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All classes and levels welcome. Contact Kaylorin in game or send mail via guildportal to DB_Leader. Join a kin which will support you and offer a varied fun experience.
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Welcome to The Dawnbreakers website

We are a rank 10 (maximum) kinship with a kinhouse in the Falathlorn Homesteads (Ered Luin) at 2 Waterbank Road, Glad Orchall in Lord of the Rings Online playing on the Vilya Server.

There are regular kinship meetings held each Friday at 8 pm cst where we partake in questing, instances and general tomfoolery. We also hold occasional other meetings.


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Guild News

Kin Meeting September 26, 2014

Cait, Sep 26, 14 10:01 PM.
Kaylorin: Thank you all for attending. Litle late starting as I had to check up on a few agenda items. Hence a slight delay.

Kaylorin: Turbine posted a Winter Events thread, this week. As always it is tentative but those who don't want those parties to clash with Hobnanigans or anything else game related can use it as a guide for planning the next few months. You can find it at

Kaylorin: Dodge and Jamie, or Merric and Goldenstar as they are better known run the Casually Strolling Through MMOs website and used to run the Casual Stroll To Mordor podcast which was always a good listen. They are well known MMO/LoTRO celebrities who are joining in this year's Extra Life event. Extra Life of course being the charity that Turbine former community manager, Sapience has moved to. Anyone wanting to support their efforts to raise money for sick children can visit
Lesraldor: so go earn special mounts and titles
Antawine: worthy cause also.

Kaylorin: Speaking of LoTRO celebrities, well known podcaster, Corey Olsen, the Tolkien Professor, President of Mythgard Institute which offers courses in fantasy literature including Tolkien, will be joined by senior Turbine World Designer Chris Pierson to discuss the issues in converting Middle Earth into game form, on Wednesday 1st Oct at 1 pm eastern.
Kaylorin: You should be able to download the podcast later if you miss the livestream on the LoTRO site.

Kaylorin: The Sunday Night low .. almost medium .. level group worked their way this week through some of the North Downs epic and started on the Trollshaws region which people bought the other week. If you missed out some regions are on sale again this week.
Kaylorin: Anyone in mid 30s to mid 40s is welcome to join the group as we quest our way through Trollshaws
Kaylorin: Tomorrow we should be running some form of instance but I have no idea what at this time. So suggestions welcomed. Tuesday is Deed Night and Wednesday the ever popular 100s group takes max level players into the dangerous new group area, Tarlang's Crown.

Kaylorin: Speaking of 100s, this weeks Item of week is a level 100 pocket item [Potent Resolute Bauble of Tactics] nice will and vitality there. Speak to an officer if you would like.

Kaylorin: Slightly complex store sale this week. It was advertised as 20% off quest packs and other things whereas it is actually 50% off specific quest packs and 20% off the other sale items. Quest packs are Evendim, North Downs, Misty Mountains, Forochel, Eregion, Great River, Lothlorien and Wildermore. Possibly Trollshaws but couldnt check that.
Kaylorin: The items which are 20% off are mithril coins, 1 hour 100% xp boosts, and max morale and power scrolls.
Kaylorin: This weekend only.. 75% off warden, 50% off 100% crafting crit scrolls, and 50% off xp disablers (stone of tortoise).
Kaylorin: You can use code EAT59 to get 5 free universal regeneration food.

Kaylorin: And it is a lootbox weekend.. so cait will be very happy..speaking of Cait. Its time for her Did You Know segment. So prepare yourself not to miss any of the indepth information she imparts this week as it scrolls rapidly by your screens. Though anyone who misses it can find it on the kin website later in the week.

Cait: A very short did you know this week...(mainly because I got home very late last night)
Sometimes you want to lock items in your bags to keep yourself from selling them accidentally. There are 2 ways to accomplish this. First, while at a vendor, in the sell window, you can click the lock icon. The other way is to open your inventory, click the lock icon at the top left of bag 1 and then click on the item that you don't want to sell.
One interesting thing to note, if you put that item into your bank storage, you will not see the lock icon on that item. If you puul that item back out of your bank, it will automatically lock again.
and that's this week's did ya know!

Kaylorin: Thank you Cait. Always informative. People are welcome to contact you with suggestions for future segments. Now does anyone have any issues to raise or questions to ask of kinmates before we see about getting an epic battle run together?
Kaylorin: If not, then please let Cait know if you would like to participate in the epic battle. You need to own Helms Deep and have completed the first epic battle solo at least.

