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Kin Meeting & Big Battle
Today at 9:00 PM EST
Moria Goat Runs
Tomorrow at 10:00 PM EST
Group leveling
Apr 27, 14 8:00 PM EST
Deed Night
Apr 29, 14 9:00 PM EST
Kin Meeting & Big Battle
May 2, 14 9:00 PM EST
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All classes and levels welcome. Contact Kaylorin in game or send mail via guildportal to DB_Leader. Join a kin which will support you and offer a varied fun experience.
Game News
Welcome to The Dawnbreakers website

We are a rank 10 (maximum) kinship with a kinhouse in the Falathlorn Homesteads (Ered Luin) at 2 Waterbank Road, Glad Orchall in Lord of the Rings Online playing on the Vilya Server.

There are regular kinship meetings held each Friday at 8 pm cst where we partake in questing, instances and general tomfoolery. We also hold occasional other meetings.


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Guild News

Kin Meeting April 18, 2014

Cait, Apr 18, 14 10:08 PM.
Kaylorin: Ok thank you all for attending. This was a fairly significant week news-wise and for those who don't read the forums I will be going over the major points. So this probably wont be a short snappy meeting. Set your alarm clocks now.

Kaylorin: Firstly another successful meeting of the levelling group was held Sunday. We finished off Bree deeds, did another skirmish and then ran all three of the GB instances, repeating the earlier ones for those who didn't get their keys last time. If you have a char in their 20s you are always welcome to attend.
Cait: well, we still have Orcs in Bree to finish

Kaylorin: The lastest on the Hobbits to Isengard challenge saw another two servers trying this week. Silverlode failed to replace us in second and so took third place with 52 mins compared to our 47. Gwahir one of the German servers took 6th place earlier today.
Kaylorin: Next week is the turn of Imladris who have been loudly proclaiming their abilities ever since the challenge was announced. It will be interesting to see what happens.

Kaylorin: Update 13 arrived this week with revamps to north downs, trollshaws and misty mountains. I understand due to a problem the devs had to transpose two farms, so if you are looking for the mysterious relic it is now at a different farm.
Cait: on deed night we noticed what look to be repeatable quest boards in Esteldin, just inside the second room on the right-hand wall
Antropori: speaking of the quest boards in Esteldin, I took a character on my free to play account to Esteldin earlier today and noticed that the task boards are usable by free to play characters; the new boards are not.

Kaylorin: One of the most common questions is how to obtain the cosmetic pets which everyone can now use. You need to do the Isengard quests relating to the burying of seeds and then pick up the Derndingle quests in Fangorn. There are 3 seed quests, you can do one at a time. Every 18 hours Quickbeam will remember something and give you a task to do.
Cleoswyth: the only pet is the tree, right?
Cait: yes, there are 3, but they are all trees
Kaylorin: Some people have had problems with some of the Fangorn quests. There have been reports of troubles with people not eligible to pick up the Quieting daily quests, including from Vilya. If you have done the Isengard quests, opened Derndingle and are not able to see any Quieting quests you should mail (PM) Sapience in the Turbine forums with the name of the character and your server.

Kaylorin: A number of other small changes which are easily overlooked. You can now buy extra quest slots if you didn't buy the more expensive HD pack. These are on a per character basis unlike the per account slots which came with the expansion. You can also buy epic battle progression points if you really wish too though I wouldn't advise it. They are very pricy.

Kaylorin: Captains can trade in their armaments at their trainer for a new skill releasing that slot. So be sure to take your alts to their trainers.

Kaylorin: There is a new steel blue dye color recipe which is only obtainable with Ally reputation with the Ents of Fangorn faction.

Kaylorin: You will have noticed that the Anniversary festival is now underway. CSTM have updated their usual highly comprehensive guide. So if you have any questions about the festival check out:

Kaylorin: This week also saw the release of the latest Producer's Letter from LoTRO Producer, Rowan Campell. It sets out some of what we can expect for the next two years and contained a few surprises. Apparently though there is no expansion this year there will be two level cap increases, five levels at a time.

