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All classes and levels welcome. Contact Kaylorin in game or send mail via guildportal to DB_Leader. Join a kin which will support you and offer a varied fun experience.
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Welcome to The Dawnbreakers website

We are a rank 10 (maximum) kinship with a kinhouse in the Falathlorn Homesteads (Ered Luin) at 2 Waterbank Road, Glad Orchall in Lord of the Rings Online playing on the Vilya Server.

There are regular kinship meetings held each Friday at 8 pm cst where we partake in questing, instances and general tomfoolery. We also hold occasional other meetings.


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Guild News

We've moved

PSK-Darror, Jun 28, 15 3:52 AM.
The Dawnbreakers have decided to relocate!
Find us here!
Members new and old please signup on the new website!

Kin Meeting June 19, 2015

Cait, Jun 20, 15 11:16 AM.
Kaylorin: Firstly thank you to everyone who attended birthday week events. It went extremely well and I think people had a lot of fun between the different things. We also discovered that people enjoy playing music which was an interesting revelation and we may do something else similar in future. Many thanks to everyone who donated prizes.
Kaylorin: I think we still have a few prizes left that we will use for other events. But also a huge thank you to Cait who undertook to organize and run pretty much all the events and put a huge amount of effort into making the events happen and making sure people got various rewards for attending.
Kaylorin: We are now back to a normal schedule of events which once again Cait is organizing. So Tuesday Deed Night, Weds 100s Night, Thurs Low Level Group, Friday Kin Meeting, Saturday Random Instances and Sunday Leveling Group

Kaylorin: There was news this week of Turbine's dealing with the latest in a long line of in game exploits which people have used to make money. This time they have been giving out bans as well as reducing anyone who used the exploit to a max of 20 gold. Whilst Dawnbreakers believe in fair play without exploits this will serve as a warning for many others I am sure.
Svartharth: no they don't have a max of 20 gold they got any gold they had over 20 taken away
Svartharth: and most items they got using the exploit was taken away also
Maurelio: sorry if i talk in bad moment, but what is an exploit?
Ryshia: Using a bug in the game to take advantage of it in non-honorable means
Kaylorin: a way of doing something which you shouldn't in game, essentially a form of cheating
Maurelio: okay. . . it stimulated my curiosity to lvl 105

Kaylorin: Turbine had an interesting thread in their forums this week in which various devs and QA people contributed their collections on the origins of various quests. For anyone wondering what happened with the Riders Four quest chain this was written by Berephon, turbines lore guru who was one of the staff laid off and therefore he never had a chance to finish the quest line.
Kaylorin: It was intended to end in an instance and the death of one of the characters. This didn't happen but you can find the slain character and the remaining 3 characters in Helms Deep the night after the battle.. which was the best Turbine could then do.
Kaylorin: Another interesting revelation was than the Great Goblin instance was originally intended to have 6 challenges for the Goblin throne of which 3 would randomly be chosen each time it was run. Which sounds more interesting but was too much extra work to code.

Kaylorin: Another interesting revelation was than the Great Goblin instance was originally intended to have 6 challenges for the Goblin throne of which 3 would randomly be chosen each time it was run. Which sounds more interesting but was too much extra work to code.
Kaylorin: You can see the full thread at for anyone interested.

Kaylorin: Item of the Week is a level 20 dagger. Agility and crit so nice for a starting Burglar. Let an officer know if you would like the item. [Crafted Dagger of the Nimble]

Kaylorin: This week's turbine store sale concerns legendary items with 30% off legendary item slots to equip LIs for levelling, 30% off legacy tier upgrades (scrolls of empowerment), legacies, scrolls of combination and relic removal scrolls all 30% off.

Kaylorin: And if you really want it then code GTTY8 will get you a free universal morale potion.
Kaylorin: And this weekend only there is 35% off all steeds and mithril coins

Kaylorin: Over now to Cait for her Did You Know segment. After last week's quick look at the kin I believe she is returning to the zonal theme this week. So time to wake up and pay attention. Here is Cait!

In this week's DYK, I wanted to cover the Angmar Zone.

The zone is intended for players levels 40 - 50, and much of the content, especially the instances are for groups of 3 ,6 or 12 players.

The terrain of Angmar is unlike any other zone in the game. It is desolate. In some areas it looks a bit like a volcano has deposited black sand everywhere. The few ponds and trees are not welcoming, and the landscape mirrors the harshness of the questing in the region. One beautiful thing about the zone is the night sky. Like Forochel, it is very unique, and breathtaking.

