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All classes and levels welcome. Contact Kaylorin in game or send mail via guildportal to DB_Leader. Join a kin which will support you and offer a varied fun experience.
Game News
Welcome to The Dawnbreakers website

We are a rank 10 (maximum) kinship with a kinhouse in the Falathlorn Homesteads (Ered Luin) at 2 Waterbank Road, Glad Orchall in Lord of the Rings Online playing on the Vilya Server.

There are regular kinship meetings held each Friday at 8 pm cst where we partake in questing, instances and general tomfoolery. We also hold occasional other meetings.


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Guild News

Kin Meeting March 27, 2015

Cait, Mar 27, 15 10:13 PM.
Kaylorin: Hmmm.. I was always wary of cancelling kin meetings.. in case it discouraged people from turning up in subsequent weeks.. but I didn't think one cancelled meeting in several years would result in this sparse a turn out. It seems people have forgotten already that we hold these meetings every Friday night. What are you Dawnbreakers? Men? Hobbits? Elves? Dwarves? or goldfish?? :)
Kaylorin: Thank you to those who are attending however. Your presence is much appreciated or I would be feeling very lonely in this huge kinhouse.

Kaylorin: This Monday will see another update which I understand will largely contain the music system update which Turbine now feel is ready to go live. We should then see the next update, which contains the LI changes going to the test server within a few weeks hopefully.

Kaylorin: Turbine also discussed the Mirkwood Landing deed this week. Which is unique in that it currently involves two optional quests and if you do not do them then once you complete the chain that deed is locked off to you for all time but remains in your deed log.
Kaylorin: They are intending those who complete the landing chain but didn't do the optional quest will have the deed automatically awarded and the rest will have it automatically removed from their deed log. So watch for that change which is coming soon and may be in Monday's patch.

Kaylorin: Turbine also announced this week the opening of nominations for the 2015 Player Council(s). You will notice the plural. There is to be a PvMP council in addition to the normal one. You can find full details of the Council(s) at
Kaylorin: If you want this chance to represent your views to Turbine you should apply.

Kaylorin: This week's Item of the Week is a level 40 halberd, so if you have a captain character of level 40ish who could benefit. Speak to an Officer about it. [Exceptional Halberd of the Watch]

Kaylorin: This week's turbine store sale has a crafting theme, so 25% off ingredient packs, crafting guild access, crafting experience and rapid crafting boost and crafting recipe books.

Kaylorin: There is also a 20% off the whole of your cart between 27th and 29th March using code MAR26. You can use this code twice per account.

Kaylorin: And just in case there is anyone who doesn't yet have universal morale potions coming out of their ears, you can use code GBU78 for 5 of them for free.

Kaylorin: And now it is time for the best part of the meeting .. the light that shines on the darkness of ignorance and helps us understand aspects of the game better. I refer of course to our deputy kin leader and her ever useful Did You Know segment.

One thing that all of us here have in common is that we are lucky enough to have a roof over our heads in the real world. In Lotro, we have the option to have a roof as well. In tonight's Did You Know, I want to cover the housing system in game.

For newer accounts, having a house is a very good way to trade items between characters until shared storage is affordable. Housing also provides you with extra storage, a way to display items earned from instances and quests as well as a discount from vendors in your housing area, so there are a number of reasons to have a house.

You can only have one house per account on a server (such as Vilya or Landroval or Crickhollow). All of your characters on the same account will automatically have full access to the house. If you are a free to play account and haven't bought the currency cap, and therefore can only carry 2 gold, you can only buy a standard house. Every house has a different initial price, which varies based on “how desirable” it and its location are. So you may pay slightly more for a house beside a waterfall, with a wharf or near the entrance to the housing district, for example.

The two smaller houses are purchasable by individual players and the largest house is only purchasable by the leader of a Kinship that has reached at least rank 7, which takes at least 3 months from when a Kin is founded.The standard size house is the smallest and cheapest. It has two rooms and a chest for storage of some items. Housing in LoTRO is on a “hook” system where decorations can be placed in specific predefined positions. Standard houses have 22 hooks inside. The deluxe house is the larger personal house. It has three rooms and also has a chest for storage of items. There are certain items that cannot be stored in the housing chests, like some of the class quest items can't be stored. Deluxe houses have 47 hooks inside and are the first size of house large enough to take “special” sized decorations.