Kaylorin: In update 14 we will see a new epic book volume (for those who didn't realise volume 3 ends with the current update after more than 3 years). The year's second update will take us to Dol Amroth in Gondor and the Paths of the Dead.

Kaylorin: We will be visiting Sam and Frodo as journey through the Dead Marshes (presumably in session play).

Kaylorin: The third update this year will take us to the great port of Pelargir on the delta of Anduin. We will be joining the Army of the Dead to defeat the Corsairs of Umbar and their black ships.
Cait: boat combat?

Kaylorin: Coming sometime this year is the long awaited new class - The Beorning. This is a light armored crowd control specialist with the ability to transform into a bear when rage gets high enough (presumably during combat).

Kaylorin: The housing update that was promised by the previous producer has been cancelled. They just feel they cannot advance housing within existing resources and to a standard that would make people happy. It doesn't mean we won't see any changes and they are looking at some kind of co-operative kin crafting in kin houses, but we won't see a major update for sure.

Kaylorin: There will be a new epic battle sometime this year. No details about it yet though.

Kaylorin: And the much heralded Hobnanigans (chicken hockey) is coming. See numerous previous kin meeting notes for more details.

Kaylorin: Next year (2015) will see us reaching Osgiliath in Gondor and to lands directly contested with the forces of the enemy. The end of the year will bring us to Minas Tirith and the battle of Pelennor Fields. It would not surprise me if this was an expansion but they didn't say either way.

Kaylorin: This week's item of week is a level 30 bracelet with plenty of agility and some tolerance (also agi and tact mit and combat regen). [Gemmed Bracelet of the Fox]. Good for a burglar or hunter, maybe a warden. Let an officer know if you would like and have an alt who can benefit.

Kaylorin: Travel skills are the center of this week's Turbine store sale with 20% off milestone skills, riding traits, rally horns and hurried/returning travellor skills

Kaylorin: Use code SAVE65 for a free relic removal scroll.

Kaylorin: That concludes all the points I have. However we now go over to our popular new segment presented by our equally popular deputy kin leader. Cait's Did You Know?

Cait: This week I wanted to go to another awesome thing available at skirmish vendors..As you know, there are many different specialty vendors at the skirm camps. The Crafting vendor has many useful items, from the crit mats like [4 Yellow Flax Fibres][6 Pale Flax Fibres][6 Drops of Amber Resin] to purple recipe cases, but the item I wanted to talk about are the bulk processing items. the cost of these items range from around 28 to 955 marks and allow you to process 50 items in a single go!
Cait: so, if you are maxed out on the crafting rep for a tier, but you still collect a lot of that material to pass to alts or kinnies or the AH, consider buying the bulk processing pattern! No more need to find something AFK to do while your character mindlessly tans hides or smelts ore
Cait: these are not the processings that let you break down and re-combine mats to gain exp easier, btw.
Kaylorin: It is a very good one since those recipes are unique to the skirmish vendors and are really useful. I have them on all my crafting characters.

Kaylorin: That concludes all the points I have on the agenda. Does anyone else have any issues to raise or questions of your kin mates? Once the meeting is formally over we will probably see about running an epic battle.

Kin Meeting April 11, 2014

Cait, Apr 11, 14 10:37 PM.
Kaylorin: ok thanks for attending kin meeting. Fairly brief agenda. If we get more on later we may try an epic battle 6 man after the meeting otherwise probably a 3 man.