Angmar is located north and northeast of, and only accessible from, the North Downs. There are 3 paths from North Downs into Angmar, but only the center one is free of enemies.

Angmar is home of the Kingdom of the same name, in game it is ruled by a steward, Mordirith. As we covered in previous DYK's, the Witch-King of Angmar attacked and defeated both the LoneLands and the North Downs. Mordirith started his life as Eärnur, the Witch-king's greatest foe. He was the last king of Gondor before its decline, leading armies he defeated Angmar, though too late to save Arthedain and Arvedui(The king of Fornost that died in the bay of Forochel). Several years after the battle the Witch-king sent him a challenge to a personal duel, which he refused, but seven years later it was sent again, calling him a coward. Eärnur had not forgotten the Witch-king's taunting during the Battle of Fornost, and he rode with a small company to Minas Morgul. There, the Witch-king of Angmar transformed him into an evil being. Mordirith is not from lore, he is wholly a creation of Turbine, as a boss for players to defeat, and he is a very challenging fight.

From true lore, we know very little of Angmar. We know that it was a defeated kingdom and that there was a city by the name of Carn Dum. While visiting Old Tom Bombadil, Merry had a encounter where a Barrow Wight possessed him. He wakes up, with memories of the Wight, a soldier slain at the battle of Fornost talking of the men of Angmar.

There are 2 rep factions in the zone. The main one is Council of the North and the other is the Eldgang. The Council of the North is formed during the Epic Questline in North Downs and is made up of Thorin's Hall Dwarves, Elves, Dunedain and the humans of Trestlebridge. The Eldgang are Giants who live in and near the Rift of Nurz Ghashu.

Council rep is needed for the Meta deed for rep, World Renowned, but luckily the Eldgang isn't, as their rep is almost exclusively from the Rift. You can also get Eldgang rep by doing the Rescue in Nurz Ghashu skirmish, which is taken from the center part of the Rift raid.

Of the task boards in the region, only the one at Gath Forthnir grants reputation.

Angmar has 20 landscape deeds offering 165 TP and the 5 instances offer another 230 TP for a total of 465 TP. The landscape deeds offer 16700 rep, all with Council of the North. The Zone costs 795 TP in the Store.

The landscape (non-instance) deeds are broken into the 3 main categories, 7 pairs of slayer, 3 explorer and 4 questing deeds. Of the 4 instances, only 3 have deeds, and they are for slayers, discovery or completion of the instance.Many of the landscape slayer deeds can be completed in the instances, and vice versa giving double credit. The landscape slayers are for Angmarim, Orcs, Trolls, Uruk, Wargs, Wights and Worms(lizards). They give 5 TP for basic tier and 10 for advanced. Most of the landscape slayers need 150 and 300 kills to complete both tiers, except for Trolls and Uruks, which only need 100 and 200.

The questing deeds need 10/20/30 quests and grant 10/10/15 TP. The other questing deed requires the killing of 7 named mobs, collecting a sword that starts a quest, and then finishing an one-time-instance that can be completed in a group.

There is one 3 man instance, Halls of Night, which must be purchased separately from the zone. The instance only has 3 deeds, one for finding the entrance on the landscape and two for completing it. There are three 6-man instances, Urugarth (Uru) and Carn Dum (CD) and Barad Gularan(BG). Each of these are included in the purchase of the zone, and offer a lot of TP. Uru offers 105 TP, CD offers 110 and BG offers 70 TP. CD and Uru also drop the items that are needed for the class quests at level 50. The kin keeps vast stores of these items, as do skirmish vendors! 

Most of the monsters in Uru, CD and BG give rep with Council, and so doing a few runs will help you get that rep completed quickly. Most of the deeds in Uru, CD and GB also give Council rep, and are worth 19600 more rep points.

Ryshia would like me to add that Angmar rep offers 3 different horses.

Angmar is the one zone in game where players have to complete at least some of the Epic Story line to finish the deeding in the zone. There is an area called Rammas Deluon that will not allow players to pass thru unless they have completed about half of the zone's Epic line.

For those that haven't gotten to this point in the game yet, Angmar is where you finally get to see the story of just who is this Sara Oakheart lady. It's an involved story and an answer worth knowing. Angmar is also the start of the level 50 epics, which then takes you back through all of the earlier zones. This is worth 20 TP, and the story is rich with lore.