Kin Meeting September 19, 2014

Cait, Sep 19, 14 11:15 PM.
Kaylorin: Thanks for attending as always. Another fairly short agenda. I need a spy in turbine there has been very little information from there recently.

Kaylorin: Latest from the SHIELD runs - only kidding as we all know SHIELD finished last week. However for those who cannot live without seeing a Turbine employee live-streaming, Frelorn, the new community manager, is now offering his own stream every Thursday from 1 pm est. He seems to be levelling a minstrel from what I can tell so anyone wanting help and advice on mini might find it helpfull

Kaylorin: There are many things I will do for you .. but I have limits .. and this is one of them.. today is of course Talk Like No Pirate In History Ever Spoke day and for those of you who cannot get enough Yaars the standard quest is running today just across the river from the Brandywine bridge. You will find a sailor there today who will have you collect various things.
Kaylorin: Most years it doesn't get a lot of publicity.. last year it had more profile as you could get bounders bounty tokens from it.. this year its back to obscurity but if you want eyepatches and such things its good for those cosmetics
Antawine: lol. Just what a hunter needs. One eye covered.
Zyrapko: makes it easier for you to aim

Kaylorin: Speaking of the non eye patch variety, the patch for update 14.2 hit at the start of the week and brought a welcome change to top crafting tier graphics. No more red emeralds! No news yet on what update 15 contains though.
Cait: in fact, many items have been re-colored

Kaylorin: Tomorrow we have the Helegrod raid scheduled so those of you 50+ feel free to join us as we attempt to rid the world of an undead dragon. Starts 9 pm cst.

Kaylorin: This week's Item of the Week is a level 100 medium armor helm, lots of vitality and agility with crit defence, evade and parry. Let an officer know if you would like it [Greater Steadfast Helmet of Protection]

Kaylorin: On sale this week in Turbine store are stat tomes, regeneration food, run speed boosts and +5% attack boosts, all at 30% off. This weekend only you can use code CT3014 for 30% off anything in your cart.
Kaylorin: Also you can get a free essence removal scroll with code ESS775

Kaylorin: And now it is time for the best part of the week. Seeing as she has exposed all the dark secrets of the game itself as you saw last week she has now turned her attention to the kin itself and here is the second in her kin-related Did You Know? sections. So over to Cait.

In this week's did you know I wanted to cover the Kin's website. 
The URL is 
There is a lot of info that can help you within the 13 main tab of the kin site. Every week on the home tab, you can read the notes from the kin meeting. The site holds approximately 5 weeks worth of kin meeting notes. Also on the Kin tab in the left frame, you can find the Kin's Code of Conduct, our guidelines on behavior that is considered acceptable.
The Kin History tab is an interesting read. Written by the Kin Founder, Dagoranthir and also Kaylorin, the kin's second and current Kin Leader.
The Kin House tab gives info about our meeting hall, where many of you are right now as well as the instructions for downloading Mumble. Mumble is a voice chat program. Kay and I pay for access to the chat service. All members of the kin are welcome and encouraged to log into Mumble, particularly during kin run events 5 nights a week. There is also a monitor that lets you see who is logged into the mumble server on this tab.
The Crafting tab is a place where kin members can place requests for crafted gear and weapons, particularly when there isn't anyone on that can make an item that they need.
The Instance tab gives a good guide for new players to the joy of grouping. It explains a lot about what each class can contribute to grouping. In this kin, we like to run group content. It is a great way to spend time together in comraderie with those we choose to be kin mates with.
The Events tab shows the Kin Calendar. There is also info for a google calendar of the kin events that I try to keep up to date.
The deeds tab is a photo gallery of mile stones of the kin. Mostly gloating over the death of bosses of challenging instances.
The Forums is probably the most visited tab of the kin site. Here we can write to each other about important and fun topics.
The Library tab is a wealth of knowledge every kin member should visit periodically. Here you can find the macro that helps kin mates /salute each other. Recieving the /salute is  a hidden deed.
And that is my did you know this week!

Kaylorin: That concludes all the formal points on the agenda. Does anyone else have any news, points to raise or questions to ask of kinmates?

Kin Meeting September 12, 2014

Cait, Sep 12, 14 11:13 PM.
Kaylorin: Ok everyone. Thank you for attending. It will be a very short meeting as I have a limited agenda.

