlier.

Kaylorin: Therefore Turbine's announcement this week that Corey Olsen, Tolkien Professor and President of Signum University and Mythgard Institute would be joining their Stream Team was great news. This represents the second stage of the development of a free course on adaption of Tolkien and LoTRO that we discussed at a previous kin meeting.
Kaylorin: The first stream was held today at midday and these will be focusing on the epic story and looking at the lore behind it. This first episode saw the creation of a hobbit burglar and running it through the prologue. It was pretty amusing and very informative. Corey is a wealth of information on Tolkien and I do recommend the stream to anyone.
Kaylorin: You can find the live broadcasts at at midday on Fridays and the last episode will normally be there too but they will be permanently archived at along with the first stage of the project which are Mythgard mondays and involve looking at the lore behind various zones.

Kaylorin: The kin birthday is coming up in June and we still welcome suggestions for events but expect to publish a provisional calender of events sometime after our return

Kaylorin: Item of the week are a pair of medium shoulders, level 75 with agility and physical mastery. [Nedhranc]. Let an officer know if you have a character who would like these.

Kaylorin: This week's turbine store sale is on travel and includes 20% off milestone skills, riding traits, travel traits (hurried traveler etc) and simple rally horns.

Kaylorin: Use code MB100 for a free 90 min mark acquisition scrolls

Kaylorin: Indeed that is correct. It is now time for Cait's Did You Know segment. The most popular part of these meetings as she seeks to inform and entertain us about some aspect of the game. Her latest series is focusing on different zones and here is Cait with the latest ...

In this weeks Did You Know we will be looking at the North Downs region.

Located between Breeland, Evendim and Angmar, the North Downs is for players levels 24 to 42, however there are not enough quests to make it all the way from 24 to 42. Many of the higher level quests are intended for a fellowship. 

The North Downs is situated at the northern end of the North-South road. It was part of the ancient kingdom of Arnor, which was founded by Elendil in the second age. During these earliest years of the second age, Numenorians lived in the region, but there are no records that tell us how heavily populated it was, but the North Downs was less important during that time.

As we learned in the Breeland spotlight, the ancient Kingdom of Arnor covered much area, included in this area was the North Downs. When the 10th king of Arnor, Earendur, died, his sons split Arnor into 3 kingdoms. His oldest son Amlath founded Fornost and made it his capital city.

Amlath, being the eldest son, is the line of the kings, Aragorn's line.  

About six hundred years after the founding of Fornost, the Witch-king and his armies attacked the Lone Lands successfully, then moved on Fornost. He failed to defeat Fornost. Another five hundred years after that, the Witch-King's armies did manage to captured Fornost. 

The King of Fornost, Arvedui, managed to escape before the city was captured. He fled to Forochel where he later died.

A year after Fornost was captured, Gondorian troups freed it, though the Witch-King himself managed to escape. 

The main rep faction for the zone is the Rangers of Esteldin, but players can also gain rep with the Men of Bree and Thorins Hall. 

Trestlebridge is the first quest hub, and its quests and task board give Bree rep. Othrikar is a dwarven outpost and the quests and tasks there give Thorins Hall rep. Esteldin is the main quest hub for the Rangers. 

The zone is purchasable in the Store for 595 TP. 

There are nineteen deeds that grant a total of 145 TP. The deeds are grouped in 4 types, like most every zone. There are 3 quest count deeds, 4 exploration deeds and 6 pairs of slayer deeds. There is a meta deed for each of these categories, and a meta-meta deed. None of the Meta's offer TP, but they do offer reputation.

The quest count deeds are for 15, 30 and 45 quests needed for 10, 10 and 15 TP. There are over 125 quests available to pick from for completing quest count. 

The  slayer deeds, like every other zone so far are divided into regular and advanced deeds. They are for goblins, orcs, redeemer(ghosts), trolls, wargs and worms(oversized lizards). The slayers grant 5 and 10 tp for regular and advanced.

The slayer count is 90/180 for most types, except that trolls need 60/120 and worms need 120/240.