These houses are located within housing districts which are are linked to the four original player races: Dwarf, Elf, Hobbit and Man. Each race has a unique architectural style and the size and layout of the different racial houses varies considerably. So that Hobbit houses have a much larger floor space than the other races, though regardless of location the houses take the same number of decorations.  Beornings do not have a housing area though the Human one is probably appropriate for them to use. Both the Dwarven and Elven houses can be found in Ered Luin, at opposite ends of the zone. The Dwarven houses have the benefit of being the closest to a stable path. The Dwarven homesteads are located on the edge of Ferrin's court. The Elven homes are between the first and second bridges if coming from the portal out of the Shire into Ered Luin.

The Shire homesteads are near to Michel Delving. Take the road out of Michel Delving toward Waymeet, turn right at the intersection where Dora Brownlock is standing and follow that road around to the Shire Homesteads and the Shire race track. The Human housing is the furthest from a stable path, and is located on the right side of the road a little over half way from Bree to the Forsaken Inn, across from the Midgewater Marsh.

Each racial homestead is divided into dozens of neighborhoods, and each of these neighborhoods are identical to every other one, though different people will own the same house in different neighborhoods. When housing in an area is exhausted, a new neighborhood can open.  So if the location you like is taken in one neighborhood you may well find it is still available in other ones. When deciding what house is good for you, find the race that has the house architecture you like, then find the location in the neighborhood.

Inside a given race's neighborhood, each standard home looks the same as every other standard home and the same is true for every Deluxe or Kinship house, within that housing area. When looking for a house, you can go inside any un-owned home so you can see what it looks like. You can go into some owned homes, depending on the privacy settings the owner set. This might help give decorating ideas. You can see on the kin website the names of people whose houses are available to visit. Once you know which house has the location that is right for you, go to the housing manager outside the area and look thru their list of available houses and pick a neighborhood name that has the street address you wanted. You can also click on the For Sale sign in the yard of the house that you want.

One major attraction of housing is the extra storage they offer through housing chests. The first several blocks of storage space in personal houses are purchased with in-game coins. The last  few expansions require mithril coins, which are available from the daily hobbit presents, loot boxes or the TP store.

All three house sizes are able to be decorated. Items to decorate houses can be obtained from many vendors around the world, with quest rewards, with instance loot, with items that can be made by crafters and with certain animal corpses that can be converted to taxidermied statues.

After you buy a house, you have upkeep to pay. You could think of the initial purchase price as the fee you pay to apply for an apartment, or you could think of the rent payments like a mortgage...that will never be paid off. Either way, these payments are due weekly. If you fail to pay your weekly upkeep, you won't be allowed into your home. After several weeks of not paying, you will lose the house. If you know you're going to take a few weeks off, you can pay the weekly payments up to 6 months in advance. After that, if you haven't made arrangements to have another player pay the upkeep, the house will go back on the market to be bought by another player. When your home goes back to the market this way, the game lets another player have the option to move in to your home, but your belongings go into Escrow. You have to pay off the back rent and the escrow vendor in the housing areas and in some banks will give you back your possessions.

The controls for customizing your home are located on the lower left of the mini map's circle. There are 2 small buttons that will show up when you are at your home. One lets you place and move decoration items on/off the different hooks. The other lets you manage the permissions of your home.

The housing management tab is divided into 3 tabs. The Info Tab shows you the address of your home, the Maintenance tab lets you pay your rent/mortgage.
The Permissions tab is the most important to understand. By default, you and your alts are classified under the Owner category, and all 6 parameters should be enabled. This makes sense, it is your home, you should be able to use it to its fullest.
The next group of people is "everyone". You must be careful of some of the permission levels you set here and in the Kinship line.
Do you want to let everyone Visit your home? It is up to you, it won't hurt you no matter what you choose 
Do you want to let other kin mates come into your home? That's up to you, but there is no harm in it.
Do you want to let other kin mates add or remove decorations to your home? Probably not, unless it is a specific kin mate that you trust your alt account, or your husband/wife.
Emphasis on ALT ACCOUNT!
Lesraldor: under no circumstances should you let everyone decorate your house
Lesraldor: there are people on the server that go from house to house to see what they can steal
The categories you can set are Visit, housing storage, maintenance, decorate, use decorations and manage permissions.
Housing storage, decorate and manage permissions are the 3 settings that should only be assigned to those you trust implicitly. 
You can also set permissions to specific players. Select Add, type in the name of the player. Select the name of the player, find their name in the list and check the boxes in the lower half of the window that you want to enable for them. 
And that is this week's Did you Know! Major thanks to Kay for helping to re-arrange the points of the lesson into something much more coherent!

Kaylorin: And thank you as always Cait for a very helpful segment which I am sure has taught people much. Now before we close the meeting does anyone else have any issues to raise or questions to ask?
In: Aye
Kaylorin: Go ahead
In: As some have read or already know, it was my intention to hold an event this week involving the creation of new toons in order to felicitate funny and neat character names. However as it seems that the turnout was not what was expected, I will be extending the event one more week.
In: As an incentive, myself and a couple of the officers have put together a new toon care package to the winner of the best name.
In: So hopefully we will see everyone with brand new toons :) Good Luck!