Kaylorin: Firstly no doubt you have heard of the Heartbleed vulnerability which received a lot of media attention this week. One security expert said of it on a disaster scale of 1-10 it was an 11. The general advice to people is to change passwords once a site has been fixed. Now despite numerous requests in their forum Turbine have not made any official statement.
Kaylorin: The position is pretty much this, the servers hosting Turbine's forums do appear to run an SSL version which might have been vulnerable. However most of the sites which test for vulnerabilities do not show Turbine as having problems, which means either that they were never vulnerable or they fixed it.
Kaylorin: As I have been asked for more information on what Heartbleed is. Essentially it is a vulnerability which was introduced into a library used by SSL, the secure way your browser connects to a website. What it essentially means is that it is possible for someone to extract from the memory of that server, a certain amount of the recent traffic which could include your passwords.
Cait: Open SSL (Secure Socket Layer)
Kaylorin: This vulnerability is not recent. It has existed for at least two years, which means someone could have been exploiting it to obtain significant amounts of private information without our knowledge. There are reports today that the NSA found the bug and used it and did not report it to the security community because they were finding it too useful.
Kaylorin: Some of the major websites on the net are or were vulnerable. There is a handy list here of the current position on the better known sites
Kaylorin: Note that whilst people are advised to change your password, it will do nothing to safeguard you until AFTER the website has itself patched the vulnerability, which is why it is important that companies do let us know when that is done. In the absence of any word from Turbine given they are not showing as vulnerability I would probably suggest for safety's sake changing your LoTRO
Kaylorin: password sometime next week.

Kaylorin: This week the levelling group reached roughly 22 and did a couple of successful GB runs. We will probably be trying Sambrog this week but will be repeating the earlier one(s) for those who missed out so there is still a chance to join us and earn the instance key to unlock the Sambrog instance.

Kaylorin: The 7 year anniversary of LoTRO will soon be upon us and Turbine announced this week what goodies we can expect for being long-term players. Check here for your entitlement -

Kaylorin: Update 13 officially hits on April 14th and this week saw the final set of pre-release patch notes. Rather than summarise the changes as usual I will just repeat the full set of notes

Kaylorin: 1) All classes now receive 1 point of Tactical Mitigation per point of Will and Fate.
Kaylorin: 2) Reverted changes made to functionality in XP disabler to allow XP Accelerator to still affect IA XP and War-steed XP whilst Advancement XP remains nulled
Kaylorin: that's it ;)

Kaylorin: To play the new zone and epic quests that are coming in Update 13 you will need to own the Helms Deep expansion. Until the 17th you can purchase HD for tp at 50% off. So if you haven't picked it up yet and want to, now would be ideal time.

Kaylorin: One change that hasn't received a huge amount of attention is that significant modifications are being made to virtues. Fortunately Darror has done a detailed analysis and you can find it under General Guides sub-forum on the kin website. And if you find you don't have a particular virtue, say Fidelity, and you need it, don't forget we run Deed Night on Tuesdays.
Lesraldor: we are always open to requests for deed and specific virtues
Cait: I was just about to say that, Les...Thank you!

Kaylorin: This week's Item of the Week is a level 95 cloak with tons of agility and some vitality plus physical mastery, crit and finesse. Good for a hunter or Burglar, maybe a warden. If anyone has an alt that can use it please let an officer know..or if you are an officer let yourself know.
Kaylorin: [Greater Dextrous Cloak of Prowess]
Kaylorin: Not every Item of the Week is claimed at the meeting so if there is one someone is interested in you can always speak to me or Cait and we can see if it is still available.

Lesraldor: Dar also posted a list of all the items that drop from all the 95 instances and raids if you want to get one yourself

Kaylorin: This week's turbine store sale centers around crafting with ingredient packs, crafting guild access, craft xp and rapid crafting boosts and recipes etc all 30% off, which is one of the better sales for a while in terms of discount. Crafting Guild access if useful for f2p/premium players who want to make their own Legendary Items
Kaylorin: And if you got lots of lootboxes in the recent lootbox weekend but not enough keys, Turbine has shown mercy to you.
Kaylorin: Use code K3YUP for a free sturdy steel key
Kaylorin: Even if you don't have any lootboxes now you might next week as some new deeds will be awarding them, meta deeds which many people will already have completed.