Completing all these deeds will give 13700 rep with the rangers of Esteldin. The rangers are the Dunedain, Aragorn's kinsmen. When he was a child living in Rivendell, Aragorn went by the name of Estil, which translates to "hope".

There is 1 instance in the zone, Fornost. Currently it is divided into 4 instances, though when it was originally released, it was a single instance. This instance scales, and can be completed at any level from 30 to 100. The instance cluster is included with the purchase of the zone.

There is actually another instance located in the zone, The Stoneheight. This instance is part of the "In Their Absence" chain that opens at level 65, and it requires the purchase of the Enedwaithe zone. In Their Absence, ITA for short, refers to the time when the Dunedain were no longer in the lands of Eriador. At this time, they are making their way to find Aragorn, who is their chieftain.

North Down, while a early levels zone after the free to play content is completed, is not a popular zone for newer players to purchase. Because there are other zones that cover much of the same levels, have more quests that are completable by solo players and offer better TP return, North Downs is not a recommended zone for newer accounts.

There is 1 skirmish that is based on the zone, Attack at Dawn. This Skirmish is an offensive skirmish, and is very popular with this kin. After completing the slayer for the encounter bosses, a player is granted the tital "Dawnbreaker". This title was added after the kin was created. The skirmish is not included with the purchase of the zone. All skirmishes must be bought seperately from the zone they are based on, typically for 195 TP.

Kahaura: I've found that T3 solo skirms drop star-lits a lot
Cait: any skirm you find easier on t3?
Kahaura: tuckborough and attack at dawn
Kahaura: it's about a 20% chance to get a star-lit from the last boss and 5% per lieutenant
Kahaura: 5% last chest only T1 / 10% last chest only T2 / T3 rates
Kahaura: classic instances have 10% T1 / 25% T2

Kin Meeting May 8, 2015

Cait, May 8, 15 9:55 PM.
Kaylorin: ok everyone thank you for attending. Fairly short agenda today so we will probably do an epic battle after that.

Kaylorin: Well update 16 has hit and brought with it the new imbuing system which while powerful can be a little confusing so here to explain it to us all is Cait with her Did You Know Segment ............................................................................. only joking :) Even Cait needs a week or two to get her head around imbuing.. the real DYK will be coming later.
Kaylorin: Also introduced were three new instances, the first new content in a while. We tried the 6 man as a kinship on 100s night. We did finally successfully complete it after many hours so well done to the group.. it was really tough though and I really don't know how Turbine think people will do an instance when you can get better loot from a solo skirmish.
Kaylorin: Frelorn has since posted on the Turbine forums that they are aware of the complaints about loot and will be doing something about it in the near future, though until then I think there will be limited incentive to run the 6 man at least.
Katraswyth: other than how fresh it seems to be
Kaylorin: New.. not necessarily fresh.. I wasn't overly impressed by fact to give an idea how excruitiating an experience I found it.. I think I would rather watch a Frelorn live-stream
Cait: yeah, but when it takes 4 hours because the trash kills you too easily, it isn't fun or fresh
Lesraldor: no incentive for us but plenty for others
Kaylorin: I know Cait and others have since done the 3 man and found them better.. but I found an over reliance on trash mob to be poor instance design

Kaylorin: The next item isn't LoTRO related but I thnk is universal to MMOs. I remember my first MMO which was Puzzle Pirates where there was a notorious player, ultimately banned who constantly found ways to exploit game mechanics to ruin the pleasure of the game experience for others. Such players exist in every online game and we have all encountered them.
Kaylorin: GW2 has had such a player whose behavior has become infamous. So, after this meeting, take a little pleasure in this video posted by the GW2 head of security, which shows a little summary justice as a dev takes over control of the character
Kaylorin: And think of any LoTRO players who you might silently wish a similiar fate... what.. I am the only person with a long list?!

Kaylorin: Item of the Week are heavy armor gloves with might and vitality for level 100 [Sermaib]. Please let an officer know if you have a character who would like them.
Kaylorin: They would be good for a guardian, captain, champion etc

Kaylorin: This week's turbine store sale is centered around cosmetics and includes 25% off various cosmetics, cosmetic slots, shared wardrobe slots and war steed cosmetic slots and traits.
Kaylorin: You can get a free random relic pack using code LRPR9

Kaylorin: And now, for real this time, it is Cait with her Did You Know segment, bringing joy and useful information to our gaming lives with her continuing series on in-game Zones. So for the ever-popular Did You Know segment I give you our all-knowing Deputy Kin Leader - Cait.