Angmar was the original end-game zone when LoTRo launched, and so it is worth doing. It is not completely do-able on level solo, and so for young accounts that play mostly solo it is probably a zone to skip buying at first, but definitely get it for your second character!

One last different thing about Angmar are the stable paths. These paths require current or previous VIP status to use since they are fast travel only. Characters on a previous-VIP account will have to have been created and logged in during the time the account was VIP to be allowed to use the stable paths. Without this perk, the zone is even more difficult, though it is much more likely that you will complete a few extra slayer deeds that way!

Kin Meeting June 12, 2015

Cait, Jun 13, 15 12:56 AM.
Kaylorin: hello everyone.. thank you for attending. We have a short kin meeting, then a ride to weathertop.. fireworks and a music competition

Kaylorin: normally I only put on this outfit for promoting new officers.. which I sadly won't be doing today.. but it is of course a special week for the kin so I judge my formal kin leader outfit to be appropriate.

Kaylorin: Firstly two pieces of bad news. I am sure everyone had heard now of the death of Sir Christopher Lee at 93 who of course played Saruman in the movies. Though he played many other influential roles too from Scaramanga to Lord Summerisle. He will be sadly missed.

Kaylorin: Secondly still with us.. though not exactly healthy is ZAM network formally Alakazam .. one of the many useful sources for information on many games including LoTRO. Their new owners have decided to move the company to be closer to Blizzard because we all know how important immediate proximity these days when we don't have any global interconnected computer networks.. oh we do...
Kaylorin: So most of ZAMs current employees are displaced and no word on which sites will survive

Kaylorin: Onto happier things though. It is of course the kin's birthday weeek and we have been having a great time with special events. Thanks to all those who have taken part so far.. freeze tag was great fun last night and I am sorry to those who spent many futile hours searching for me and alts on Tuesday.. but I heard you had fun nonetheless ;)
Bredor: I say we get Kay microchiped!
Cait: I wouldn't be as opposed to that as he might like me to be
Lesraldor: well there are cowbells we can put on him

Kaylorin: Dawnbreakers have always stood together and it is sometimes humbling to be leader when faced with the incredible generosity of members. I want to thank everyone but in particular those who have provided prizes this week including Traiya, Cait and Kahura and that very wonderful person, not currently here, who made my account VIP for a period.. for which I cannot express my gratitude.
Kaylorin: So thanks to these and all the Dawnbreakers.. for being here for each other.. and caring

Kaylorin: And on that front.. we need loving caring.. socially responsible people to blast the he!! out of wildlife in a good cause Saturday :)
Kaylorin: I refer of course to the grand Chickenplay event. We have a number of chickens attempting the final challenge which will take at least 4 hours and take them all over the map. We need people to accompany them and help kill surrounding mobs to guide the chickens around safely. Starts at 5 pm central time Saturday. So we would be really glad of any extra volunteers.
Bredor: when I get home from work ill help kill
Bredor: cause you start out in the easier areas 1st right and work towards the hard ones?
Cait: generally yes, though the guide I found to do it as quick as possible goes back and forth a bit
Cait: there are something like 25 points to stop at

Kaylorin: Not a lot of Turbine news this week .. mostly calm after the last update. However PvMPers may be interested to learn there is a test of the new Osgiliath PvMP zone taking place this weekend. Though only Player Council and Palantir (test-group) members are invited. However it bodes well for a release of the zone in the medium term.

Kaylorin: This week's item of the week is a level 50 bracelet with agility and tolerance. [Superb Bracelet of the Fox]. Please let an officer know if you have an alt who could benefit and would like it.

Kaylorin: This week's turbine store sale concerns storage with 20% off shared storage, vault upgrades, inventory slots and currency cap (f2p/premium only)

Kaylorin: This weekend only there is also 20% off the premium wallet upgrade which is probably in all honesty one of the best purchases you can make in game.

Kaylorin: Use code NHQW9 for a free skill and slayer deed boost scroll (90 minute scroll x1)

Kaylorin: And whilst I understand the temptations of wanting to jump down on small furry creatures with large heavy boots.. I would appeal to you to resist the temptation.. because it is time now for our beloved Cait and her Did You Know segement.