Kin Meeting March 13, 2015

Cait, Mar 13, 15 10:16 PM.
Kaylorin: Thank you all for attending. This will actuality probably be an epic battle with a kin meeting attached since it is a VERY brief agenda this week.

Kaylorin: Firstly the good news.. no kin meeting next week.. yes really .. you are free to come into the kin house and ramble at yourselves for half an hour or so but Cait and I won't be here. It is our wedding anniversary and we decided to spend the whole evening together in something.. well I think those people who believe in it call it real life.. not sure it really exists but we will see
Kaylorin: Of course if you want to spontaneously get an epic battle or instance run together next week in our absence feel free :)
Cait: 7 years, if anyone is curious

Kaylorin: Speaking of organizing things.. huge thanks and kudos to the Officers who held things together in our absence this week. We were both tired and I am hugely busy with some out of game things right we needed a short break. Thanks to the officers for ensuring events continued in our absence. Next week should be more or less back to normal
Cait: we will be re-scheduling events, esp Chicken Play when the people that primarily requested it are available, but we will try to give advanced notice

Kaylorin: Though I hear there was to be a choice between chickenplay and deeds tuesday but we are now being asked to postpone chickenplay which we will do. So more news on that when we have it. so Deed Night tuesday. Otherwise should be 100s night Wednesday. Low level group thursday. No kin meeting friday :) And tomorrow there will be an instance run of some kind
Kaylorin: And of course Sunday is the moria levelling group which has reached Waterworks as well as defeated Forgotten Treasury a few times.
Lesraldor: i was thinking this Sunday and from now on out we will only run the instances
Lesraldor: since most of the group is 58
Lesraldor: i also hope everyone who is 58 gets their class quests done and pick up the optional quest that can only be done in one of the instances
Cait: which means we desperately need enough people for 2 full groups, as we only have about a group and a half most Sundays

Kaylorin: Turbine ran some more tests this week on the music system.. more changes planned for Bullrorarer due to a problem with a few notes but it is still under development for those interested which I know is some of our kinmates.
Kaylorin: Item of the week is a level 30 tanky sword with might agility, parry and morale. [Strong Sword of the Swift and Strong]. Speak to an officer if you have a character who would like this.

Kaylorin: Another LI focused sale this week.. 25% off Legendary slot unlocks, tier upgrades (scroll of empowerment), legacies, scroll of combination, universal solvent and relic removal scrolls. With the new system coming soon you can judge for yourself whether these are good investments when we know so little about what is happening

Kaylorin: though I know a character or two of mine has been waiting for the legendary unlocks to go on sale and might pick up a relic removal scroll or two especially as they now include crafted relics in what is kept.

Kaylorin: And if you can force yourself to get excited about it, using code 5MEAL5 can bring you 5 free regeneration food

Kaylorin: And that concludes the dull part of the weekly meeting. Now to bring you both excitement and knowledge is Cait with her latest Did You Know segment once again providing information on an easily overlooked aspect of the game.

Tonight's Did You Know was written for us by Ryshia. Big thanks again to him for all his effort. The topic tonight is Plugins.  
This will cover how to install, and initiate a plugin. Keep in mind Plugins cannot play the game for you. There are some features of the game that the developers didn't feel was worth their time and energy, but felt it should be worked with. 
The bright idea was to allow the players to use these functions themselves in the developers stead. 
The result is the Plugin System
Where do we get plugins? Skipping the Long-winded explanation... Go to.
(to add a little long-windedness, LoTRo Plugin Compendium is a tool that helps you manage all plug ins)
Extract file:
Run: Setup (not PluginCompendiumSetup)
Click: Next three times
Wait for installer...
Click: Yes, for Windows Security Access.
Click: Close.
Open the Compendium (There should be an icon on the desktop). Upon opening there will be a short splash screen.
We come to the first tab of the Compendium: Installed plugins. Chances are you do not have anything in this window, unless you have already tried using plugins or have some installed already.
The second tab of the compendium is: Add New Plugins. This window is where we will start to explain how to use this program. 
There is a fairly large list of available plugins. When you select a plugin, the box at the bottom of the window will display details about the plugin. 
We can sort the list of available plugins, by clicking the category name. Do this to the name field, so that they are all in alphabetical order. 
Next we can select a plugin by selecting the check-box next to the plugin name. Go down the list and select Palantir. (do not select Palantir II). 
Click the Add Button in the upper right of the window and wait for the program to install the files. The load bar is located in the bottom left of the window. 
Once installed we will click the First tab: Installed Plugins. Again select the Palantir plugin and click the button in the upper-right called: Update. To ensure all the files are current.
You will need to fully exit the game and log back in, before LotRO will recognize the plugins. We will take a small break to allow everyone time to restart LotRO.

