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Moria Goat Run
Today at 10:00 PM EST
Deed Night
Jul 15, 14 9:00 PM EST
Kin Meeting & Big Battle
Jul 18, 14 9:00 PM EST
Moria Goat Run
Jul 19, 14 10:00 PM EST
Deed Night
Jul 22, 14 9:00 PM EST
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All classes and levels welcome. Contact Kaylorin in game or send mail via guildportal to DB_Leader. Join a kin which will support you and offer a varied fun experience.
Game News
Welcome to The Dawnbreakers website

We are a rank 10 (maximum) kinship with a kinhouse in the Falathlorn Homesteads (Ered Luin) at 2 Waterbank Road, Glad Orchall in Lord of the Rings Online playing on the Vilya Server.

There are regular kinship meetings held each Friday at 8 pm cst where we partake in questing, instances and general tomfoolery. We also hold occasional other meetings.


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Guild News

Kin Meeting July 11, 2014

Cait, Today at 1:04 AM.
Kaylorin: Thank you all for attending. Fairly short agenda but a few meaningful items so let's get started.

Kaylorin: More progress in the SHIELD competition which for those who haven't been following, involves guiding a turbine employee through moria safely. First up was Anduin which of course was the server which smashed our record time during the Hobbit event, so we of course wished them well ;)
Kaylorin: It was an interesting run. They were fairly fast unfortunately they swept past 21st hall and all the other locations required for the deed. No one is quite sure what happened. The instructions were clear. So they actually didn't finish at all which means anyone who finishes the deed regardless of time will not come bottom.
Kaylorin: Next up was Vilya. It was a brave attempt. I don't know the people who organized this run and my impression was it was mostly different from those who did the Hobbit run. I respect them for stepping up to the mark however the feedback I have heard is that they weren't always responsive to ideas and their strategy had a few flaws, not least failing to allow for respawns. 
Kaylorin: It was a respectable time but not outstanding and put us into 3rd place with 22 m 52 s. Sadly if the trends are similar to the Hobbit event that means we can probably expect to finish around 9th once all the servers have had their attempt.
Kaylorin: Finally this week was Nimrodel who put in a very slow run which took 5th place overall but at 32 mins is probably going to be one of the bottom times.

Kaylorin: Monday brings update 14 which will give a new epic volume and introduce us to Gondor. So for those wanting some new content it will be an exciting time with new quests and ultimately new dailies including a barter system like Bounders Bounty where serverwide token donations can eventually open extra content.
Kaylorin: Also welcome are some tweaks in epic battles which will enable those with less points to have more of an impact, hopefully meaning you don't feel you need to progress as far before you feel you are contributing positively.
Cait: and of course in this kin, you should know you are always welcome to join in public events no matter your skill level!
Kaylorin: Turbine have also announced that conciding with the update will be a new Producers Letter containing 3 things which they believe will make players happy (I respect their optimism) including one that shows they do respond to feedback. One at least appears to be about the Beorning but we will see what they have to say.

Kaylorin: For anyone who can't wait for the update or wants to have something useful to do during the maintenance down-time. Turbine did a quick walkthrough of the main areas of the update and you can view the video here -

Kaylorin: Also this week turbine gave us a very tentative look at the planned events for the next few months. Whilst accepting non of this is confirmed it nonetheless is useful in planning events of our own. So anyone interested when Hobnanigans is going to run again for example, should check out the thread here

Kaylorin: Some months back we suspended our class mentor system to give people time to learn their classes again following the major class changes. I think most people have now had an opportunity to get an idea of how the class plays and therefore we will soon be looking for experienced players to offer support and advice to others.
Kaylorin: I will therefore be sending out a mail shortly asking for volunteers again to act as class mentors. If you feel you know your class well and would welcome being a source of knowledge for other players let us know and we will add you to the list.

Kaylorin: This week's turbine store sale is 25% off various monster play things including classes. So those who PvMP might be interested though I can't honestly say the sale raises any enthusiasm in me.
Kaylorin: You can use code BOTH5 to get a free max morale/power scroll

Kaylorin: This week's item of the week is a pocket item at level 53 with agility, fate and a nice proc. Now I know most people keep the 25% extra xp pocket item equipped who have it but if you need to up DPS in an instance this could be a good way.
Kaylorin: [Key of the Ancient Barrow]
Kaylorin: So well worth taking and keeping for that especially if your class uses agility as a main trait. As always if you have a character who can benefit speak to an officer.

