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All classes and levels welcome. Contact Kaylorin in game or send mail via guildportal to DB_Leader. Join a kin which will support you and offer a varied fun experience.
Game News
Welcome to The Dawnbreakers website

We are a rank 10 (maximum) kinship with a kinhouse in the Falathlorn Homesteads (Ered Luin) at 2 Waterbank Road, Glad Orchall in Lord of the Rings Online playing on the Vilya Server.

There are regular kinship meetings held each Friday at 8 pm cst where we partake in questing, instances and general tomfoolery. We also hold occasional other meetings.


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Guild News

Kin Meeting August 29, 2014

Cait, Aug 29, 14 11:12 PM.
Kaylorin: We should be running a full program of events next week again. Saturday it is planned to do Isengard instances. Last week we did the open world Angmar defense instances which are rarely tackled these days. They were fun and would definitely be very challenging on level.

Kaylorin: Sunday will be low level group which has nearly completed Lonelands, so if you have a 30-40 character feel free to come along. Turn out has been a bit patchy the last few weeks so would be good to see more people again. We did enjoy the weeks where we had to run the group as a raid ;)
Kaylorin: Tuesday is deed night. Feel free to let Cait have any suggestions for deeds or areas to run. Wednesday will be 100s night again so those with a 100 come along and tackle the TC group area.
Cait: TC is actually available at 95!

Maurelio: escuse me, is there a especific day where we can met to make a "event" or "kin activity" like a crafting day/evening or night?
Lesraldor: if you want to make and event send one of us officers (Me, Cait or Kay) a mail or tell with what you want to do and the best times for you to be there and we will make something happen
what kind of event were you interested in? Although, member lead events are always welcome. Most of the weekly events are held anywhere from 7 to 12 pm cst
Maurelio: well, i was thinking, a saturday or sunday evenig or night to met, share ingredient, materials, not just help the others to level up theyr crafting ability, maybe some1 will need any crafted item and we can trade or share with all
Maurelio: any rare or needed recipe, specific class item or tool
Maurelio: a evening or night where we can craft, laught and share any question or experience, like a dinner, or a friends met to drink, but in game
Maurelio: IDK what do you think about that
Cait: on a weekend it would likely have to be mid to late afternoon, but we do have a great stash of mats, though recipies trading would certainly be good too, and yeah, sounds like it could be fun
Maurelio: i knoh we are running raids and a lot of thinks and y consider this as a "another" way to know us better and have a time to share, with-out the adrenaline or tension of a close dead

Kaylorin: Generally Turbine's announcements and policies have been fairly standard and predictable over the last few years. They did of course say not having an expansion this year would let them work on some of the basic systems of the game. However this week they announced changes to a much forgotten and neglected system I would have bet money would never again be looked at, though it is one of the more distinctive features of the game compared to other MMOs.
Kaylorin: I refer to the music system in game, there will be some tonal adjustments to improve the sound of existing instruments, 2 new instruments are planned (though a compromise had to be reached and these will not be available as Minstrel weapons) and they are looking at the ability to spawn a stage in an area, useful for events like Weatherstock.

Kaylorin: Most of you will have noticed the Welcome Back Weekend buff we are currently getting of 100% xp. This will last for the weekend but there will be a 25% xp bonus subsequently for the whole of the month of September. So now is the time to level your alts, or get your main to 100 if anyone out there hasn't done that (mentioning no names).
Cait: I noticed last night in Evendim that there was a second 25% buff at the same time too

Kaylorin: Finally on the Turbine announcements, they have opened Bullroarer for testing of patch update 14.2. So update your clients if you have the bullroarer client downloaded. However many people, including myself are currently unable to logon to that server. My suspicion is that it still has some restrictions left over from the beta and accounts who participated in HD beta can not in 
Kaylorin: but the rest of us cannot currently. No doubt they will fix that eventually but its worth trying to get in.
Kaylorin: We know there are 3 main components to the update, first the session play in the Dead Marshes with Frodo and Sam.
Kaylorin: Secondly a new window, available with shift C for collections on which mounts and pets will now be found.
Kaylorin: Finally skirmish soldiers are getting a buff at the higher levels to reduce the damage they took from the mitigation changes etc. There will also be new soldier levels purchasable from store. These are the areas mentioned so far but when the patch notes are put up we should know more.