Kaylorin: That concludes all the points I have this week but now over to my erstwhile deputy for her popular new Did You Know? segment.
Cait: This week's did you know was submitted by Aegel! if you hit I and open your bags and you're looking for something but just don't see it, try this neat little trick I didn't even know: Press Alt & F and you'll get a search window, type in just a couple letters of the name of the item that you are looking for and it will high-light it! ALSO! if you forget the alt/f you will see a little magnifying glass that opens that same search window right next to the X to close the bag. Thank you Les for the second half of that Tip!

Kaylorin: Does anyone else have any questions or points to raise before we see about organizing an epic battle run?
We ran Helm's Dike and got another 4-plat / perfect run!

Kin Meeting April 4, 2014

Cait, Apr 4, 14 10:52 PM.
Prabo: Hear Ye, Hear Ye, the Meeting of the Kin t'will began a moment shortly

Kaylorin: Thank you all for attending. Good to see you all. Fairly short agenda and we will see about running an epic battle afterwards.
Kaylorin: Firstly another successful meeting of the levelling group this week. Most reached 20, did the skirmish tutorial and a first skirmish, purchased a mount and did the Old Forest quests and deeds. Next meeting is 7 pm cst. If you have a char of that level feel free to attend and level with us.
Kaylorin: 7 pm Sunday

Kaylorin: The levelling group is another of the many successful activities which Cait organizes. She gives a lot to this kin and someone asked me this week why she wasn't among the deputy kin leaders given how long she has been an officer and how much she has done for the kin.
Cait: the real reason is I'm secretly Kay multi-boxing :)
Prabo: also: I am the walrus
Kaylorin: Yes. At the time there were good reasons.. having made you an immediate officer I didn't want to antagonize the other officers by further special treatment. Secondly I really didn't want to impose this game on you should anything happen to me. This was only a game you were casually interested in exploring at the time.
Cait: as long as you don't try to tar and feather me this time...
Cait: I am deeply honoured. I love the Dawnbreakers only secondly to how much I love its leader...
Robingraves claps for Caitulla.
Dacmona cheers at Caitulla.
Cait: hehe. as he was typing that, I commented to Kay that he hadn't told me about which he responded "I don't tell you everything"
Cait: I thought that was cute
Robingraves: Congrats, well deserved.
Cait: and if you hadn't heard, I got a promotion and a pay raise at work this week
Robingraves: Sweet!

Kaylorin: This was of course that special time when gives advance notice of future sales items and everyone else usually plays jokes on each other. Namely April 1st. Turbine got into the spirit of the day with a fascinating post which is both hilarious, the bit about PVMP players eating each other is classic, but also gave more evidence of the imminent return of hobnanigans.
Kaylorin: For those who missed it. Details of the post are to be found at . Enjoy :)
Kaylorin: The screenshot comes from a developer test of the game

Kaylorin: Turbine added a 4th set of patch notes to the Bullroarer test server for update 13 this week. Nothing major at this stage but a couple of points of interest.
Kaylorin: Epic Rings, Bracelets and Earings now have a chance to drop from epic battles for filling the platinum bar. No more epic pocket items or necklaces currently from platinums.
Kaylorin: Physical and tactical mitigation for heavy armor will now cap at 60% down from 70%
Kaylorin: All heritage runes stack to 200 now

Kaylorin: Turbine also recently held a live developer preview of some of the update 13 content and addressed a number of questions and issues at the same time. A couple of interesting items came out of it.
Kaylorin: There will be essentially two isengards in game. If you want to see it in its original form go in via Dunland. If you want to see it flooded go in via Rohan.
Kaylorin: Update 13 will not currently be sold separately. The only way to obtain its new game content and zone is by purchasing Helms Deep.
Cait: that sounds like it will make a lot of people happy...last I'd heard it was only VIP that were going to get the new content free
Kaylorin: It will include 3 new crafting resource instances
Kaylorin: There will be plenty of session plays but to accomodate that small number of players who detest session play, they will all be optional.
Lesraldor: session play as an ent YES!