Kaylorin: And now.. it is the time everybody waits for .. me because its a chance to finally take a bio break and you because its the most exciting and enlightening thing you will hear all week. It is indeed time for Cait's Did You Know?
Cait: and Speaking of traveling to another place in a hurry, that is just want I want to tell you about in this week's Did You Know! Traveling across Middle Earth can be tough for some classes, others have skills that allow them to move great dinstances in the span of a load screen. Most of us know that Hunters are known as the Taxi Service of Middle Earth. With 22 Guides, that allow the hunter and their party members to move quickly around the game world, they have by far the best travel System. Of their 22 travel destinations, they acquire 5 from leveling, 5 from quests they have to complete, and the other 12 they get from earning Reputation with various factions. Wardens also get many travel points, but they can't carry any passengers, and they get a few less than Hunters, but it is another reason that Wardens are a worth-while class. Guardians have a skill where they can create an Acorn, and give/mail that to another player, who then uses the Acorn to summon the Guardian to their side at a later time. Captains can purchase a special horn at level 40 from their class trainers that allow them to go in advance and then bring their party member to them at a desired location. Around ME, you may have also see a Mustering Horn. These red-flagged camp-sites allow any character to summon a member of their party to their side. The are usually located near the entrance door to instances. These are not as needed now that the instance join pannel lets all members of a party enter an instance from anywhere (except the kin housing districts). and finally, burgs can summon a vendor when they are near a campsite. It isn't quite the same thing, but they insisted that I give them credit too.

Kaylorin: Ok thank you Cait. We have an instance run tomorrow which is to be determined. Tuesday will be deed night and epic battles as usual on wednesday. We are currently talking about doing something with the group content that will be coming in update 14 and we may have a plan for that by the next kin meeting.
Padhric: hey don't forget Sunday night!
Kaylorin: Of course, I wasn't going to.. it gets its own paragraph. Sunday night is the low level group which is now in the early 30s and should be attempting GA this week if we get a good turn out. So if you have a character in the appropriate range feel free to join the group sundays starting at 7 pm cst.

Kaylorin: ok that concludes all the points I have. Does anyone else have anything to ask of their kinmates or points to raise. If not we will end the meeting and shortly afterwards start an epic battle.
Lesraldor: i do
Prabo: I have one
Kaylorin: ok Les first
Lesraldor: before anyone gets too excited about the essence system i want everyone to know currently it is still in testing stages, it will come with U14 but they will be rare both the essences and gear
Lesraldor: it will be a grind to find them so dont be disapointed if you dont find them
Lesraldor: if turbine gets good feedback about them they will turn up the drop rate on them in U15
Lesraldor: that is all
Antropyne: interesting, thanks
Kaylorin: Ok useful information. Thank you for that Les. Helps to keep our enthusiasm in check ;)

Prabo: there are some food eating deeds
Prabo: and I am a GM westenmet cook
Prabo: if you would like to do the deeds, ill make your foods
Kaylorin: Thank you for the offer Prabo. The deeds don't give tp but they do give titles which are rather rare given the quantity of food that must be made and consumed. So if you are a completionist this could be a good opportunity for you.

Kin Meeting July 4, 2014

Cait, Jul 5, 14 12:02 AM.
Kaylorin: Thank you all for attending. I know today is a day of celebration in the US and lots of kinmates will therefore have discovered their families again and that mythical state real life that normally only exists during game maintence. I am grateful to see those of you who could make this meeting and to you, and those reading on the website, my best wishes!