Kaylorin: This week's Item of the Week is a level 100 pocket item wilth lots of will and some agility, plus morale and power. [Polished Canine of Determination]. Let an officer know if you would like it.

Kaylorin: Turbine store sale this week will be storage and currency related items, including 20% off shared storage, vault upgrades, inventory slots and currency cap (f2p/premium only)
Kaylorin: They also announced a permanent reduction in the price of the xp disabler (stone of tortoise) item to 100 tp from 495 tp.
Kaylorin: High levels wanting universal solvent for crafting including essences, can get one free using code ESSE8

Maurelio: how can i use that code? last week i have try to get the weekly free item
Breeper: Its based on your Char/toon sometimes it wont work
Cait: find the free item in the store, click quick buy, type in the code, and click apply. if it is the right item & code, it will change the price to 0, then you click on buy
Lesraldor: if you press the quick buy option in the window that pops up there will be and apply coupon button just to the left of that button there is a window, you put the code in that window
Cait: don't click buy if it doesn't go to 0 first

Kaylorin: And now, we reach the best part of the meeting, and the part you can wake up for, as you will need your wits about you as our erstwhile deputy kin leader introduces us to another obscure or overlooked aspect of LoTRO practice. So over to Cait for her Did You Know segment (that last answer wasnt it by the way ;) )

Cait: There are several ways to open various interface windows in the game.  
While our leader isn't inclined to anyone controlling Kay, using ctrl K will open the skirmish interface, which has 2 tabs on it, one for lifetime skirmish stats and the other for Skirm soldier equipped traits. This is particularly handy to be able to look if your skirmish soldier is up to par with your level before joining a random Skraid (Skirmish-Raid)
If you forget the crtl K command, you can also locate this panel by clicking on the golden ^ at the far left of the skills bar at the bottom of your screen.
There are several useful panels under that ^. Another is the short-cut way to mailboxes, though this only works for VIP. You'll find it under the Social category.
Under ^ then System is the "Help" menu, where you can read technical FAQ's and submit tickets when you are experiencing a bug or other problems with the game not functioning as it probably should. It is not ok to submit a bug report or ticket just because you find an area particularly challenging!

Lesraldor: no you submit that ticket in the kinship chat box and a kin member will be with you to help at some point
Breeper: I thought that was why they added the new world chat!

Kin Meeting August 22, 2014

Cait, Aug 22, 14 10:30 PM.
Kaylorin: Ok thank you all for attending. It is time for your weekly dose of the best cure for insomina I know of .. my hosting a kin meeting. After the meeting we will probably run an epic battle for those still conscious. Eat up your lembas and you will grow up big and strong..

Kaylorin: When I confidently predicted after the first S.H.I.E.L.D. runs (a turbine event held on each server for those unfamiliar) that it would be difficult to do worse than Anduin server, who failed to complete the deed and so failed with an incomplete, I was not allowing for British inventiveness.
Kaylorin: Snowbourne confidently took bottom place of the table this week by failing to provide anyone to attend the event.
Kaylorin: Showing much less sporting inventiveness, the Imladris server put up a full team and finished in 25 mins, 44 seconds, taking 12th place. So with 9 servers still to run, Vilya remains in 4th place.

Kaylorin: Turbine's new community manager, Frelorn did a trial streaming broadcast also this week in which he answered a few questions about himself and his role. You can find it in the usual forum thread for those who want to read the full answers ( .
Kaylorin: However in summary he started as a player on landroval, worked on various turbine projects, spent a few years on the Arkham gotham games and returned to infinite crisis and now LoTRO again.

Kaylorin: One of the many LoTRO podcasts out there is the LoTRO academy which answers various beginner questions. It can be a bit rambling but is fairly informative. However its latest episode is recommended as it deals with the difficult topic of skirmish lieutenents and the best strategies for tackling them.
Walkssoft: Using a bigger stick is often helpful
Kaylorin: Pineleaf who provides the best guides for skirmishes, you can find them at the old CSTM site, helps analyse the different types of lieutenent and the strategies that should be employed, like kill-on-sight for Deathmongers etc.
Kaylorin: You can find a link to download the podcast at the LoTRO players site.