In this week's DYK I wanted to pause the Zone Spotlight for a week and tell you a little about a different topic. I wanted to keep with the theme of the week and tell you about the DawnBreakers!
As you've probably noticed from all the special events this week and all the mail in your boxes, The Dawnbreakers are celebrating their 7th Birthday!
We were founded by Dagoranthir on June 14, 2008. Many of its earliest members consisted of players who had been members of two earlier kinships with him: the Kings Watch and Red Dawn. This was well before free-to-play was introduced to the game.
Dagoranthir chose the name Dawnbreaker to signify a new vision of what a kinship could be.  Dawn signifies a beginning, and it brings hope to those who witness its coming. He, and the other founder members were also making a break from the Red Dawn and the many problems they had faced there. 
On the Kin website's Kin History tab, Our dear Kay wrote:
Dawn is a key time in Lord of the Rings. It is a time of transition where events are unclear and as such is both simultaneously desirable and frightening. It is no coincidence that Galadriel describes the version of herself which would result from taking possession of The One Ring as “Beautiful and terrible as the dawn.”

When Aragorn confronts the Uruk-Hai outside Helms Deep he tells them he has come out to look at the dawn. When they mock him he warns them that “No-one knows what the new day may bring him” and they should depart “ere it turn to your evil.” He has previously said that “dawn is ever the hope of men.” Again it is not coincidental that Aragorn, previously known as Estel (meaning Hope) should look to the dawn.
The Dawnbreakers was founded on the ideals of unity and cooperation. It's gone thru many ups and downs, but we always try to hold to those ideals, treating each other with respect and supporting each other in learning the game and how to play. 
About a year after f2p came out Dagoranthir started to be seen in the game world less and less frequently, until he eventually disappeared for a period of several months. As a result the kin declined and people logged in less and less including the officers.
Eventually Dagoranthir made one last appearance in the game, during which he announced his intention to leave the game.  He designated Kaylorin as the leader and entrusted the kinship fund to him.  Then, without another word, he was gone. 
(And Kay was bewildered...I remember it clearly) 
Reluctantly taking the helm, (in 2010 I believe) Kay began to take measures that might steer the kinship back from the edge. He appointed new officers, including Leareal and Marcellinus.  Regular kinship meetings began.
Kaylorin also decided to make changes to the kinship house, which for a long while had not been altered. To help preserve the memory of the earlier days of the kinship, he kept the downstairs as it once was.

Yet to reflect the achievements of the current kinship, Kay opened the upper floor to the trophies and decorations of its newer members. To this day, most of the decorations on this lower floor are still from the original members of the kin. Kin meetings were originally held in one of the upstairs rooms, but as popularity and therefore attendance grew, we moved them to the main down-stairs room.
The kin has survived 7 of the 8 years that the game has been in existance, making it one of the oldest, active kinships on any server.
Kay, myself and the officers do our best to provide a fun environment. The kin offers regularly scheduled events 6 days a week, from groups that run though earning TP or facing instances on level (mostly), to running big battles and keeping you informed about the news coming from the game developers.

We host a website for the kin that is a good reference tool, with articles on many aspects of the game. Kay and I pay for a mumble server so that kin mates can chat with voice. And I personally host a Did you Know series, designed to teach kin mates about different features of the game.
We also offer free dyes for cosmetics and occasionally we hold special events like this week has seen. We try to provide something for everyone. And we only ever ask that if something is missing to let us know so that we can make DB an even better kin!

Kay and I personally thank each and every one of you that have chosen to be a DawnBreaker. While we put forth the ideals of Unity and helpfulness, it is you the members that make DB the kinship that it is!

We then rode to Weathertop, lit many fireworks, and then Kay taught us all to play music the hard way!

Kin Meeting June 5, 2015

Cait, Jun 6, 15 12:16 AM.
Kaylorin: ok thanks everyone for attending. Short agenda then we will see about running something.

Kaylorin: Obviously the big news is that the kin's birthday is coming up and our week of celebration starts on monday. Therefore for this one week normal events are suspended. You should have received a mail about events but in case you didn't, here is a basic run down. Monday - Normal chicken play, last chance to get help and complete the normal stage of chicken play before timed run.
Kaylorin: Tuesday will be multiple games of hide and seek. Apparently there are a few of me out there somewhere and there will be prizes for those persons who track me down.
Kaylorin: Wednesday we will do Spring Festival events.
Kaylorin: Thursday we will be playing Freeze Tag in the arena in Breelands.
Kaylorin: Friday we are holding kin meeting then a ride to Weathertop for fireworks and perhaps a few surprises. We are also hoping to incorporate a free style music competition into it, so get testing the in-game music system. We have good prizes for those with talent or at least a willingness to make a fool of themselves ;)
Lesraldor: be advised on Monday there will be a few tweeks to the music system
Kaylorin: Saturday is the major chicken play event. This is timed and will last for multiple hours. To qualify you must have done the normal chicken play quests and got as far as free range
Kaylorin: Sunday is the actual birthday and we are going to run Attack at Dawn skirmishes to give people a chance to get the in-game Dawn Breaker title, which seems somehow appropriate to this kinship ;)
Kaylorin: We will probably throw a few surprises in, so come along to the events as often as you can. With the server merges coming up no one can guarantee this server will be here next year, so we should all make the most of this 7th birthday for the kin in case things change in future.
Bredor: The server does not make the kin the people do! long live TDB!!!