If you already have plugins but have not used Compendium, then the compendium will locate the ones you have and offer them to be updated by placing them in yellow highlight. 
There are some plugins the compendium cannot adjust. those are highlighted in Grey.
 Any updates made after LotRO has started, will not take effect until the Client has been restarted.
Plugin Compendium cuts out the hard part of plugins. Finding the right and working ones, proper installing and rewriting file script to make them function, etc. Just select the plugin and start the game.
Now that we have installed the Palantir plugin, let's start by initiating the plugin while in game.
We are going to look at using a plugin, employing three different methods to initiate the plugins. 
Plugin Manager (extroverted), Plugin Manager (introverted), and an Alias Shortcut. 
The first two are the same system, Character-Login and In-Game. The third is calling the plugin using the Alias System. We went over Aliases a few weeks back, check the DYK thread at the forums for a refresher.
Plugin Manager (extroverted): Extroverted just means we are going to access the plugins prior to loading in a character. We can access the Manager at the Character Select Screen, A Big Blue Button called: Manage Plugins.
We can access the Manager in-game by selecting the system menu (from the ^ at the far left of your toolbar) and selecting Plugin Manager. 
Both methods will open a new window where it will list the plugins LotRO has found.
In this list we should see the plugin: Palantir. Click this once and in the window will be any loading information you may need (when available). 
What we are really looking for is a pull-down menu at the bottom-right of the window. In this pull-down menu is a list of ALL of you characters  (freep and creep alike, regardless of server.). 
Here we check off, which character, we wish to load the selected plugin. To clarify: when the character is loaded in. 
While we are in-game, we can double-click the plugin name and it will start the plugin for us.
After we start using more than one or two plugins, computers that are having a hard time with lag may become affected. 
You may also decide that you prefer to load a plugin only at the time you need it. Otherwise, you may have to change settings often (which may not be accessible from the Plugin Manager). For this we use an Alias.
If you are unfamiliar with Aliases, please refer to the session on Aliases. The session is short and very helpful. However it will not be required for the following to work.
We are going to make two Alias Shortcuts. One; will load (start) Palantir. Two; will open the options window for Palantir. 
Remember to remove the skills from the 1st and 2nd Quickslot in your toolbar (by default: keyboard key, 1 and 2) as they will be replaced by our Alias Shortcuts. 
To move them, (if you keep your skills locked so you don't accidentally move them) press Ctrl O, goto the Quickslots tab on the right (last tab in the 2nd cluster of tabs) uncheck the first box, then drag those 2 skills to another skills box for now. 
Then, to set the aliases you need, type into your chat window:
=> /Alias ;StrPal /Plugins Load Palantir
=> /Alias ;PalOpt /Palantir Options
These two lines should create two aliases to call Palantir.
Type into the chat window:
=> /Alias Shortcut ;StrPal 1
=> /Alias Shortcut ;PalOpt 2
These two lines should have created two shortcut skills. Starting Palantir in Quickslot 1 and Opening Palantir Options in Quickslot 2. 
At this point you can move these to any quickslot. If you remove the shortcut from your quickslots, the alias still exists. Just reenter the shortcut command (the second pair of lines above) to get the shortcut back that was lost.
Palantir has a wide variety of options. This particular plugin was chosen for the example, for of all the Plugins, this is the most recommend plugin to have.
This plugin places the health and power bars in the middle of the screen in a parentheses  (....) with 4 debuff indicators at the bottom. [Wound, Fear, Poison, Disease]. 
When adjusting the User Interface  (Ctrl+O) we can add Potions to the individual debuff indicators. 
While in combat (and even outside of combat if you so choose the option) if you were to gain a curable debuff, you are able to remove it by simply clicking on the (color coded) debuff indicator.
The indicator will display it's self when the debuff is present. It is because of this little feature that this plugin is worth is in it's weight in gold. Ok, code doesn't really weigh anything, but you know what Rysh means!
Lastly we are going to go over Stopping a plugin. This is done one of two ways. The first way can be done from the Plugin Manager and the second is by a chat window command.
The Plugin  Manager has two options. Either you can Unload all plugins, by clicking the button called: Unload All. Or you can select the plugin you wish to stop, then click: Unload.
The chat command to unload Palantir is: /Plugins Unload Palantir. 
If you wish to have a shortcut that unloads Palantir, enter the following:
=> /Alias ;UldPal /Plugins Unload Palantir
=>/Alias Shortcut ;UldPal 3
If you wish to have a shortcut that unloads ALL plugins, enter the following:
=> /Alias ;UldAll /Plugins Unload All
=> /Alias Shortcut ;UldAll 4
Again we are placing the shortcut into the third and fourth Quickslots of the Toolbar. Removing the skills there is suggested as it will be replaced by our new shortcuts.
It is strongly recommended against unloading any plugin, as this almost always leads to a Client Crash. It is better to open the Plugin Manager and un-check your character from the pull-down menu, then restart the client.
This concludes the session on Plugins.