Kaylorin: This week's item of the week is a level 30 bracelet with agility, crit and tolerance. If you have an alt who could benefit from this item please let an Officer know. [Gemmed Bracelet of the Fox]. Remember if you have items you think may be useful feel free to send them onto me marked as potential items of week.

Kaylorin: The turbine store sale this week is 25% off various cosmetic related items, including shared wardrobe slots, cosmetic outfit slots for your characters and warsteed cosmetic slots and trait slots, plus 35% off select store exclusive cosmetics.

Kaylorin: Use code GROUP8 to get a free simple rally horn

Kaylorin: And once again we reach the best part of the meeting. Our beloved deputy kin leader will be presenting more useful information in her Did You Know segment. So with no more delay. Here is Cait.

Those of us that have a full harem of alts know how long it takes to get you screen set up, changing the scale of this frame or that one, or repositioning them such as moving the location of your FM window or your paper doll that tells you when your armour is almost broken. 
The more you do it, the faster you get at it, but it is still time that could be better spent carrying rotten pies around the Shire.
For those that don't know how to move the frames, press "ctrl \" to get into the edit mode. Drag a few frames to different positions.
Now that you have moved the assorted frames to the perfect positions, you don't want to have to do that for each of your alts, and luckily, you don't have to!
Once you have all your frames set up perfectly, type this:   /ui layout save (name)  
In the (name) portion of this command, type in any name you want, but don't use spaces, and make it something you will remember in 6 months when you make that next alt!
Now, when you log into one of your alts you type in:   /ui layout load (name)
The name field isn't mandatory, but if you want to have one layout for dps characters and another one for healers you would need to be sure to use different names.
Tonight's Did you know was brought to you by a suggestion from Randi/Belgor! Many thanks to her for the info!

Kaylorin: ok thank you Cait. Now that concludes all the points on the agenda so does anyone else have any issues to raise with kinmates or questions to ask? If not we will see about running an epic battle shortly after the meeting.

Walkssoft: I would say something, but moma said if you can say some nice . .

Kin Meeting August 8, 2014

Cait, Aug 8, 14 10:07 PM.
Kaylorin: ok all thank you for attending. It has been a very slow news week probably due to the departure of Sapience from Turbine so this will be a fairly short meeting. Afterwards we will see about running an epic battle for those interested.

Kaylorin: Firstly there will not be a kin meeting next week. Cait and myself are on vacation and travelling. We did think about asking an Officer to do it, but decided to be kind and not hold one. However if you want to feel free to turn up as usual, force lembas on others and talk inanely for half an hour or so about trivial things. Then people won't realize we have gone ;)
Kaylorin: Secondly we will be attending GenCon in Indianapolis. Cait wanted me to point out that if any kin member also attends and doesn't let us know then we will punish them in some grotesque and inhuman way. She proposed making them an Officer however I felt Kin Leader might be more of a punishment :) However if anyone is in that general area and wants to meet up contact Cait.

Kaylorin: There were another two of the Turbine-organized SHIELD runs this week. The two lucky servers were Arkenstone and Vanyar. Vanyar, one of the German servers, finished in 23 min 58 and takes 8th place. Arkenstone finished in 23 mins, 11 seconds and is 6th. For anyone not familiar with SHIELD it involved dragging a dwarf through Moria.
Kaylorin: Since neither of those times changes the top positions, Estel still leads and Vilya is 4th.

Kaylorin: Instead of the mid week epic battle run it was decided to let the level 100s try the dailies and group questing area for the next few weeks. So those of you who have made 100 and want to participate in the group activities Wednesday night is your night! The fun starts at 8 pm cst.

Kaylorin: Tomorrow night we have a Rift run. 9 pm cst. The low level group which is now in mid 30s will be running as normal on Sunday. This week last was fairly low attendance so hopefully will get more turn out this next week. Probably will be doing the GA instances and maybe finishing lonelands deeds and questing.
Kaylorin: Speaking of level 100 activities, I hear that the turtle quest has been removed from the game and will be returning in a future update. Apparently Turbine didn't learn their lesson when they had exactly the same issue with exploitation of the avanc in the fishing daily last year so decided to repeat the same mistake. Hopefully those who like the quest won't miss it too much.
Antrolamneth: And as a quick sidenote regarding the Sunday night group: If anyone needs armor (light, medium, or heavy) for their Sunday night character please send crafting request to Antropenny. I can make tools as well.