Kaylorin: Firstly the SHIELD runs came to an end this weel. The last servers to have their chance at this turbine-supported event were Morthond, Firefoot, Belegaer and Landroval.
Kaylorin: Morthond, which is a German server was another forfeit as no-one showed up for the run. The other runs happened. Firefoot took 8th place, Belegaer took 20th, and Landroval finished with 16th place.
Kaylorin: The means the winner of the event is the French server Estel, 2) Winfola, 3) Eldar and 4) Vilya are the final top placings.
Lesraldor: 4th 2 times in a row, way to be consistent Vilya
Kaylorin: Yeah, when I first saw our time I thought it would probably be beaten but later servers were nowhere near as good as with the TAHITI runs in figuring different ways and cutting time off. In fact I was telling Cait how Sapience talks on one run about how the person leading him on the previous run repeatedly stopped to mine ore nodes!

Kaylorin: In other news the final of the 2 daily quests which required server-turn ins to activate opened up on Vilya yesterday. So Paths of the Dead is now available and thank you to all those who donated tokens to make its opening happen.

Kaylorin: There is planned server downtime on Monday and we will be getting update 14.2 which will bring the Dead Marshes as a separate playable area and the other changes like collections for mounts/pets I mentioned in last week's meeting.

Kaylorin: This week's item of the week is a level 100 necklace with will and vitality. [Potent Resolute Necklace of Tactics]. Please speak to an officer if you would like this.

Kaylorin: I think the low level group, almost the medium level group, might need to have a discussion this weeknd because there are definitely some sales we might give some consideration to. There is 20% off skirmishes and 75% off trollshaws, both of which might be helpful for the group. The trollshaws sale is a special this weekend sale only.
Lesraldor: it is also 50% off Angmar and 25% off West gondor this weekend only
Kaylorin: Other things on sale this week are 50% off Expansions and Expansion Quests (generally I would recommend the expansions rather than just the quests if you can afford), 20% off enhanced xp scrolls, 20% mark acquisition boosts and 20% off token of the hornburg. This last item is the cause of the 25% xp buff you sometimes see people have. It is a pocket item which works up to level 84
Kaylorin: though thats what the store sale page says.. I would check that info

Kaylorin: You can use code HEAL9 to receive a free 5 pack of universal morale potions if you so desire

Kaylorin: So we reach high point of the week. The Did You Know section. A reminder that all these are put up in a thread on the kin website under the General Discussion forum for those who miss them or would like to check the specific details of something said such as the exact wording of a / command etc.
Kaylorin: The inspiration for these Did You Knows often comes from members. So if anyone has any suggestions on things they think she should cover feel free to send them to Cait.
Kaylorin: And now, over to her, for a special Did You Know which is going to be focusing for once on us rather than the game.

Cait: good evening all!
There are a few services that the Kin offers to its members that I would like to take a moment to remind and enlighten you all of. There are of course the group events that we schedule five days a week.
Sunday nights are the leveling group, who are now in their mid-30's. Tuesday is deed night where we try to help kin mates complete particularly tedious deeds, as well as earning extra TP that helps us get purchases in the store.
Wednesdays have recently changed to be our 100's night.
This past Wednesday night was rather epic, we were in a single combat that lasted at least 15 was exhillirating!

Kaylorin: Yes it was an awesome fight.. great performance. I witnessed it and was very proud of everybody

Cait: Friday's are our weekly chance to gather at the kin house, to hear the news from Turbine and other servers, as well as from our kin mates. We try to follow the kin meetings with a run thru the Helm's deep instances, which is an event that anyone from level ten on is able to participate in.
You do need to own the Helm's Deep Expansion and have to have completed the solo/duo of the instance that we are trying to run to be able to enter the group version of that instance.
Saturday's we run instances, also as another way to earn TP and Virtues, but also as a way to get people to see content that solo play often prohibits.
The kin storage chests are frequently overflowing with items that have been donated by other members in a hope that they will be needed some time in the future. Officers will be happy to look in the chests for you. Members do not have open access to the Kin storage chests.
Another service that the Kin provides is free dyes for cosmetic gear. There is a large stash of dyes in my own house chest, which several officers have access to get out for you. Of course, we do ask that a person exhibit a little bit of consideration in their requests for dyes, but we have also never had anyone abuse this service.
And finally, there are many crafters in the kin who are willing to offer their services as well as their personal overflow of mats to help others with both gear requests as well as mats to help you push that last little bit for a level of crafting.
And that is my Did you know for this week! Hope you found it informative!!