In this week's DYK, we'll be taking a look at the Lone Lands.
The lone lands is the fourth and final of the free to play zones. It is located by taking the road at the South gate out of Bree Town, travelling southeasterly along the Midgewater Marsh until you see the Inn on the road.
The Inn is in a poor state of repairs, and is known as the Forsaken Inn. The inhabitants of the Lonelands are of the race of man, they call themselves the Eglain, and they are the primary reputation faction for the zone.

There is a 3 man instance under the Forsaken Inn. This instance is not included with the zone, and therefore must be purchased from the Store. If you have ever seen the movie "The Goonies" and liked it, I reccommend this instance.
Another major point of interest in the Lone Lands is the hill of WeatherTop. In the books, this is where the ring wraiths caught up with Strider/Aragorn and Frodo, Sam, Merry and Pippin, and where Frodo was injured by the Morgul blade.

In Lore, WeatherTop was once the home to a Palantir, but was destroyed by the armies of the WitchKing (the chief Nazgul). His war to attain that Palantir is the main reason for all the ruins in the region. On a happy note, he failed to acquire the seeing stone.

At one point in the books, Aragorn refers to the Forsaken Inn as being about a day's ride east of Bree.

In game, Weathertop has become the site of a major player-run event, WeatherStock. The name weatherstock is a combination of weathertop and woodstock. Woodstock is a town in the State of New York that held a 3 day, multi-artist concert in the August 1969. It was considered to have had a major influence on the course of music, particularly rock & roll.
The Weatherstock event is attended by several hundred LoTRo players. It is hosted on the Landroval server, and if you haven't been, and have a good computer, it is an amazing experience I strongly recommend! This year, it will be held on July 25th. Keep watching the Kin Meeting Notes for reminders as it draws closer!!
There are 23 deeds to complete in the Lone Lands. There are eight pairs of slayer deeds, three quest count deeds and four discovery deeds. There is 180 TP granted from these deeds and 16,100 points of reputation with the Eglain.
The Slayer deeds are for Bog Lurkers, Craban(birds), Goblins, Orcs, Spiders, Trolls, Wargs and Wights. They require 60 and 120 kills for the regular and advanced deeds, except for Craban which need 80 and 160 kills. They grant 5 and 10 tp, respectively.
Just like most zones in the game, Lone Lands has 3 tiers of Quest count deeds. They are for 15, 30 and 45 quests, and give 10, 10 and 15 TP, in order. Many of the quests in the zone give Eglain rep, and a few give Thorin's Hall rep.
The four discovery deeds are for Weathertop, Defenses of the Lone Lands, Grimfens, and Garth Agarwen. The Garth Agarwen Discoveries requires doing all 3 of the instances that are a part of this zone. These instances open up at level 32 and do not scale upwards.
Killing some enemies in Lone Lands gives reputation per kill, typically 8 points per enemy, occasionally 12 points for harder mobs. The mobs that grant experience for killing are Goblins, Orcs, Half Orcs (not a slayer deed) and Wights. The last way to increase your Eglain reputation is by crafting. There is a special vendor (Leoflac) not far behind Frederik the Elder at the Eglain camp in Ost Guruth who will sell you a quest to craft a certain kind of item for them. These turn ins will raise your reputation with the Eglain by 700 points each.
Once you gain Kindred reputation with the Eglain, you get a free "return to Ost Guruth" skill that lets you instantly travel there once per hour (the hurried traveler skill shortens this amount of time). this is helpful as Ost Guruth has a direct travel path to Rivendell. For those that have VIP swift travel capabilities, Ost Guruth is the closest swift travel from the starter areas to Rivendell for characters under level 40.

We also get to meet Radagast the Brown, in the Lone Lands. Radagast as you probably remember is a member of Gandalf's order. In Lore, Radagast lives in Mirkwood, so it is a little odd for him to be here. Radagast is a class quest giver for Lore Masters. 
And that is this week's Did You Know!