Cait: I would like to apologize for my absence this week, I needed a bit of wind down time. Thank you all for understanding and not leaving the kin in a panic :)

Kin Meeting March 6, 2015

Cait, Mar 6, 15 9:58 PM.
Kaylorin: Thank you for attending the weekly kin meeting. Fairly brief agenda so should be a shortish meeting and then we will probably run an epic battle.

Kaylorin: After TAHITI and SHIELD some of us were expecting HYDRA however it seems that our new Community Manager was getting peckish because what is next .. is .. LUNCH
Kaylorin: I refer to Leading an Unimportant Chikcen to the Hornburg. This is the new multi server challenge. It involves taking a chicken from Sandson's farm in Shire to King Theoden at the Hornburg. The event is being organized by a member of Turbine's stream team rather than Frelorn, probably because if Frelorn presented it someone would have to keep waking up the chicken and the audience.
Kaylorin: The event begins on March 4th and Vilya's opportunity is scheduled for April 8th.
Hezraldor: and i predict Vilya will place 4th again

Kaylorin: Given this upcoming event it seems a good time to remind people about Chicken Play. You can find an article about it under Cait's Did You Know series (Oct 11, 14) as well as one under the Library section of the website. Between them, that should answer all questions. I also understand that the kin will be running some chickenplay of its own this Monday at 8 pm cst. A chance to practice
Kaylorin: Traditionally Thursday and Monday were non event days to give Officers a break so this chickenplay is a one off especially as we now have low level group on Thursdays. However members are free always to organize their own events and we will be happy to promote them. So if you want a full calender of events start organizing :)

Kaylorin: Speaking of events tomorrow we have the 3 man In Their Absence instances at 9 pm cst. Sunday is Moria group for those in their 50's and Tuesday is Deed Night.

Kaylorin: After the mass of documentation on server mergers which Turbine produced a few weeks back many of us assumed it was full steam ahead but apparently they revealed this week they have been put a few weeks back to enable the developers to work on the update 16 LI changes and the new imbuing system which is scheduled for release sometime in April.

Kaylorin: Item of the Week is a rather nice level 30 runestone with lots of will, fate and tact mastery. So if you have an RK in 30s who could use speak to an Officer. [Strong Runestone of Crackling-fury]
Kaylorin: And if you don't have an is your chance to buy one as the class is on sale this week in the Turbine store at 25% off along with Beorning and Warden. You can also buy a char slot at 25% off so you can create a new char to join the Thursday low level group :) or perhaps a Slayer Deed accelerator for use on Tuesday's Deed Night.

In tonight's did you know, I asked Darror to gather some info because he is a lot more experienced at reducing lag than I am. If you are experiencing bad bouts of lag on a consistent basis, or just want to have a smoother experience while in an instance, try some or all of the following.
1). Minimizing Gear Lag - so turn off cosmetics particularly cloaks.
Eldanson: I take it that the cloak slows down your own computer, or does it also effect others?
Hezraldor: it affects everyone's
Andadriel: To chime in, to turn off cloaks, go to your character panel by pressing C. Up at the top is a tab that says Cosmetic Outfits. You will see on the right hand side of the window now that there are 8 buttons, one says equipment outfit and then there are Outfits 1-7. Your equipment outfit should be the default one you open up to. There will be icons for each item that you have equipped.
Andadriel: There are little eyes next to each icon. You click those to toggle those items in or out of view. Toggling your cloak to invisible lets you wear your cloak without it being seen. This helps reduce lag for yourself and others around you. This is a good thing to do when you are in a raid.
Zyare: so you can wear the item, but turn the visual effect off?
Hezraldor: yes Zy
Cait: as you see, I do not show my cloak, but if you inspect me, I am wearing one
2). Particle Effects & Extra Effect Icons - go to ctrl + o, ui settings, uncheck all special effects (BUT, this option might remove some visual clues, so Darr doesn't recommend it unless necessary). Also, under social options, show only dispellable effects, show effects cast by me, under group effect.
3). Overall Graphics & Game Engine - set overall quality down a tier or two. Under advanced graphics, under performance turn down player crowd quality and uncheck mesh combining. During raids, turning floaty names can help too.
There is a forum post in the main Turbine forums that goes into a lot more detail on the above topics. It can be found at
Post processing, which is an important one, is for things like water's depth, transparency, ripples and things. so i suppose post processing is related to "beautification" and "realism" of shadows water and stuff. Turning it off will make the game less pretty, but will also help a lot.
Theres also some user preferences setting change that possibly works also explained in that forum post.
Ryshia: Options > Adv Graphics > 3d Object Portraits. IF THIS IS ON TURN IT OFF!!!
Another graphics settings, apart from the ones already mentioned, is object draw distance.
Another factor in play, lag is also caused by your internet service provider. It is difficult to do much about this, besides trying to switch to another ISP, which is not always a option.
Background applications which consume data or heavy applications which consume processing power will effect lag. Don't try to stream episodes of TV or even music unless you know it doesn't slow you down.
Something which seems to have a major impact with some computers is setting it to directx 9. (ingame). Older versions of Direct X have more bugs worked out and that may help with lag, and they reduce how pretty the display is, which is also why that can help.
And that is tonight's Did You Know, provided by Darror, with additional comments by Rysh, Les and Panda!
Hezraldor: the number one thing turbine will say to do is turn to DX9 before you do anything else