Kaylorin: We live in a world generally fixated on the individual. It makes things nice and convenient for simple news stories but it is rarely true. Whilst some might believe Steve Jobs saved Apple the truth is that the team he was able to gather around him did. One person of vision is nothing without the support and advice of others.
Kaylorin: When we look at our kinship today, having just passed its 6th birthday it is difficult to appreciate just how fragile it was at one point. Down to less than a handful of actual players and with only one Officer logged in during the previous 20 days.
Kaylorin: It could not have been saved were it not for a few highly dedicated and committed individuals who gave their time and energy to helping me turn around the decay. Without their vision and support and the belief they placed in me by becoming my first Officers this kinship would have died.
Kaylorin: It is with much sadness therefore I announce today that one of those individuals has now decided that the time has gone to move on and he will be stepping down from the Officer team. No words can ever pay accurate tribute to the contribution he has made to this kinship over many years. He has been a source of wisdom, commonsense and humor.
Kaylorin: I will miss his contributions to our Officer discussions. He is living proof of the fact that often the best thing a kin leader can have is someone who doesn't say yes but stands up to you and for the principles he believes in.
Kaylorin: A previous kin meeting already bestowed the title Savior of the Kin upon him and Learael. In accordance with that special status though he will be demoted in game he will retain full access to the forums and may even if he wishes occasionally offer a few helpful words to a kin leader who is prone to get bogged down in bureaucracy
Kaylorin: Since Juvenal is a lifetime account holder I hope he will pop in and stay in contact with us and wish him well in the hunt for new games to offer him challenge and fun. I have been and am proud to call him a friend and can never repay my indebtedness for all he has given this kinship. We all wish him the best for the future.

Kaylorin: in other news we saw another SHIELD run and Winfola set a new record time of 21minutes 37 seconds. Vilya's attempt is coming up on Tueday 8th and those wishing to sign up there is a link to the website in our message of the day.
Eleenadal: Although I have been involved for two years, much of the undercurrent escapes me. Where do I go to see what the SHIELD run is?
Kaylorin: for the official announcement and to see previous run videos and timings
Eleenadal: Are we doing this as Kin effort or just support?
Cait: support. it is a every server event hosted by Turbine
Kaylorin: I think they have most things covered now so its more if individuals want to support or watch. We have been less involved with this than we were the Hobbit runs as a kinship mainly because most of the discussion hasn't been semi public in the same way. Also a smaller core team is needed.

Kaylorin: Satuday (tomorrow) sees another Draigoch run so those of you 75+ who have done the prerequisite quests should come along for a chance to challenge a big scary dragon. The start time is 8 pm cst this week. Otherwise our schedule is standard next week with Deed Night on Tuesday, Epic Battles Weds etc.

Kaylorin: Turbine have now confirmed that the next update launches on July 14th which brings with it 5 more levels, the new essences, parts of gondor and tweaks to epic battles. There are also some things to unlock as a server by contributing tokens, ala Bounders Bounty style.

Kaylorin: People who have been playing this game a loooong time, probably as long as Juvenal, may remember the legendary Ghost Bear. A mysterious growling which followed players around in the early days of the game before it was finally patched out. Turbine have announced if they get to their 55K donation goal those giving 25 dollars or more to extra life will get a ghost bear pet in game.
Kaylorin: So if you have disposable income and want to support a good cause. You could do worse than help team turbine and get a pet and a rare mount or two for your troubles.
Eleenadal: Where does the money go to?
Kaylorin: Boston Childrens Hospital since Turbine is based in Boston
Cait: children's hospitals, there are other extra life fund raisers some of the LoTRo pod cast shows and I think frogpants network (pod casts on lots of geek wonderfulness)

Kaylorin: This week's item of the week is a level 72 pocket item with parry block and morale. [Strong Polished Feeler]. If you have an alt who can benefit please let an officer know to claim it.

Kaylorin: This week's turbine store sale is on travel related items including riding traits, milestone skills, hurried/returning travellor cooldown reductions and rally horns all at 20% off.

Kaylorin: Use code MARX3 for a 100% bonus marks acquisition scroll, 90 mins, for free

Kaylorin: And now, once again we reach that time. The highlight of the week. The time that our sheer ignorance is brought home to us with a bump.. yes.. its Cait's wildly popular -- Did You Know? segment.
Cait: it's popular because it is the last item on the agenda...
Cait: So, this week I wanted to talk about Task Boards. You see them on your mini map as a feather icon, and they are where you collect quests to turn in some of the trashy items the things we kill give us. You only see the feather if the board is your level or higher. The quests that are given usually give you reputation with the main faction in that zone. Some task give no rep, so watch for those. It used to be that the number of items that you had to turn in varried between 4 and 15, but I believe every task has been revised to be 10 items now, which makes the stacks easier. task items stack in lots of 50. Since a few months back, Task Boards can now be infinitely you can now go to the task board in Gondomon and turn in dirty filth. Tasks that do give rep give 300 points, so a full 5 would be 1500 points. when you hit 100/200/300/400/500 tasks turned in you will earn 5 TP and a title and a cloak. you also get a token that is bound to account that lets you increase the number of tasks you can turn in per day by 1. and that is my Did you know for this week.