Kaylorin: In response to a question about what determines content type for group play they explained they let story guide them. So Helms Deep has epic battles because it requires a technology that lets lots of mobs move at the same time in battle formations etc. They didn't think it would be appropriate for a classic instance with a traditional boss .
Kaylorin: However something like Shelob's cave where you are involved in battle with a very powerful foe, would be an ideal classic instance.
Kaylorin: They did indicate there will be another epic battle in update 14 and given I expect the next expansion to feature Pelennor fields battle I would not hold out much hope for those wanting a classic instance here.
Kaylorin: When update 13 comes out we can also expect another Producer's letter which will give us details of the new class which is coming this year.

Kaylorin: Item of the week is a dagger which would be good for a level 40 burglar. [Exceptional Dagger of the Nimble]
Kaylorin: Please let an officer know if you have an alt who could benefit and you would like the item

Kaylorin: This week's turbine store sale is 25% off various PvMP items including monster classes and traits.
Kaylorin: Use code CRFTXP for a 100% crafting xp scroll for free

Kaylorin: That concludes all the items I have which means it is time for our popular new segment from the Deputy Kin Leader herself. Seriously .. it is popular.. I got mails about how good it was .. dunno I ramble for hours and no one thanks me or anything..
Dacmona cheers at Kaylorin.
Kaylorin: thank you for cheering. I just got /firebreath as a result :)
Kaylorin: which I am sure will form another of caits did you knows..

Cait: This week, I wanted to cover something I slightly touched on last week during the leveling group night...At Skirmish camps you can do more than just buy the traits for your skirmish can also buy the 700 point rep tokens for all the factions up thru (and including) Moria, except for the Eglain. The tokens cost Marks, and different amounts of marks...the cost seens to have no rhyme or reason, though. At 50 TP for Kindred rep, it is a good way to earn that all important TP that a f2p account will need. if you have 0 rep, you will need 122 of the 700 point tokens. That will cost anywhere from 3172 to 11224 marks. for the 9 rep factions you can buy the rep for, it would cost 50142 marks to get 450TP. luckily, much of that can be off set by questing
Cait: this is why I plan for the sunday night leveling group to do a lot of skirmishing! I'll post the chart I made in the kin notes that shows the cost per faction.

rivendel      40 122 4880
council 40 122 4880
rangers 31 122 3782
wardens    33 122 4026
lossoth 40 122 4880
bree          26 122 3172
mathom 28 122 3416
Thorin 81 122 9882
moria 92 122 11224

And then we finished off the night with a perfect run in Helm's Dike...4 plats!!!!

Kin Meeting March 28, 2014

Cait, Mar 28, 14 11:08 PM.
Kaylorin: Thank you all .. er .. we valiant few .. for attending. It is a fairly brief agenda so we will aim for a short meeting. We probably will not be running the 6-man epic battle tonight. Though if people want to run something we will. We were also hoping to get the screenshot of those who helped in the Hobbit run but most are not on currently.

Kaylorin: Speaking of Hobbits to Isengard, Vanyar, a German server, was the latest to have its chance at glory this week. They put in a good general performance but finished at 53 minutes 51 seconds which still leaves Vilya in second place and puts them third. There will now not be any runs until mid April.

Kaylorin: As promised in a previous meeting there is now a list of the people who attempted to disrupt Vilya's run. It is in a stickied post in the members forums on the kin website. Members should avoid grouping with these people. I know that not everyone agrees with this stance but I do feel it is important that this kinship takes a moral position.
Kaylorin: It is mainly a symbolic gesture but one that is worth making I believe.