Kaylorin: Thank you as always for that Cait. Very helpful and informative and if anyone missed any information you can find all the zone descriptions in this series on the kin website.

Kaylorin: Now we have received a request to restart the class nights. No more details on that right now but they are likely to be held once a month. Volunteers to run and host them for particular classes sought. Contact me if you want to offer your services. Not sure yet where we will fit them in..possibly earlier on saturdays before the instance runs. Keep an eye on kin website for more.

Kaylorin: That concludes all the points on the agenda.. well actually there might have been one more but it fades into oblivion when faced with a nice hot newly-arrived pizza. Does anyone else have any issues or points to raise?
Cait: I have received a few extra ideas for the kin birthday week and the prize pool is looking pretty handsome

Cait: ok, we'll take a short break so Kay and I can scarf some noms and then see about running something together

Kin Meeting May 1, 2015

Cait, May 1, 15 10:04 PM.
Kaylorin: Kin meeting will start shortly in the kin house. Now whilst I am responsive to feedback generally.. I am going to ignore the large number of mails begging me not to return and run this kin meetings and let Les take over. So its back to normal and you can ready your cushions and pillows
Lesraldor: its because they want another DYK by me which will never happen
Cait: I very much appreciate the one you did. it's a topic I doubt I would have thought of

Kaylorin: Thank you all for attending. And thank you to Les for running the meeting last week when a small flood in our apartment stopped us from being on. Things are back to normal now though and I am here, so sorry to those who enjoyed last week's meeting.. you can have too much of a good thing you know :) Short agenda after which we will see about running an epic battle.
Cait: yes! first friday in 3 weeks with no rain!

Kaylorin: Monday brings update 16 and for those interested in imbuement, Turbine published a Developer Diary this week giving final details on the process. So, if the information on our kin forums hasn't satisfied your curiousity, check out

Kaylorin: You can also see details of the update in Frelorn's latest stream on Twitch which is at and gives you information about everything in the update. There is also a developer diary on the instance clusters which you can read at
Kaylorin: Doubtless we will be doing the new instances as a kinship once they are available. Will be nice to have some new content to play.

Kaylorin: This week's item of the week is a level 80 ring with agility, vitality, morale and determination. [Peerless Ring of the Rabbit]. Speak to an officer if you have a character who would like this.

Kaylorin: On sale this week in the store we have stat tomes, regeneration food, run speed boosts and those attack damage scrolls we all have a ton of from hobbit presents, all 20% off.

Kaylorin: There was a problem with this week's free code which is for a +5 hope boost (90 minutes). Turbine have removed the original code and replaced it with 4HTKN which you can now use twice per account, as compensation for the problems. So anyone without hope tokens on their char might take advantage of this opportunity.
Lesraldor: they do stack with hope tokens also so you can get up to 11 hope

Kaylorin: And now.. delayed by a week .. is Cait with her Did You Know segment.. generally thought to be the high point of the meeting. I know she did tell me what its about but that was a week ago and I have no memory which is why I am a Guardian not a Warden .. so here to talk about something not involving fish is Cait.

Continuing on with the Zone spotlight series, this week we will cover the Breeland starter zone. 

Breeland is the home of the Race of Man, and contains the human housing district located on the side of the road from Bree to the Forsaken Inn, opposite the Midgewater Marsh. The homes in these neighborhoods, like the buildings in Bree, are of the English Tudor style.

Breeland is centrally located in Eriador. It is surrounded by The Shire, Lonelands and the North Downs. It is said that when Men crossed into the West, the town of Bree was there... and that when the old Kings returned, they found the town of Bree waiting.

Bree was settled in the Second Age by men from Dunland. It was part of the Dunedain kingdom of Arnor, the sister kingdom of Gondor. When the tenth king of Arnor, Eärendur, died his sons split Arnor into the three kingdoms of Arthedain, Rhudaur and Cardolan. 

Bree was located in Arthedain, which might surprise many, since the reputation tokens are of the Cardolan kingdom. The city of Bree is located at the crossroads of the Great East Road (also known as the Greenway) and the North-South Road. It was therefore a natural location for trading, which helped it prosper. 