Kin Meeting June 27, 2014

Cait, Jun 27, 14 11:16 PM.
Kaylorin: The first two of the actual SHIELD runs have now been held. See previous meeting notes if you are not sure what these are - essentially its a race guiding a Turbine employee through Moria. Eldar who won the previous contest were the first to hold theirs and finished with 22 minutes and this week saw Dwarrowdelf complete it in 25 minutes.
Kaylorin: Our opportunity is coming up on the 8th July and if anyone wants to participate there is a website to sign up on, you can find the url in the kin message of the day.

Kaylorin: Today saw another release of Update 14 on the Bullroarer test server. Following the criticism about the high cost of the Fangorn materials used to craft essences, Turbine have reconsidered and largely removed this component though I understand the new cost of Gondor-related rep materials is now equally high so its unclear if this is much of an improvement.

Kaylorin: There are a couple of tweaks to epic battles. In Hornburg Final Blockade the foes will now start in the center before attacking ballista rather than materialising behind them. In Deeping Coomb the Darkwater spirits will now move slower and spawn slower making it easier for people who are not hunters to kill them before they leave the water.

Kaylorin: In terms of kin events we have Moria runs tomorrow night for the 55+ and sunday will see the low level group. They should be finishing off Lonelands this week and probably soon making their first attempt at the GA instance.
Kaylorin: Tuesday will see Deed Night as usual and Wednesday our Epic Battle runs.'

Kaylorin: LoTRO has a new producer, Produktion Malphunktion who has been active on the Turbine forums this week introducing himself and canvasing the views of the player base. He assists the Executive Producer, Rowan and basically handles all the back-end stuff necessary to make LoTRO happen including co-ordinating interaction with the devs and other teams.

Kaylorin: As most of you know this kinship recently celebrated its 6th birthday which is an amazing achievement for any in-game grouping. It means that we have got some things right but we never like to get complacent and are always happy to hear views from kin members on what you would like to see and have us do. I am taking this opportunity for an ongoing review of our practices
Kaylorin: The first stage of which concerns the Officers and will be published to them this weekend having been subject to discussion already with the Deputy Kin Leaders. I can never praise the Officers enough and the wonderful job they do without them this kin would not be able to run.

Kaylorin: This week's item of the week is a level 30 bracelet with plenty of agility so good for hunters and burglars etc. Perhaps someone in low level group would like. Anyway if you have an alt who can use please speak to an officer to claim it. [Gemmed Bracelet of the Fox]

Kaylorin: This week's turbine store sales concerns legendary weapons and legacies. Included are Legendary Slot unlocks, legacy tier upgrades, scrolls of combinatiion and relic removal scrolls all at 25% off. Not a bad price and most of the things are worth purchasing though I wouldn't normally advise buying legacies since you can obtain them in game fairly easily.

Kaylorin: Speaking of extra xp it is a Welcome Back weekend with a bonus to xp though its only 25% this time which is one of the lower ones they have done. Still worth taking advantage of though.

Kaylorin: And now.. the moment you have all been waiting for.. the woman who fills our brains.. and sometimes our stomachs.. presents us with another in her ever popular series.. Did You Know? I hand over to Cait.