Halta: In regards to the server change, If i may. I know I missed last weeks meeting. Does our players transfer?
Cait: we don't know yet
Kaylorin: We don't know yet since they haven't published a list of servers to close. We are keeping fingers crossed it is not Vilya but it wouldn't surprise me either.
Cait: and our toes!

Kaylorin: As was mentioned we have the next update to the game coming on June 8th. This will bring a lot of small quality of life improvements, including ability to use multiple rep tokens at the same time. A new festival stage in Bree area. Increased rep for the repeatable quests in Ringlo Vale, Dor-en-Ernil and Lower Lebennin.
Kaylorin: Hobbit presents will not give you a specific piece of gear now but a box from which to select from multiple pieces. Passives on your imbued LIs will increase as the main legacy levels. And among other music tweaks a new harp and lute with different sound to the existing ones.
Kaylorin: On the less desirable front, epic battles will give less marks though instances and skirmishes will give a little more. I do hear from the forums though that Sambrog has not been improved like other instances, so we may see an end to all those Sambrog runs :( And that guy in CD who didn't know about wardens, rks and beornings now knows how to stun those classes too .. shame...
Lesraldor: actually the items from the hobbit present box, the item scales to your level and class and can be traded around your account
Kaylorin: So a fair amount to look forward to. The patch notes are currently listed on the Bullroarer forum for anyone that wants to see them but the final ones will be published next week along with the update.

Kaylorin: For anyone grinding TP currently for things like star-lit crystals or crystals of remembrance and struggling with how slow questing can get in shire, I did publish a spreadsheet on our website forums earlier this week that shows an optimized questing path through the shire and minimizes the amount of time you need to go back to quest givers. You can find that in the questing forum.

Kaylorin: Item of week is another low level ring. Might, Agility and Discipline for a level 10. [Tarnished Ring of the Hart]. Speak to an officer if you would like this ring for an alt.

Kaylorin: On sale in this week's turbine store sale are expansions/expansion quests at 20% off, also 20% off instances and skirmishes, 20% off xp scrolls and mark acquisition boots and guessed it... 20% off too .. token of the hornburg.

Kaylorin: And for those who don't have more than enough of them from Hobbit presents, the code 77ATK will gain you a free 5% attack damage scroll. Don't all rush at once to input the code..don't want the server to crash.

Kaylorin: And now, its time once more to venture forth to the land of knowledge with our guide through the murky darkness, our beloved deputy kin leader, Cait, who is here with her latest Did You Know. I believe this is the latest in her zone series.

In this week's DYK, we are moving the Zone spotlight series on to Forochel.

On the map, Forochel is located northeast of Ered Luin, west of Angmar and north of Evendim in game, though it is only accessible via Evendim. The entire zone is covered in snow and ice, with frequent white-out blizzards.

The people that inhabit the zone are known as the Lossoth, which is Elvish for snow-men or snow-folk. They have lived in this area since the First Age. They trace their lineage back to the survivors of Forodwaith.

Acording to LoTRo Wiki: Forodwaith is a land north of Eriador and Rhovanion. In Lotro a road runs through the Ironspan and is said to connect to Forodwaith. (The Ironspan is where we deed Angmarim slayer in the zone.)

Forodwaith is Sindarin for Northern Waste. It is the name for the icy land north of the Iron Mountains of the First Age. Little was known of it, except that it was extremely cold due to the proximity to the Gap of Ilmen, and Morgoth's evil cold.

After the War of Wrath and the breaking of the World, the Iron Mountains were mostly destroyed, and the area of Forodwaith that lay north of Eriador became known as Forochel, together with the great ice-bay and cape that carried the same name.

All of the town names in Forochel are from the Finnish (Finland) language. Tolkien himself had a particular love for the Finnish language and is quoted in some of the letters that he wrote as describing it like: "discovering a complete wine-cellar filled with bottles of an amazing wine of a kind and flavour never tasted before".