Kaylorin: thank you Cait as always. Before we bring the meeting to a close does anyone have any issues to raise with their kinmates or questions to ask of them?
Lesraldor: tuesday is the start of Bilbo's birthday event
Lesraldor: and Frelorn has started his own streaming event, which takes place every thursday at 1PM EST
Lesraldor: in this event he is taking a begining character from lvl 1 to where ever it takes him, i think he is already 2 streams in and about lvl 10-15 i think

Kin Meeting September 5, 2014

Cait, Sep 5, 14 11:45 PM.
Kaylorin: hello all.. thank you as always for attending the kin meeting. Very brief agenda this week so shouldn't be a very long meeting. You can cheer now :)

Kaylorin: Firstly the latest in the Turbine-approved SHIELD runs. Two were held this week. The Laurelin and Elendelmir servers. Neither run was terribly remarkable. Laurelin finished 16th and Elendelmir took 11th place. Vilya remains in 4th place with 5 servers still to take their turn. The very last two are Landroval and Belegaer on 11th September.

Kaylorin: Turning back to kin events now, there will be something instancy tomorrow but I don't think what has been fixed yet, so suggestions welcomed. The Sunday group will be biding Lonelands goodbye and probably skirmishing and Weds is the 100s group for those wanting to do the Tarlangs Crown group area.

Kaylorin: One of our kinmates Kahaura is at work on a video game and I promised to give it a mention. You can find more info at his forums at and download the alpha version, though my anti-virus package and browser had some issues with the site and the file, so I reluctantly didn't proceed but maybe you will have more luck.

Kaylorin: Following the problems last Friday the next update was finally open to everyone for testing on Saturday. One major change is the Collections window which has your mount and pet collections. You can see all the possibles organized into collections like Frogs or Heros of Third Age etc. You can view the possible members and how to get the ones you dont have, which often turns out to be the LoTRO store
Kaylorin: Another thing they are currently testing is a preloader for those with 2G or more of memory. This is something DDO already does and it should enable LoTRO to load much faster on better machines. We will keep fingers crossed as I know that is something we would all like to see, less loading times.
Cait: and toes
Bredor: as long as they don't have issues with it like the DDO one did!

Kaylorin: This weekend is Hobnanigans again for those not bored of it. I understand there is a new vendor who will happily take tokens off you, face-painting apparently. Intriguing, so feel free to check it out.
Lesraldor: then there is a vendor to give you a double token accelerator for 2 mith coins, the accelerator last for 7 days

Kaylorin: This week's item of the week is a level 100 pair of heavy armor leggings with might and vit and parry. Good for a tank so Guardian, Captain, Champion might all like. [Greater Enduring Leggings of Parrying]
Kaylorin: speak to an officer if you would like these.

Kaylorin: By the way we have LOTS of essences in kin vaults now. So if you are looking for some speak to an Officer. We would be happy to share them with you ;)
Lesraldor: they range from 85 to 100, mainly 100 though

Kaylorin: This week's turbine store sale is on virtues and traits. 25% off virtues and virtue bundles, trait slots and skill/slayer boosts. You can also get a free sturdy steel key using code SSKF9

Kaylorin: And now, it is that time again. Best part of the week when our erstwhile deputy kin leader addresses many of the mysteries of LoTRO, including maybe why we all get force fed Lembas at kin meetings :) So once again she taps into her vast store of game knowledge and delights us. Over to you Cait for the Did You Know? segment.

Cait: As I have already told you, there are hidden deeds in the game. These are deeds that don't show up in your deed log until you complete them, such as the eating deeds that I (and Prabo) have been helping those that attend the kin meetings accomplish. I'd like to take a few minutes to tell you about several of the TP earning hidden deeds that I know of.
Shire - Brew Master. Complete 5 quests helping each of the bar-tenders of the shire collect secret ingrediants for their famous beers.
Moria - Blind Leaper. Jump to your death in 5 locations inside the Mines of Moria. There is 1 jump location per zone in Moria. If you jump in the right spot, you will see a white text message pop up in the middle of your screen.
Eriador -  Pork Chopper. Defeat at least 1 Boar in most of the zones leading up to and including Angmar. In Angmar, there is only 1 boar, it is located outside Aughaire on the left side of the road. There are no boars in Evendim, until you get to the North Cotton Farms instance, but these are not needed for the deed.
Mirkwood - Mirkwood Tower Climber. In the main camp in central Mirkwood, there is a ramp that lets you climb up the walls. The Epic questline sends you up here to find a quest giver. If you weave your way up, around, over and to the opposite side of the wall, you will get a hidden deed for finding the other top part of the walls. This is challenging because part of the pathway is walking thru treebranches that obscure your view.
Enedwaith - Master/Mistress of Stairs. Take the trip up to Nar's peak and back down to the bottom 5 complete circuits. Cappies/Guardian summons can make this less of an ordeal.