Kaylorin: Whilst we wait for update 13 it is likely to be a quiet period. It often gets quieter whilst waiting for new content. I know some kinmates are trying other MMOs and some other games. Someone wrote to me the other week about wanting to take a break and I want to let everyone know that is fine and we do take an adult attitude to absences.
Kaylorin: We do prefer people to log in their main chars every few months to remain in the kinship. This looks less bad to new recruits than a long list of idles, however we totally understand people wanting to take breaks and try other things. Much as I love LoTRO I need time away every couple of months and head to D3 or Neverwinter for a while so I totally understand others needing similar
Kaylorin: We will still be here waiting for you when you want to try LoTRO again.
Kaylorin: If anytime you expect to be absent for any period, for whatever reason, let me or an officer know before you disappear and we will ensure a note is placed on your record on the kin spreadsheet so we know its a condoned absence and are less likely to remove you. After more than a year away however we do reserve the right to remove any idles, including officers.
Kaylorin: Last time I said that it was pointed out to me we do have a few people at some very long absences but these include founder kin members and we are keeping those for historical reasons. There is also the odd bit of sentimentality on my part, Gerwyna at 700 days idle was one of the few who kept logging in during the period that the kin nearly died
Kaylorin: She said to me at the time that she would always remain a Dawnbreaker no matter what, and I haven't had the heart to remove her from the list therefore.

Kaylorin: Update 13 is now confirmed to be coming out on April 14th. This is somewhat later than originally planned. This update includes flooded isengard and a new high level area and epic books, revisions to north downs, trollshaws and misty mountains which have had their questing streamlined and more travel points added.
Kaylorin: It also brings the chance of a cosmetic pet for everyone and the detailed changed to inventory and bags which we detailed at the last meeting.
Kaylorin: Today also brought a third set of patch notes for the update. There were some changes to character avatars planned which have now been abandoned though there will be minor changes to character stances.
Kaylorin: The symbol for crafting 95 first agers now has a chance to drop as a jewellery reward for platinum epic battle performance.
Antrolamneth: hehe, an incentive to run the new content rather than the old instances

Kaylorin: Anyone who felt that epic battle side mission Civilian defense in Glittering Caves was a little too hard on solo and a little too easy on 3-man has been vindicated since apparently they got the trolls around the wrong way in ranking between the two types of instances.
Kaylorin: Those are the main points that stand out to me but if anyone wants to check the notes for themselves they are at

Kaylorin: Those who remember the Christmas competition that Turbine ran and which Dawnbreakers participated in might be interested to know that there is now a weekly screenshot competition worth 500 tp run by turbine.

Kaylorin: this week's item of the week is a level 20 axe. Ideal for a starting character with might vitality and parry so good for guardian, captain, champion etc.[Crafted Axe of the Stalwart]
Kaylorin: Speak to an officer if you want the axe and have a character who could benefit.

Kaylorin: This week's turbine store sale includes 25% off trait slots, virtues (though we normally recommend earning these in game through deeds). There is also 25% off enhanced xp (like vip rested xp) and +5 hope boosts which I didn't know existed and I again wouldnt recommend buying as jewllers can make hope tokens instead.

Cait: As promised, I will be hosting a weekly "did you know" session to try to help teach a little more about some of the little known aspects of the game. This week, I want to introduce you to the "Fellowing" tab of the social panel, and a very nice feature.
everyone press O
oh, not zero
Antrolamneth: oh, I C
Cait: the very first tab that comes up when you first log in is the fellowing tab, and most of us just click over to the Kinship tab...afterall, we want to see who is around to say hullo to!
But, what if you aren't in a kin yet, and you logged in that new alt so that you could get them kinned?
but then, you forgot which one of the seemingly hundreds of cait's, Kay's or aegels it was that said they'd hook you up???
Don't be so quick to alt back, go to the fellowing tab, and in the tiny little filter field (top right panel) type in cait
there I am!
as you see, you don't have to type out my full name to find me. try typing in Dawn...and there are all of us!
btw, it also works to type in elf or hobbit, etc
and that is this week's did you know

Kin Meeting March 21, 2014

Cait, Mar 21, 14 11:50 PM.
Kaylorin: thank you all for attending as always. Not a long agenda tonight so should be fairly short meeting. Feel free to cheer ;)

Kaylorin: The latest on the Hobbits to Isengard event. Sadly our time was narrowly beaten earlier this week by Anduin. Today Meneldor tried but took over an hour so we remain in second place.
Kaylorin: Allanar who organized the Hobbits event on this server does want to get a screenshot of Dawnbreakers who participated. I think I know most of those who took part but if you did and think you might be overlooked let me know. We will probably plan to take the screenshot after next week's kin meeting if enough people can make it who took part.
Kaylorin: Once we know for definite I will make sure we do a kin mail and probably put it on our calender at the website too.