Cait: This week, I am filling your tummies with another eating deed...Tonight you'll earn the Pie Maven when you eat all 42 pies! I still have a few and will hand them out shortly..
In this week's Did you know, though, I am not talking about food to feed you. I wanted to cover an aspect of Virtues...
Virtues can be found by pressing J and going to the 3rd tab in the top left corner
Virtues are a way to make your character a little bit stronger, and more effective. They aren't mandatory, but they do help for those trying to ekk out that little bit extra...
Lesraldor: migitations
Cait: Once you've looked at the stats a given virtue gives you, you should try to concentrate on earning as many points as you can in them. While you could load up the spreadsheet that is linked to in the members forums on the kin site and track down which deeds you haven't completed for the virtue you want to rank up, there is a fast way to do it in game
Lesraldor: though the benefits only apply to rank 18, you can get up to rank 22 in them
Cait: by opening J, going to the 3rd tab and then click on the virtue you want to improve in the outer circle on them, you'll bring up both the store where you can spend TP to buy a point in that virtue, and you'll bring up the Deed log showing the lowest level spot that you have opened up towards earning that virtue
so, for example, I want to work on Zeal...I click on Zeal, and up pops my deed log, showing me that barrow spiders is the lowest level Zeal deed I have unfinished (not true in my case, but I know that is a low level Zeal deed)
if you haven't opened the advanced tier of that deed, it won't show you that it offers Zeal
This should help you stream line grinding those important Virtue deeds...find 2 or 3 in the same zone to save yourself running back & forth across the world!
this week's tip was given to me by another officer...and unfortunately senility is preventing me from giving proper credit

Kaylorin: Thank you Cait. Those are all the announcements I have so its your chance to speak if you have anything to share with your kinmates. We will be running an epic battle afterwards for those who have HD and have done the prerequisites. 
Cait will be organizing whilst I go switch characters.

Kin Meeting June 20,2014

Cait, Jun 21, 14 1:31 AM.
Kaylorin: Thank you all for attending. Fairly brief agenda so let's get through it fairly swiftly.

Kaylorin: We have now seen the first in the Strategic Incursion to Evacuate Lost Dwarves (SHIELD). This was held on the Bullroarer test server to give people an early preview of the event. The aim is to take the Sapience character from inside the doors of moria to the gates of galas galdhon in Lothlorien as quickly as possible.
Kaylorin: One complication is that during the journey he must earn the In the Footsteps of the Fellowship deed, earned by visiting various key places from the books.

Kaylorin: The first real run will be on the 24th by Eldar server and our chance comes up on the 8th July. Which means the server will need to get gear soon making preparations.
Lesraldor: they already have, a few groups organized through Unite have made a few practice runs the past few days
Antawine: so, does that mean update 14 hits before the first run?
Lesraldor: and there might be a practice run going on right now
Daradar: nah, update 14 is in august from what i heard
Daradar: no date yet though.
Lesraldor: i think by mid July it will go live
Antawine: ok, didn't know if the two were interconnected

Kaylorin: Speaking of update 14 this week saw a new build released on the test server. This includes the ability to craft essences. As guessed at last meeting various professions can craft different essences. Randiriell has done a detailed article on the essence systems in the Gameplay forum on the kin website. Check it out for more information.

Antawine: do we know if the Dev mentioned Kin crafting is in the newest update or not

Kaylorin: Hmm slight technical problem here.. but like all great leaders I am going to improvise.. we are going to play a little game.. I am going to call out the next agenda item title and then you will invent what it is about since I cannot for the life of me remember
Nephelli: I love this game!
Kaylorin: Ok here we go.. 3) Goo
Daradar: goo....
Crisfeld: hm...moo goo gai pan?
Nephelli: yummy

Kaylorin: Congrats to those who ran Draigoch recently. It was a very good run. One person earned their cloak and another got some scales towards the next run. Well done again everyone.
Kaylorin: This Saturday taking another break from the Moria runs we will be running Urugarth which is a level 48ish instance.

Kaylorin: ok it is very difficult to eat and run a kin meeting.. not as difficult as drinking and running a kin meeting simultaneously...but nonetheless...
Daradar: we should compare and find out if thats true or not :P
Cait: I've only done that to you occasionally!

Kaylorin: This week's Item of the Week is a fine level 40 Captain halberd with plenty of might and vitality. [Exceptional Halberd of the Watch]. Please let an officer know if you have an alt who could benefit and would like it.

Kaylorin: The current turbine store sale is on the theme of cosmetics and includes 25% off shared wardrobe, cosmetic outfit slots, warsteed cosmetic slots and trait specs and various general cosmetics. 25% is a good price so if you want any of those now might be a good time to buy.