During the time that we are in the game, the number of ruffians attacking Bree should be increasing, according to the lore I found, but sometime around update 22 to 25 it should then decrease again when the Dunedain and their King return to restore the peace.

The word Bree means hill in a dialect of Celtic, and Breeland certainly has several large hills. The terrain is fairly similar to that of the Shire.

In game, Bree is one of the 3 main starter areas. It is the starter area for humans and beornings. It's only reputation faction is with the Men of Bree. 

Breeland is for players from around 6 or 7 until about 20. There is 200 TP to be earned in 24 deeds for the basic Breeland deeds. There are also 7 other deeds that are more difficult, all located within the barrows of the Barrow Downs, worth another 55 TP. 

Of the basic deeds, there are 8 sets of slayer deeds, 3 quest count deeds, 4 explorations deeds and 2 special deeds. 

The Slayer deeds are for Brigands (human ruffians), Spiders, Neekerbreekers, Sickleflies (over-sized mosquitos) Orcs, Wights (skeletons) and Trees (living-walking trees that are like Hurons that we meet again much later in the game). Like the other starter zones, the slayer deeds give 5 TP for first tier and 10 TP for second.

Most of the basic Breeland slayers need 30 and 60 kills, the Wights need 40/80 and the trees need 20/40.

The quest count deeds need 15, 30 and 45 quests to complete and give 10/10/15 TP in order.

The discovery deeds are for locations in the barrow downs, the old forest and the ruins of Breeland. The History of the Dunedain discovery deed is for locating monuments left by the Dunedain, and are all glowing, so are easy to find.

The flowers of the Old forest is another discovery/special deed. You have to find several flowers in the old forest. The lore says that the flowers mark the final resting place of the Ent-wives. I guess that is why we only see male Ents.

The last special deed is the Lore of the Cardolan Prince. You complete this deed by getting randomly dropped "pages" while killing skeletons in the Barrow Downs. The pages are not a item that go into your inventory, so you can't read the lore yourself, but you usually complete it by the time you finish the wight slayer deeds. If you don't "loot all" you have to take the pages out of your overflow bag

There are 5 stable masters in Bree-land, 2 in Bree, and one each in Combe, Adso's Camp, and Newbury. From Bree you can also ride to the human housing neighborhoods, but this is a one-way ride.

The advanced deeds are for killing inside the Barrows of the Barrow Downs. A Barrow is a tomb. These tombs are the resting place for several dead, I assume that they are much like a family crypt. The slayers here are for skeletons, blue ghosts, spiders and 6 named difficult mobs. Only the spider slayer counts for the normal difficulty slayer, the skeletons in the barrows do not count towards the skeletons outside the tombs.

The Tombs in the Barrows were originally set at about level 35, but were later lowered to the level of the mobs outside these catacombs. This is why they drop Mathom rep regularly.

There are several towns in Breeland. The lowest level of quests start in Archet, then move you on to Combe. None of the quests in these two towns give Bree rep, so are easily skipped if you already quested in Ered Luin or Shire and are just coming for the TP.

Mr Adso Haybank has a camp along the Great East Road/Greenway. He is trying to build an Inn for travelers along the road. I fear the dear hobbit needs to find some better laborers or some body guards to discourage the local riff-raff! 

The towns of Buckland and Newbury are currently part of Breeland, but in the future they will be anexed by the Shire. Many of the quests here give Bree rep, we'll have to see if that changes! There is a quest in this hub I strongly reccommend players do at their next opportunity. 

The young hobbit lass standing not far from the Buckland Gate is the final turn in for this quest. You hand the lass a note from one of the 2 foolish hobbits lads that have ventured into the forest (I think it is given by the one on Bald Hill) If you click on the letter in your bags before turning it over to her you will read a very lengthy but equally good description of the pathways in the Old Forest.

Breeland is also home to the first 6 man instances. The Maze, Thadur and Sambrog are scaling instances, based in the Barrow Downs. Origionally, it was a single instance that started at the Great Barrow and exited at (I believe) at the door that leads into Andrath. There is a pic on the Kin History tab of the website showing the Kin Founder and 4 original DB's exiting the instance into a fogy field that looks a bit like the Midgewater Marsh.