Kaylorin: Thank you Cait. As always very useful information. Now that concludes the formal agenda. Does anyone else have any issues to raise or questions to ask?
Padhric: i heard a rumor about scheduling some chicken-ball?
Cait: chicken play, not hobnanigans
Ryshia: The low-level group on Thursdays again is open to everyone, these are scheduled at 8pm cst/9pm est. These are conditional as the calendar is getting full and we don't want to burn anyone out. So consider this group tentative for the foreseeable future. however this group will ultimately turn into a raiding night as my new low level character starts to reach completion.

Kin Meeting February 27, 2015

Cait, Feb 27, 15 11:41 PM.
Kaylorin: Hello everyone. Thank you for attending. Fairly short agenda again and after we will see about running an epic battle.

Kaylorin: Firstly the world lost a great actor today with the passing of Leonard Nimoy. He had so many important roles but I think the way I want to remember him best, and is relevant to us in game, is as shown in this video . For those who now hate me .. you are welcome :)
Kaylorin: Incidentally, if you search youtube you will be able to find the cast of The Hobbit doing a dramatic reading of that song.. which is ... interesting to say the least.
Antrolamneth: OMG I had totally forgotten about that song!!
Cait: Sorry, Antro

Kaylorin: A couple of weeks ago I mentioned the Mythgard Monday project which is part of the wider project to form an academic course based upon the conversion of Tolkien's work into the game we play. The Monday lore sessions are now well underway and you can find them on Youtube. There is a lot of interesting stuff there for those interested in the lore.
Kaylorin: I particularly recommend which takes a look at The Shire and brings out discussion of the much overlooked darker side of the nature of hobbits.

Kaylorin: For those of you who use Mumble, our voice chat client, there will be some server maintenance work taking place on 3rd March so expect some service interruptions during the day. For those of you who don't use it .. why not? especially after Cait did such a good introduction to it last week. I insist you go and download it now :)

Kaylorin: Events for week - Saturday is instance night. Sunday we have the mid level group going through Moria. Tuesday we have Deed Night, Wednesday is 100s night, Thursday is Low Level Group which is currently questing in Shire. All the main week events start at 8 pm cst. Saturday events are 9 pm and Sunday is 7 pm cst
Hezraldor: or just check the message of the day which is always up to date

Kaylorin: I know some members are interested in the musical aspect of LoTRO so will probably be glad to hear Turbine is still working on its refinements of the music system. They did a test of the system on the Bullroarer test server this week and got a fair amount of data about missing notes and such things which they are now going away to work on .. so work is ongoing.

Kaylorin: Item of the Week is a level 95 tanky necklace with might and block and evade and parry and vit etc. [Greater Steadfast Necklace of Parrying] Let an officer know if you have an alt who would like this.

Kaylorin: This week's turbine store sale is cosmetic focussed with 20% off various cosmetic items, outfit slots, shared wardrobe and warsteed cosmetic and trait slots.
Kaylorin: You can use code MITB4 for a free 90 min 100% mark acquisition scroll.

Kaylorin: And now, for that moment everyone looks forward to, the true highlight of the meeting, as the light of brilliance shines deep into the fog of ignorance bringing us knowledge about some overlooked aspect of the game or kin. I refer of course to Cait's Did You Know? segement. So over to her.