Kaylorin: Last week saw the annual Weatherstock concert on Landroval and several kinmates made the journey over. It was a good concert and I have now been informed several of the bands will be returning to landroval on 28/29th of june for a 2 day rock concert if anyone wants more music after weatherstock

Lesraldor: there is an additional 10, 20 or 30% off this weekend only June 20-22
Lesraldor: follow that link for more details
Crisfeld: Don't forget the free 3rd age item trove in LOTRO store. Code TROVE6

Kaylorin: And now.. it is another in the ever popular Did You Know segment presented by our erstwhile Deputy Kin Leader Cait. The different this week is those of you who have finished eating actually do know this one. So with no further delay and no more ado I present Cait.. source of knowledge about the game and also indigestion/
Cait: So....we've talked about deeds, and lord knows I do love running the weekly deed this week, I decided to show you all that many deeds also give titles. Not all Deeds give TP. Social deeds like the ones for saluting and flirting don't give TP, but the do give you a title. Titles are accomplishments that you can have shown after your name to those that meet you in your travels across middle earth. Likewise, not all deed show in your deed log until you complete the eating deed that you are working on/just completed. These hidden deeds are harder to discover and complete.
Cait: come back next week for the next eating deed, that I have already cooked for! The Pie Maven!
Kaylorin: Thank you Cait and I don't think you need worry.. after all that eating they probably won't be able to squeeze thru the door so none of them could leave here anyway.

Kin Meeting June 13, 2014

Cait, Jun 13, 14 10:18 PM.
Kaylorin: Thank you all for attending. Fairly full agenda so we will try and get through it fairly quickly.

Kaylorin: Firstly the latest on SHIELD. Having been injected with alien dna agent c ... oops.. wrong one.. The details on the Strategic Hobbit Incursion to Evacute Lost Dwarves has now been published. The first run is on the test server on June 17th and the first real run, Eldar is on June 24th. Vilya get our turn on Tuesday 8th July.

Kaylorin: A reminder that we have the first Draigoch run we have done in a while this Saturday (tomorrow) at 9 pm cst. To participate you will need to be 75+ and have completed the prerequisite quests which start at the south gate of Galtrev. The Draigoch cloak is one of the best items in game for many levels so still worth getting for your characters when they reach 75.
Kaylorin: We are anticipating the run will start on time since Weatherstock should be over by then however, if there are any delays there then we may end up running a little late. We will be here however and it will happen. Which bring us to Weatherstock. I occasionally get asked how someone gets the title I have displayed - namely Weatherstock wayfarer.
Kaylorin: It was granted for attending the Weatherstock festival which is a music festival which takes place annually on the Landroval server at the top of Weathertop in the Lonelands. I have attended for the last three years and it is an amazing experience. Last year we had 8 kinmates travel to Landroval for the concert.
Antawine: how does that give a title on this server?
Randiriell: It's an account-wide title that the Devs grant you
Kaylorin: The bands are very good, they audition for a place in the concert and they reflect all musical tastes you can imagine, from modern music such as Led Zepplin, Tolkien related lyrics to a variety of songs such as Who Shot the Sherrif and original compositions like an elf re-imagining of a hobbit tune. Pretty much all tastes are covered.
Randiriell: If I recall correctly, you PM a specific Dev at Weatherstock (they tell you whom to message) and within a week or so, you should have the title. Basically, they have to go through the list of PMs and give the title to everyone who messaged.
Arelgaze: question on Draig which lvl are we doing 1 or 2?
Cait: we always do the 12 man, not the 24
Randiriell: so, Tier 2.
Percyval: can i join in progress if i get home in time?
Cait: once an instance starts, typically you can't join, unless gods forbid we wipe
Kaylorin: There is a huge turnout. Last year in excess of 700 people from a wide variety of servers. Nothing will test your graphics card like that so if you do intend to attend you are advised to turn down graphics settings to low. Now if you don't have a character on Landroval you still have time to make one before the concert .
Lesraldor: if we are between attempts, if we do not do it on the first try which is very rare
Kaylorin: There will be people taking low level characters to weathertop so all you have to do is get out of the starter zone and probably get to bree. So if you want to attend.. I do encourage it.. its an amazing experience.
Cait: for this 1 day, they turn off layering, so you will see every one of those 700+ players
Randiriell: And it's insanely crowded
Cait: music starts at 11:30 am EST at the forsaken in, at 1pm EST is the move from the Inn to weathertop, and the first band starts 2pm EST. expected to last til about 5pm