Kaylorin: This week's Item of the Week is a LM staff. Level 30 so if you have an alt who would like let an officer know. [Strong Staff of the Eternal Sun]. Will, fate, power and tact mastery make this a good staff for a low level LM.

Kaylorin: The Turbine store sale this week is 35% off various crafting related items including Crafting Guild Access (Premium/f2p only), ingredient packs, crafting boosts and recipe books/tiers.
Kaylorin: Use code HNOW8 for a free 90 min +5 hope boost from the store.

Kaylorin: This weekend is another mark boost weekend so a good time to skirmish or do epic battles.

Kaylorin: And now, the end is near .. we face .. but before that, it is time for the highlight of the week. Those precious moments in which Cait shares with us some useful facts about the game from her huge store of knowledge. Easily the most popular part of the meeting. I give you Cait and her Did You Know? segment.

Cait: People often ask us if it is worth it to go VIP for a month and then go back to Premium. So, tonight, I'd like to tell you about several of the reasons that you might want to go VIP for a short time….or longer!
Rested Experience, aka Blue Juice, fills about 1/4 of an exp bar that lets you get double exp for everything that grants exp...crafting, quests, killing long as there is blue in the exp bar you'll get double exp, and this refills every night at 2am CST. This is only for current VIP characters.
Destiny Points. Every time you level a toon you earn a little bit of Destiny. Destiny can be accessed by pressing B for your wallet, then click on PERKS in the lower left corner of the wallet. There are several destiny rewards, the first of which is extra blue juice...approximately 1/10 of a level. You can use up to 5 destiny rewards in a 24 hour period between all of your characters. This is also only available to VIP.
Swift Travel. enough said. This is one of the perks that remain after down-grading from VIP to Premium.
Character Slots: When you go VIP you get at least 2 extra char slots free. Be warned, if you let the VIP lapse, you will have to choose a couple characters that will hibernate until you go VIP again or buy those Char slots.
Gold Hobbit Presents once every 7 days...nice but not crucial, only while VIP, I think.
Trait and Virtue slots permanently unlocked.
500 TP for every month you are VIP.
All quest zones and skirms are available while VIP.
Any deed that is opened while VIP will be able to be completed. If it is a 1st tier deed, the 2nd tier will not be available
Freep-side Pvmp is available to VIP's only. pvmp can be paid for, VIP get it free
Vip get free access to all crafting guilds.
These are the main points I could think of, I’m sure there are probably a few more!
Bredor: world mailbox
Cait: and that is this week's Did you know!

Kin Meeting August 1, 2014

Cait, Aug 1, 14 10:19 PM.
Kaylorin: Thank you all for attending. Fairly short agenda again. Afterwards we will see about running an epic battle.

Kaylorin: The latest in the SHIELD event run by Turbine were run this week, plus the final timetable was published following the revisions made to accomodate Sapience's departure. He finished officially with Turbine today but will be running SHIELD events from home for the next month and they will finish with Belegaer and Landroval runs on 11th Sept.
Kaylorin: First this week we had the French server Estel. This was a very good run which avoided taking Sapience into combat at all and finished with a new record time of 20 mins 50 secs. Next came the German server Gwaihir which finished in 7th place. Vilya is now in 4th place.

Kaylorin: This week saw successful kin runs of Dar Narbugud and Ost Dunhoth. Congratulations to both groups. The Ost Dunhoth raid concludes the In Their Absence cluster of instances. When I took over as leader one of the things I thought would be a good idea would be to work on the ITA instances as a kin. Back then we could barely run the 3 mans consistently.
Lesraldor: ITA check, now on to Isengaurd
Kaylorin: It was thus a major target for the kin to be able to run any raid by itself. I take great pleasure then in seeing the fulfillment of that target and the many different players who over the years contributed to our advancement through the ITA instances. Our thanks to all of them and as Les correctly says, our next target is to complete the Isengard ToO instances as a kinship.