In tonight's Did you Know, I wanted to talk about where to find the skills we earn on our characters. On the  K panel, you will be able to look at a wide variety of different skills and abilities we have gained in our time in Middle Earth.
The first tab is the Active tab. Here you see all the different skills you can use, all of your "spells". Whether fighting, healing or deuffing abilities, they are all here. This is good for checking that you have all your abilities, especially when setting up a different/custom UI.
You'll also find your Crafting and Instant traveling (milestone) skills on the Active tab.
On the Passive tab, you'll see the lists of the weapons and armours that you can equip and bonuses that are based on your race and class. You'll also see completed tiers of your crafting proficiency and vendor discounts earned from gaining reputation from the assorted factions.
Another thing that you will want to look at the passive tab to check on is the level of earned stat tomes, such as tomes of might/agility/fate/vitality.
The Third tab, Fellowship, lets you look at the FM's that you've learned. You earn these by being in a fellowship and completing a good FM. Remember from my session on FM's a few weeks back, successful FM's are based in large part on poker hands...2 pair, 3 of a kind, straights and full houses.
The next tab is the Mounts tab. Once you earn or buy a horse, you will find it here. You would drag the icon from here to put it in a slot in your skill bars.
Wardens have another tab all of their own that lets them see the different gambits they can use. This could have been put on the active tab, but because of the large number of gambits, it was decided to split the gambit skills from the rest of the warden's "spells".
And that is tonight's Did you Know!

Kaylorin: Thank you Cait. Insightful as ever. That brings the formal agenda to a close. Does anyone else have any issues to raise or questions to ask of kinmates?

Kin Meeting February 20, 2015

Cait, Feb 20, 15 10:05 PM.
Kaylorin: Thank you all for attending .. very limited agenda this week so I thought I would make myself popular by cutting out all the extraneous stuff and cutting straight to the good bit .. so here she is.. Cait with her Did You Know ......................... sorry only kidding... you have to sit through 2 mins of meeting first.

Kaylorin: Firstly thank you to Ryshia for running the new low level group. It got a very good response last week and we got through doing Ered Luin quests and deeds in a single evening and characters earned a lot of levels questing together. The group will be running at 6 pm on Sundays with the Moria group starting afterwards at 7 pm.
Ryshia: If anyone wants to join in with similar lvl toons, please let one of the groups know. These are not closed groups. :)

Kaylorin: The 100s group went after roving threats this week. Anyone with a max level character is welcome to attend. We had an impromptu group yesterday organized by Les which explored the new Angmar treasure caches along with bringing down a few more roving threats. Thanks to all those who participated.
Kaylorin: I gather one of the Angmar ones is particularly tough to reach. Kayloradan tells me its the one and only time he has ever wished he was a minstrel when he saw so many potential opportunities for the mini rez deed going to waste :) Well done to the group for finally getting to the other side of that deadly lake.

Kaylorin: Turbine were asked earlier this week about a number of hanging storylines which seem to have been forgotten, including Rook, Riders Four etc. Their explanation was that in a number of cases the devs responsible for writing these stories are no longer with them and others haven't felt it appropriate to pick up the story again.
Kaylorin: However they don't rule out that these stories might get finished at some future time.

Kaylorin: We saw a small update drop earlier this week and I understand there was a subsequent hotfix as the Pelargir bosses were not quite as fixed as the patch notes implied. We will see when we next do a kin epic battle ;)
Kaylorin: Item of the Week is a level 60 ring with might and vitality. [Elegant Ring of the Aurochs]. Speak to an officer if you have a character who would like and benefit from this item.

Kaylorin: On sale this week in the Turbine store you can get 30% discounts on Legendary level cap increases (scroll of delving), LI stat increases (star-lit crystals) and relic packs. There is also a limited time reduction on vip which is at about 80 dollars a year for those who are thinking of subscribing.

Kaylorin: And now.. this time for real.. its over to Cait for her Did You Know segment where she casts light on some neglected aspect of kin or game activity, in her own unique style. So now the most popular part of the meeting.. Cait's Did You Know?