As we have covered in previous DYK zone spot lights, Arvendui, the last king of Arnor, fled his city of Fornost in the North Downs when the Witch-King attacked. He went to Forochel. He stayed with Dwarves on the west side of the zone for a while, but later was killed when his ship was destroyed in the Icy Bay of the North Sea, and the north west part of the zone. When the ship was destroyed, 2 palantiri were also lost.

The Mountains on the west side of the Zone are the same Blue Mountains of Ered Luin, though the in-game map doesn't portray this as well as it could. 

The main reputation faction for the zone is with the Lossoth, but there is also a good amount of Thorin's Hall rep to be gained. The Lossoth are isolationists, and reputation with them starts at Outsider, requiring an extra 10,000 rep points more than any other faction in the game to reach Kindred.

The zone is intended for players levels 44 to 50, and it is a popular zone. As of early 2015, there is also level 100 "roving threats" in this, and several other zones. These are very tall monsters that are intended for a group of level 100 players. Do not approach them if you are in your 40's or 50's, unless you are seeking a quick trip to the res circle!

The zone costs 595 TP in the store and there is 145 TP to be earned. There are 6 pairs of slayers, 3 quest count deeds, 3 discovery deeds and 1 special questing deed. There is 13400 rep to be earned from deeds in the zone, all with the Lossoth.

The 6 slayer deeds are for Angmarim, Dourhands(evil dwarves), Gauradan(tall primitive men in wolf skins), Grim (living ice storms), Sabre-tooth and worms (lizards). Grims is by far the hardest of the slayers as there is only 1 camp of them, and it has 9 of them.

As with every other zone so far, there are 3 tiers needing 10/20/30 quests for 10/10/15. The special questing deed is for "The Lost Fellowship". You will meet a NPC of each of the original class types and have to help them. There is 1 member of the fellowship in most of the questing hubs.

There are 3 discovery deeds in the zone. The first is Ancient Stones(finding different ruins) and the Battle for Forochel is the next. The Battle locations show up on the map as red or blue banner with crossed swords to the side. When you are at a quest hub, there are banners that if you move your mouse over you will see info as to whether the free peoples or the forces of the enemy hold these 4 camps. If the Free-Peoples (us) hold the camps, there are extra quests that are available. The use of these banners is seen in a few zones in the game, including in Evendim, Angmar and Forochel. 

The final discovery deed was added in early 2015 and is for level 100's only. There are small yellow treasure caches that need to be found and clicked on.

While there isn't a lot of TP to earn in this zone, it is still a common purchase for younger accounts. It nicely covers the last few levels before Moria. One down side of the zone is that it is hard on many video cards. If you are questing here and can't see more than about 30 meters, log out and back in!

The night sky in Forochel is particularly pretty, and worth a trip up to this frozen wasteland to see!

Cait: The Sunday leveling group will be doing Watcher/Vile Maw this Sunday. Anyone with characters in the 60's are encouraged and begged to come along! 7pm CST!

Kin Meeting May 29, 2015

Cait, May 30, 15 12:25 AM.
Kaylorin: Thanks everyone for attending. It will be a fairly brief meeting as there is not much on the agenda.. hang on.. where did this list come from? Do we actually have agenda items again. Sit down and enjoy your sleep again

Kaylorin: Firstly the kin website. We are aware that there were problems with it earlier in the week. Guildportal were once a great hosting company but they haven't done anything to their platform for more than two years and the quality of service is diminishing. We are taking a look at alternative hosts as well as taking backups of all the important stuff on the website like Cait's DYKs.

Kaylorin: Now whilst for some playing any other game than LoTRo is a blasphemy, the truth is that because we are gamers we do play other games. However it is nice to take a little bit of Middle Earth with us into those games. So with this in mind for those with an old but skill good game installed.. Skyrim.. news of a rather good hobbit house mod.

Kaylorin: At you will find an extremely cute little hobbit house that actually has a lot of useful features for players .. oh and wait till you see what is functioning as the enchanting table now. There are two videos there. The first shows off the mod fairly well has a lot of nasty comments about hobbits
Kaylorin: The other one is NSFW unless you work in that industry which I understand in California now requires wearing goggles for safety reasons. There is rather a lot of flesh displayed as well as the house.
Cait: NSFW = Not Safe for Work
Kaylorin: I did download and try the mod earlier..and the house is really beautiful and if you have skyrim..definitely give it a go

Kaylorin: Who wants more Turbine Points? I thought you might.. well LoTRo players are having a 5000 point giveaway. To stand a chance of winning all you have to do is go leave a comment on this thread by 11th June.