Kaylorin: The first meeting of the new levelling group took place earlier this week (Sunday). There was a good turn out and people had fun with their new characters questing as a group. We are still doing early questing in the Combe area so there is still time for others to create chars and join us if you are interested.

Kaylorin: Today Bullroarer (test server) saw the release of a new build and updated notes for update 13. A couple of things worth noting.
Kaylorin: If you heard about the new battle shouts that were planned, following overwhelmingly negative player reaction they have been withdrawn and will not go live. While it was a nice idea definitely made the world a lot noisier. I think we shouting dwarves provide more than enough noise in combat as it is.
Cait: good thing there are no dwarven wardens
Kaylorin: The maximum level on tasks will be removed which should make using tasks for gaining reputation much easier.
Cait: Max player level, he means. so currently, when you get to for example level 24 you can't do X task anymore, that will be gone, and you'll be able to turn in task items forever
Cait: means that deed nights will also be rep grinds :)
Dacmona: Snazzy!
Kaylorin: Flawed symbol of the Elder King will be added as a rare drop from tier 3 skirmish and a very rare drop to classic instances. This will allow the crafting of level 95 first age legendary items.
Kaylorin: The second part of the Spider Assault side mission in Glittering Caves will start sooner now allowing more time for completion.

Kaylorin: Speaking of epic battles, we have been running the 6 man and 3 mans regularly as you all know. We hope eventually to build to the raid but don't yet have the numbers. However after wednesday's 6 man run the group thought for fun we would have a go at six manning the raid (12-man) epic battle deeping wall.
Kaylorin: This was primarily to get an early look at what it was like and I don't think anyone was surprised that we failed overall, given we only had half the number of people we should have.
Kaylorin: However, we did manage a platinum on the first of the side missions which I think was absolutely amazing and makes me very proud of this kin's performance.
Cait: I can tell you Kay and I were grinning the rest of that night

Kaylorin: Applications opened earlier today for the 2014 Player Council. So if you think you would make a good person to put ideas forward and comment on proposals from Turbine, this is your opportunity. Council members are chosen from specific constituencies (play styles) however they do not represent them directly and signing a non-disclosure agreement means they cannot report back.
Kaylorin: If you think you would be a good council member then full details of how to apply can be found here:

Kaylorin: This week's item of the week is a donated level 30 bracelet. Nice power, agility and crit and also a boost to your tolerance virtue. [Gemmed Bracelet of the Fox]
Kaylorin: Speak to an officer if you would like the item and have a character who could benefit.

Kaylorin: This week's turbine store sale includes 25% off stat tomes, certain xp boosts, and extra legacy slots (crystal of remembrance). There is also the dusky nimblefoot goat but since you can obtain better ones for free in game, this one is only recommended if you an obsessive mount collector who just must have every mount available. Otherwise avoid.
Kaylorin: Use code SKILL8 for free skill and slayer deed boost

Kaylorin: that concludes all the points I have on my agenda for this week. Next week will however see the first of Cait's Did You Know segments which I am sure will be very useful and informative. Does anyone else have anything to raise with kin members tonight?

Kaylorin: If not then we will probably see about trying for an epic battle 6 man run in a few minutes.
Lesraldor: the new pet with u13 will be a Huron, and there will 3 different styles
Lesraldor: but sadly it is only as tall as a hobbit
Dacmona: Like a Loremaster pet or what?
Lesraldor: yeah a LM pet
Antrolamneth: so what you're saying is... it's more like a twig
Lesraldor: a baby Huron
Antrolamneth: ok... a twiglett
Lesraldor: oh and anyone wanting to download the client for the beta, that should be available next week sometime
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