Antrolamneth: and speaking of the sale on LI level cap increases (scroll of delving), if you occasionally use TP to buy level 100 scrolls of empowerment and/or delving... the price in TP for the delving scrolls is a better deal comparatively speaking than the cost of empowerment scrolls in TP.. compared to both in mark/meds from the skirmish vendor

For me, one of the best things about being a gamer is all the exercise I get vicariously thru my characters. Just kidding, in truth, the best thing about gaming for me is all of you, all of the friendships I have made over the years. 
I have gotten to know many wonderful people thru gaming. One of the tools that has helped the most to grow those friendships more strongly has been the ability to use voice chat.
Obviously, most of us talk a whole lot faster than we can type, Darror is the outstanding exception. So the ability to speak to and hear our fellows makes getting to know one another much easier. Coincidentally, it also makes running game content easier.
In tonight's DYK, I want to cover the voice chat options we have available to the DawnBreakers.
First, we have in-game voice. To use it, you have to enable it in the ctrl-O panel, under the audio tab. About 1/2 of the way down the Audio tab, there is a check box for "Enable Voice Chat". It is right under the yellow Voice sub-section. You have to turn it on for each different character if you want to hear and/or be heard.
There are 3 drop down menus on the audio tab that also have to be set up. Two are at the very bottom and the third is just below the first set of slider bars. If you're like me and sometimes you use a head-set and sometimes you unplug it, you will need to reset these drop-down menus to the device you are using at the time
I find that if I have not remembered to plug in my headset until after I launched the game, my game will not always let me select the correct device in all 3 of the drop-down menus, and a full restart of the game is often needed.
There are several sliding bars on this tab that allow you to adjust different parts of the sounds generated by the game. You may want to turn these up or down depending what you are listening for. I tend to turn most sounds other than other player's voices down to just barely be heard, though I will sometimes turn up player music when I attend an in-game concert.
The game voice program has some draw-backs. You must be in a fellowship/raid with the people that you want to talk to. That may not be convenient if you are playing in different areas of Middle Earth. It does also have the draw-back therefore, of needing to be logged in to talk to other DawnBreakers. Finally, in-game voice does contribute in small ways to the lag you will sometimes experience, though not as hugely as other factors, such as graphics settings. 
The other option for voice communication is the use of a 3rd party voice chat program. Kay and I pay for a voice chat server that uses the Mumble program. Think of it as Skype with out the ability to see the other person, or the need to know their personal contact info. Much like other voice chat programs, mumble allows up to a certain number of people to connect and talk, as if in the same room. The instructions for downloading mumble are a little more complex than some other voice chat clients, but unlike ventrillo (vent) it's code is still maintained and reviewed by the programmers. We have a full guide to setting up Mumble and connecting to our private chat server on the kin website. You will find it on the Kin House tab. There is also a monitor that lets you see who is logged in on the right as well. It does have a few minutes lag.
Using a 3rd party voice chat client gives us the ability to talk to each other whether we are in game or not. There have been a few evenings where I was running late, or not able to log into the game due to patching or connection issues, but I was able to get into mumble and tell others who were already logged in that I was on my way or not able to log in. Mumble also has a smart-phone program that can be used for the same purpose. The sound quality is also almost always better with a 3rd party program, because that is what they are solely designed to do, unlike in-game voice, which is an add-on feature of a program that is designed to be a game first and foremost.
Whether you use in-game voice, or come chat with us in Mumble, there are some similarities between the two. Both of course are designed to capture a spoken voice and transmit it to the person(s) on the other end of the line. So both need a way to play back that sound. Computer speakers will work for this, but a headset is better. Just like with a telephone, you hear best when it is right next to your ears.
While many laptops have a built-in microphone, it isn't usually right next to your mouth, and so doesn't always pick up what you say as clearly as the mic on a headset will. But, don't think that a headset is mandatory. They are nice, but many people find them uncomfortable. I work in a call center, so I am very used to wearing one.
Another great feature in both the in-game and Mumble clients is Push to Talk. What this does is it makes you push a button on your keyboard (or mouse if you have a multi-button mouse) in order to be heard. This is great if you have the radio or tv on in the back ground, everyone else won't hear your show. In LoTRo, you'll find the setting under ctrl o/goto miscellaneous/the 7th from the bottom option is Push to talk, and is set to Z by default. 
In Mumble it is in configure (at the top - 3rd menu)/settings/on the audio input tab, in the 2nd section down set Transmit to push to talk/then goto shortcuts(4th option on the left)/click in the 3rd field to the right of Push-to-talk(under the shortcut header). The field will go black. The next key you press will be your push to talk button. Click apply then ok.
Hope to hear you soon!
And that is tonight's Did You Know!

Kaylorin: Thank you again Cait. Useful as always. If you missed any details of tonight's Did You Know, or want to look through the steps to say install mumble or set up push-to-talk, remember that all the Did You Knows are written out in full on the kin website. This one should be posted there later tonight.
Kaylorin: We did have a suggestion from a member about a topic that she covered some month's back, the hidden deeds linked to emotes. It was proposed that when we come together for events like this meeting we might practice some of those emotes so that people can gain the rewards. I thought we might try that tonight after the formal meeting ends before we do an epic battle.
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