Kaylorin: Today saw the third in the Corey Olsen live streams. If anyone has ever wanted to know the word for someone who eats books then you definitely should watch for this and many other useful bits of information. These streams and also the Mythgard monday ones may well provide many of the answers in a forthcoming trivia compeitition.. so kin members might want to watch them .. hint :)
Kaylorin: You can find the latest stream here
Kaylorin: The previous one is here but is mislabeled as Thursday Fun with Frelorn which is as good a way of killing its audience numbers as I can imagine.

Kaylorin: Since we didn't have a meeting last week we missed the fact that there was a new producer's letter. So here are the key points
Kaylorin: New PVMP map based on Osgiliath
Kaylorin: New series of weekly quests based around a hobbit Bingo Boffin, a new installment of the quest will open up each week.
Lesraldor: first of the quests will start with update 17 i think
Kaylorin: And no surprise to anyone .. Minas Tirith will be coming soon. Since we can see it from Osgiliath I think most people had figured out we would be there soon.
Kaylorin: They are moving to a new store partner offering a store with a cleaner interface and new options
Alkurelm: I wonder if the Pellanor Plains will be a quest area or part of the Epic Battle sequence.
Kaylorin: Good question. I think it would make more sense as an epic battle but given the unpopularity of those with some players I am not sure they will do that. They do say it will be unlike anything which we have seen before which may mean they are developing yet another new system to add to the long list of those they have created and then let be forgotten, including mounted combat.
Alkurelm: I'm someone who isn't really into the whole mounted combat. Never was in any game, but that's just me.
Kaylorin: New servers and data-centers should be fully in place by September. This will also see the planned server closures and mergers. Servers will only be left up for 3 months once moves start and they are scheduled for closure.
Cleoswyth: was there talk of simplifying/improving server to server migration?
Gunhorn: Any info on what they will allow to be transferred?
Lesraldor: yeah they are creating a whole new transfer system that transfer everything you have
Kaylorin: They are adding functionality to allow a kin leader to disband a kin on one server and reform it on another with achievements etc retained. There will be new functionality allowing transfers thru the client rather than a website and they have said account items like marks and mithril coins should now transfer.
Gunhorn: What if you already have an alt there?
Cleoswyth: well, you have max character slots
Cleoswyth: as long as you have an opening, i would think they take that into account
Cleoswyth: unless you named them the same thing...
Gunhorn: don't think you can name things the same even on different worlds
Alkurelm: Will the transfer itself be free?
Lesraldor: yes every character will get one free transfer token
Cait: it is free if they server your character is on is closing
Alkurelm: K.
Cleoswyth: how much is it now? like $20
Andadriel: i have andadriels on different worlds... if you transfer a toon to a server that already had that name taken, you get a name change
Cait: $25
Cleoswyth: crazy
Cleoswyth: hopefully that price drops
Cleoswyth: now that the labor is covered
Lesraldor: its probably going to stay at 25 until they open up the free transfers

Kaylorin: Item of the Week is a low level ring so if you are planning a tanky type or maybe a Beorning this might be good for you new character. If you have someone who can use it speak to an officer. [Tarnished Ring of the Aurochs]

Kaylorin: This week's Turbine store sale is designed to help assist those who have embarked on imbuing and leveling their new imbued LIs. There is 30% off LI legendary cap increases (Scrolls of Delving) or stat upgrades (star-lit crystals). Plus 30% off relics and relic packs. Noticeably lacking from that offering are Crystals of Remembrance which are now so much more useful.

Kaylorin: Use code ZNM55 for a free sturdy steel key. Cheer now.

Kaylorin: And now of course it is time for that quiet figure in the corner there to take over the meeting. Yes, once again it is Cait's Did You Know and I believe her series of different zones continues. So time to wake up and pay attention as our deputy kin leader educates us once again.

In this week's DYK, we will be continuing the Zone spotlight series with Evendim.