Kaylorin: This week's item of the week is a level 20 axe. Might, vitality and parry so if you just started an alt and would like a nice axe for them, speak to an Officer to claim it. [Crafted Axe of the Stalwart]
Kaylorin: Turbine store sale this week is 25% off character slots, and to fill them - the Warden and Runekeeper classes. Also 25% off slayer deed boosts.
Kaylorin: use code RRP67 to claim a free random relic pack

weapon Damage types
If you've played for more than a couple hours, you've probably seen that weapons will have different damage types, such as Common, Beleriand, Ancient Dwarf and Westernesse. Tonight, I want to explain damage types and how they can help you, especially when you are grinding out slayer deeds.
There are 7 types of damage in LoTRo, they are:
Common: Weakest form of damage since many bosses and some mobs, particularly Bosses, are immune. This is the default form of damage
Beleriand: Ancient Evil (so Morroval, Nameless, Grim etc), spiders, insects and half-orcs are all vulnerable to. This is generally thought to be the best general general damage type for a weapon as it does high damage to a wide range of mobs. It is named after the ancient Elven kingdom of Beleriand which fought against Morgoth (ie the most ancient evil) in the 1st Age whose servants included Ungoliant (spider), mother of Shelob. 
Ancient Dwarf: Does high damage to Dragon-kind (including Drakes, Salamanders and Wyrms) and Cave-Claws. Probably refers to ancient dwarven battles against the Great Dragons and possibly Smaug who drove the dwarves from their ancient homeland. Some mobs in Sarnur, including some Dourhands, are only vulnerable to ancient Dwarf damage.
Westernesse: Named after the ancient human settlement of Westernesse whose people were particularly skilled at fighting the Undead. The dagger used to stab the Witch-King by Merry was from Westernesse. This damage type is good against Dead, Wights, Decayed, Unseen and Gaunt-Men. It is powerful but very specialised and so probably the least desirable of the three named types.
Fire: Use this damage against most Creatures of Nature including Huorns, most Beasts( including most wolves, Slugs and Snow-Beasts) , Kergrim, Darkwaters and Troll-Kind (including Gorthorog, Wood-Trolls etc)
Light: Powerful against Troll-Kind, Orc-Kind (Goblins and Orcs) and Spiders. Sam of course used the light Galadriel gave to Frodo against Shelob and we know Gandalf turned the trolls to stone by exposing them to daylight.
Cries: Particularly use against Orc-Kind (Goblins, Orcs, Uruks etc) such as Captain and Mini cries.
In-game items can grant a temporary damage type to be applied to weapons and shields, such as oils (light & fire) and shield spikes. There are Titles that can be obtained that, when applied to a Legendary weapon will permantently add a given damage type onto that least until it is deconstructed at a relic-master.

Kin Meeting July 25, 2014

Cait, Jul 26, 14 12:24 AM.
Kaylorin: ok everyone thank you for attending. Will be a short meeting this week as not a lot on the agenda. After that we will see about running an epic battle.

Kaylorin: For those attending in person be warned Cait will be doing her equivalent of a mugging again.. she forceably gives you things ;)
Bredor: If only mugging was always that enjoyable!
Cait: in other words, get yourselves over here and help me clear my bags!

Kaylorin: First item of news is that there will be a small patch on Monday. I have taken a quick look through the patch notes and isolated a few items of interest. From Monday the level 100 Blemished Symbol of Celebrimbor used to make 2nd age Legendary items will require a seal, so if you don't have any seals currently it might be an idea to go barter now before that becomes a requirement.
Kaylorin: The cost of items and traits at the skirmish vendor is going down by 20-50%. It strikes me that if you can afford a skirmish refund scroll for the traits you have already paid for this might be a good investment given they should be cheaper in future. I have not heard about a skirmish trait reset so am assuming there will not be one.
Kaylorin: Finally Quickbeam will no longer take 18 hours to ponder things .. oh thank god yes... and the huorn pets will be purchasable with leaves directly from the vendors.