Kaylorin: Thank you Cait.. deeply informative as always and fun and interesting too.. and no fishy smell this week ;)

Cait: The Kin's 7th Birthday is in about 6 weeks. I want to pause the regular kin events that week in favor of some special events. I would like to get suggestions for events that we don't normally do. We have some good prizes that have already been donated, like loot box keys and stat tomes. If anyone has ideas for events that we can organize, I would really appreciate some ideas! 

A Kin Meeting run by Les may be a bad idea April 24 2015

earmy54, Apr 24, 15 9:43 PM.
[To Kinship] welcome to the shortest kin meeting this kin has ever seen
[To Kinship] Kay and Cait are currently battling a giant flood and are building their ark, but seriously they are having weather issues and are busy dealing with that
[To Kinship] this week saw 2 new builds for Bullroarer also during Frelorns stream this week which is on thursdays at 1pm Eastern time Turbine announced Update 16 will go live Monday May 4th
[To Kinship] the sales this week involve crafting 30% off ingredient pack, crafting guild access, craft xp boosts and recipe's
[To Kinship] the free item is a +5% attack damage x1 use code HYNM9, i dont see why many will need this as most get enough from hobbit presents
[To Kinship] for anyone who has noticed a few annoying bugs in the new music system and want them fixed, dont worry turbine knows about them but are busy working on U16 they will get to these bugs after U16 goes live so you will see a fix probably in U16.1
[To Kinship] the line up for the week is business as usual, we have a random instance on Saturday at 9 pm central time, Sunday is our on level Moria group currently we are working on the epic but hope to get back to instances soon this is at 7 pm central time also
[To Kinship] tuesday is our deed night were we complete any deeds people need as a group at 8 pm, Wed is the lvl 100 group currently questing through Lower Lebinen but we are will to do instances also this is at 8 pm
[To Kinship] thursday is the new low lvl group this week they just finished all deeds in Bree and will be moving to the LoneLands next week, anyone around lvl 20-25 is welcome to join this is at 8 pm also
[To Kinship] this week Turbine released a video giving a sneak peek at U16 take a look if anyone is interested
[To Kinship] Item of the week is a wonderful necklace with might, Physical mastery and crit defence perfect for any champ gaurd or cappy at lvl 85 [Elf-forged Golden Pendant] PST any officer if you want it
[To Kinship] that is it for all the notes i have, so for this one time only its the first ever Les' Did You Know over to Les
[To Kinship] did you know this game has a hobby system, sadly the system has been mainly abandoned due to the developer leaving Turbine but we did get a wonderful fishing system, you can catch anything from weeds (very common) to a minnow, and even a 50-pound salmon like the one on the back wall of the kin house caught by yours truly
[To Kinship] this system is increased via fishing, you must go to a hobby master and train the fishing skill, you will get a basic fishing rod and a how to guide to fish, this includes equiping the fishing rod which take the place of you main and off hand weapon, and placing the fishing skill on your skill bar
[Kinship] Saranada: Question: does a better rod help catch fish?
[To Kinship] standing next to water and fish away, as you catch items your proficiency increases, this can be increased by 10 a day up and has a max of 200 the higher the proficiency the better your chance of getting better fish,
[To Kinship] yes a better rod does help because it give you a little boost on your proficiency 
[To Kinship] there are 4 deeds, one to catch 8 types of darter, another to catch 8 types of trout, another to catch 8 types of sturgeon and last to catch the elusive 50 pound salmon which is supposed to be the mark of a master fisherman or woman
[To Kinship] and that is my Did You Know
[To Kinship] so does anyone have issues or questions to raise with the kin?
[Kinship] Saranada: when do you get the challenges?
[Kinship] Saranada: I have not seen where you pick up those deeds
[To Kinship]the deeds for fishing, if so those are given to you once you catch your first Darter/trout/sturgeon
[To Kinship] and you find them in your social panel of the deed log
[To Kinship] and with that i call the kin meeting to a close
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