Kaylorin: Update 14 is now up for testing on Bullroarer (test server). Anyone can download the bullroarer client if you want to try it out. It includes the first areas of Gondor and so far feedback has been fairly positive. It also adds a new system whereby gear from level 50 onwards will have slots into which you can insert a new item, essences, which come from drops or crafting.
Kaylorin: Essences allow you to add extra of a trait, such as vitality or increase a stat such as mitigation, tailoring your gear to your needs.
Antawine: so there will be craftables also, good
Antawine: I was worried the system would kill the need to craft anything
Percyval: which trade will be able to craft them?
Cait: they haven't said. Kay is guessing each profession will get to make some

Kaylorin: We will also see an increase in the length of kinship message of the day (motd) from 80 characters to a massive 132 .. wow.. so much space.. how will we ever fill it.. so much more information we can now give you.. wow almost as many characters as twitter offers.

Kaylorin: Another change will be a new global world channel which you will be joined to automatically .. however if its like most of the current global channels I am taking a bet I will be leaving it after about 3 seconds.

Kaylorin: For those who are neither tempted by dragons or music, this weekend also offers a 25% bonus to skirmish mark acquisition. So you may want to get out and do skirmishes and epic battles to earn marks. This is the first time they have done anything like this so do take advantage.

Randiriell: Not whatever Officers feel appropraite. Those messages are for kin use, so it's for what you guys want.
Randiriell: Whatever interests you or you find noteworthy

Kaylorin: Item of the Week is a level 49 sword. Might, Agility and Will. Would be nice for an LM who is using staff and sword combo. [Harvester]. Please let an officer know if you have an alt who can use and you would like.

Kaylorin: In this week's turbine store sale there is 20% off storage related items, namely vault space, shared storage, inventory slots and currency cap (premium/ftp only).

Kaylorin: You can also get a free black dye, should you be wanting an outfit in kin colors and you forgot to talk to Cait about a dye, using code DYE45.

Kaylorin: Speaking of Cait. It is time for her ever popular and informative segment Did You Know. Where she will dazzle us with information about some easily overlooked aspect of LoTRO.

Cait: In this week's Did you Know, I want to talk about something we hate to need, a ressurection! While in LoTRo, it is really just a revive, as we don't truely die, most call it a ressurection, or Res for short, because that's what it has been call in other MMO's for years. There are 4 classes that can do a res in LoTRo. Minstrel, Captain, Lore-Master and Rune Keepers. Mini's get their res the earliest and are the only class that actually have a class deed that requires them to res other players, a total of 100 times. They get the deed at level 20. So, if you are wih a mini and you die, you might want to let them res you, to help them out with a very tough deed. Cappies used to have a res deed, but it has been removed from the game...of course not until after I had suffered thru completing it! Another tip, if you are helping a mini get their deed, don't accept the res, let them cast the skill on you 5 times before you accept it. and that's my tip of the day. Next week I have a very good one planned, so be sure to show up!

Kaylorin: Thank you for that Cait. Always very helpful. Now I was about to moan at our birthday co-ordinator for not letting me know about an important birthday when I realized we don't have one anymore. So.. I guess I will do this one myself.. I am pleased to announce this kinship is through the puking and tantrums stage and should now be off to school. If we shouldnt already be there.
Kaylorin: Yes Dawnbreakers will soon be 6 years old. Congrats to us all.
Tomorrow is the 6th birthday of the Dawnbreakers
Lesraldor: yaaaa we are going to kindergarten
Eleenadal: Wow - didn't know. Grats
Randiriell: Oh gosh...that's gonna be a pain for the kin's parents. Young kid in kindergarten....
Randiriell: *cough* Good luck you two! *cough*
Percyval: where's the cake?
Caitulla cringes at Randi.
Eleenadal: stop eating the frosting.
Arelgaze: I have pies on

Kaylorin: Speaking of learning Coursera is again running their course from Vanderbilt University on Online Games and New Media which features LoTRO. So if you feel like getting some more education there will be an opportunity this july. The course is free.

Kaylorin: And that concludes all the points I have. Does anyone else have any issues to raise or questions to ask of their kinmates?

Kaylorin: If not we will be seeing about getting an epic battle run together shortly.
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