Kaylorin: This kin has generally got pretty good at running the Epic Battles including the 6 man however success in these is dependent on getting to where you should be quickly and doing what is required, therefore I spent a few hours updating the 6 man guide in the forums this week. If you do run or plan to run epic battles with us you are advised to read it to understand the kin strategy
Kaylorin: and what is required in the various sub missions. The one area of uncertainty still remains the precise order of the missions and we are still working on determining that, every time I find an order and test it something immediately contradicts it next run. So working on gathering data from the 6 man to determine the pattern of missions still.
Kaylorin: You will find the guide under the Epic Battles subforum of the main Gameplay forum on the kin website and it is suggested you read it to prepare for the 6 man runs especially if you havent done them before. We also welcome comments, feedback and corrections.

Kaylorin: We have now seen another 2 SHIELD runs. First Maiar (one of the german servers) which took 5th place with 23mins 13 secons and Brandywine which managed 8th place with over 33 mins. This means Vilya is still in 3rd position with Eldar and Winfola ahead of us.
Kaylorin: The pace of SHIELD runs is to be accelerated since they were due to finish at the end of September however Turbine's Community Manager, Sapience, who organizes them is leaving the company on 1st August. He is going to the Extra Life charity he has spent some years raising money for and remember if he raises 100K this year he will be getting a tatoo..
Kaylorin: So if you have money, and fancy getting some rare mounts and in game pets as a reward, remember the Extra Life charity and give to Team Turbine :)
Kaylorin: Is the main forum post which includes the donation link
Kaylorin: Sapience's replacement will be Andy Cataldo, known as Frelorn, who is already with Turbine, and has started covering some of the duties and has introduced himself on the main forums. Sapience will however still run the SHIELD events and get them finished before he leaves.
Cait: he is currently at $30,595

Kaylorin: This week's item of the week is a level 62 piece of heavy armor with might and vitality. Nice for a Guardian or Captain etc [Amon Beleg]. This is part of a set with set bonus if you get the other pieces. Speak to an Officer if you would like it.

Kaylorin: This week's turbine store sale concerns legendary items and includes 30% off level cap increase (Scroll of Delving equivalent), State upgrade (Scroll of Empowerment equivalent) and relic packs. It is a good price and if you trust Turbine spending money to improve your LI before it is locked and attuned might not be a bad idea. On the other hand we don't know
Kaylorin: for certain what will carry over when an item is attuned and what else may be required and if things like starlit crystals might still be reset in future when level caps change, so there is a risk. And if you do trust Turbine there is a Nigerian prince who would like your email address.
Kaylorin: You can get a free relic removal scroll using code: REREL
Antropyne: on the LI front, I do wish they'd spell out in more detail exactly how it's going to work so that we could make more educated decisions regarding the building (or not) of level 100 LIs

Kaylorin: And now, it is that time again. The highlight of the week. The chance for your grey matter to get some exercise as Cait takes it out for a run around the lesser known parts of LoTRO with her hugely successful and popular - Did You Know? segment. So over to Cait.
Cait: and, in an effort to make this even better, I pre-typed tonight's Did you know...Getting & Using TP wisely...
Grind the low level zones. It really doesn't make sense to spend TP on extra virtue slots if you aren't willing to get the max possible points in your virtues. If you start in ered luin and shire, by the time you hit bree, half the quests are still green, if you do bree 1st, then the Shire & Ered Luin are grey. The low zones also require fewer kills to complete slayers, and so are faster for earning tp for higher zone purchases. Don't use a slayer scroll on the early zones, they are easy to complete with out them. save them for zones where the slayers are 300!  Remember though, you can use skirms to get the slayers out of the way if you do prefer to do Bree first. buying a zone and its skirm will help with slayer deeds, and the marks will help you buy rep tokens to also earn TP, as I have discussed in the past. Buying extra character slots is also a good way to earn more TP fast. Esp if you are willing to deed EL/Shire/Bree then delete and restart the toon, you'll quickly get to the point where you have enough TP generation to buy more content zones towards progressing higher with your preferred class. DPS classes and Mini's are, in my opinion, the best for low level sacraficial toons but whatever class you are most comfortable with is really the best choice for you!
And that is this week's Did you know, speed tip!

Kaylorin: Thank you everyone :) We will be running an epic battle shortly after the meeting when you have had time to digest your lembas. Speak to Cait if you would like to participate as I will be switching characters
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