The Evendim region is home to Annuminas, the ancient capital of the Kingdom of Arnor. Annuminas was founded by Elendil in the Second age, and his 2 sons founded Gondor a little later. This is why the architecture of the 2 areas are very similar.
Annuminas remained the seat of Arnor for 10 kings' rule, until the 3 sons of Earendur split the kingdom into 3 parts after his death, as we have covered in the Bree and North Down's Did You Know's.
The death of Arvedui, years later, in the icy bay of Fornost marked the end of the Arnorian kingdom, and that is when the Rangers were founded. That is also when the Dunedain started to call their leaders Chieftains. Aragorn is the current Chieftain of the Rangers, being the descendant of the line of the kings.
Evendim is located north of the Shire, west of North Downs and South of Forochel.

The zone is sometimes affectionately called ever-swim because of the size of the Lake Evendim, adjacent to the ruins of Annuminas. Lake Evendim is also called Nenuial, which is Elvish for Lake of Twilight.
The zone is the only one in game where there are travel paths that use a row boat rather than a horse. There are 3 boat paths and 5 horse paths in Evendim. The boat paths were added in 2009. To put that into perspective, the game launched in 2007. Unlike horse paths, the Boat travel is a VIP/ex-VIP only perk.
The Evendim zone is available in the LoTRo store for 595 Turbine Points and is suggested for characters 32 to 50. There are over 90 quests and 30 deeds for a total of 225TP. The zone purchase includes 3 instances, set within the ruined city of Annuminas.
The deeds, as we have seen in other zones so far, are broken into 4 types, Slayer, Explorer, Quests and Meta. There are 11 pairs of slayers, 5 explorers and 3 quest deeds.
The slayer deeds are broken into a regular and an advanced tier granting 5 and 10TP respectively. They are for killing Brutes(trolls within Annuminas), Gauradan(tall primitive men dressed in wolf-skins), Giants, Goblins, Kergrim(green swamp-thing-looking humanoids), Limrafn(balls of light), salamanders(red&orange lizards), tomb defenders(human ruffians).
There are also slayers for Leaders of the Invasion, which are high-difficulty named mobs inside Annuminas. Invaders from Angmar are mostly found in Annuminas City and are humans. Finally, Spirits Aiding Angmar are only gained by killing ghosts that are summoned by some Angmarim within the city, or living-water mobs or limrafn inside Annuminas Instances. This deed is most easily accomplished in the instance of Haudh Valandil, as the Limrafn that are farm-able count for both this deed and the Limrafn deed. This is one of the first times where a monster gives credit for 2 deeds at the same time.
The 3 quest count deeds require 30/60/90 quests and give 10/10/15 TP.
The explorations deeds are for Ruins of Evendim, The City of the Kings, Tombs of Evendim, Wilds of Evendim and Markers of the Sunken City.
The reputation for the zone is with the Wardens of Annuminas, i.e. the Dunedain. Rep tokens fall readily, particularly from the Tomb Defenders. Completing all the deeds for the zone grants 20,900 rep with them.
The headquarters for the Rangers is on the island of Tinnudir. Doing quests in the zone gives a player gold and silver barter tokens. There is some class specific gear that is purchasable from a vendor at this camp that many think is nice for cosmetic purposes.
While the recommendation is for players around level 32, It is very easy for most players to start the area around level 28 to 30. The Oatbarton quest hub has you running around clicking on things for about an hour or 2. There are a few monsters to kill, but none of them are aggressive. At level 28 to 30 a player can get a full level to a level & 1/4 in about 2 hours. It is some of the fastest leveling you will ever do!
Another good quest chain in the zone starts with Aragorn in Rivendell. You help him by being his emissary, retrieving a very important and rare item. I won't give away the story, but it draws on a main plot from the books, introduces you to the Lady of the Lake and ends with a 6 man instance with one of the 4 great turtles in the game.
The 3 instances that are included in the zone are Glinghant, Ost Elendil and Haudh Valandil. The Instances can be completed from level 40, and scale up to 100. Some of them have some nice mechanics that players can't ignore if they wish to succeed. None of the 3 instances grant TP, and their deeds do not give rep.
At level 60, players that own the Enedwaithe zone will get a quest to go see Mr. Butterbur at the Prancing Pony in Bree. He then sends players to complete a long quest chain called In Their Absence (ITA). The first instance in this chain is North Cotton Farms, which is located near Oatbarton.

There are many other parts of the Evendim zone that I enjoy thoroughly, and I found the questing pretty straight forward. I strongly recommend buying this zone for newer players.

If you would like more info on Evendim, listen to this podcast by Dr. Corey Olsen, the Tolkien Professor.  It gives a lot of insight of the founding of Arnor and Annuminas, it's capital.

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