There are a few deeds that only require a single action, such as jumping into the well at the chamber of the crossroads in Moria and the Ridge racer in Enedwaith. There is also a deed for finding fishing holes in Enedwaith. Another deed I know of requires you to complete both tiers of slug slayer in the Shire to open the slug slayer deeds in Carn Dum/Urugarth.

Kaylorin: thank you.. once again very enlightening. That concludes the formal agenda. Does anyone have any other issues to raise before we see about trying to run an epic battle?

Lesraldor: for this month there are special deals in the store only on the weekends
Lesraldor: this weekend is 75% off Universal Potions, 30% off Gift of the Valar and 30% off Mithril Coins
Lesraldor: for a complete list of the deals, it is not all filled in but will be eventually

Kin Meeting August 29, 2014

Cait, Aug 29, 14 11:12 PM.
Kaylorin: We should be running a full program of events next week again. Saturday it is planned to do Isengard instances. Last week we did the open world Angmar defense instances which are rarely tackled these days. They were fun and would definitely be very challenging on level.

Kaylorin: Sunday will be low level group which has nearly completed Lonelands, so if you have a 30-40 character feel free to come along. Turn out has been a bit patchy the last few weeks so would be good to see more people again. We did enjoy the weeks where we had to run the group as a raid ;)
Kaylorin: Tuesday is deed night. Feel free to let Cait have any suggestions for deeds or areas to run. Wednesday will be 100s night again so those with a 100 come along and tackle the TC group area.
Cait: TC is actually available at 95!

Maurelio: escuse me, is there a especific day where we can met to make a "event" or "kin activity" like a crafting day/evening or night?
Lesraldor: if you want to make and event send one of us officers (Me, Cait or Kay) a mail or tell with what you want to do and the best times for you to be there and we will make something happen
what kind of event were you interested in? Although, member lead events are always welcome. Most of the weekly events are held anywhere from 7 to 12 pm cst
Maurelio: well, i was thinking, a saturday or sunday evenig or night to met, share ingredient, materials, not just help the others to level up theyr crafting ability, maybe some1 will need any crafted item and we can trade or share with all
Maurelio: any rare or needed recipe, specific class item or tool
Maurelio: a evening or night where we can craft, laught and share any question or experience, like a dinner, or a friends met to drink, but in game
Maurelio: IDK what do you think about that
Cait: on a weekend it would likely have to be mid to late afternoon, but we do have a great stash of mats, though recipies trading would certainly be good too, and yeah, sounds like it could be fun
Maurelio: i knoh we are running raids and a lot of thinks and y consider this as a "another" way to know us better and have a time to share, with-out the adrenaline or tension of a close dead

Kaylorin: Generally Turbine's announcements and policies have been fairly standard and predictable over the last few years. They did of course say not having an expansion this year would let them work on some of the basic systems of the game. However this week they announced changes to a much forgotten and neglected system I would have bet money would never again be looked at, though it is one of the more distinctive features of the game compared to other MMOs.
Kaylorin: I refer to the music system in game, there will be some tonal adjustments to improve the sound of existing instruments, 2 new instruments are planned (though a compromise had to be reached and these will not be available as Minstrel weapons) and they are looking at the ability to spawn a stage in an area, useful for events like Weatherstock.

Kaylorin: Most of you will have noticed the Welcome Back Weekend buff we are currently getting of 100% xp. This will last for the weekend but there will be a 25% xp bonus subsequently for the whole of the month of September. So now is the time to level your alts, or get your main to 100 if anyone out there hasn't done that (mentioning no names).
Cait: I noticed last night in Evendim that there was a second 25% buff at the same time too

Kaylorin: Finally on the Turbine announcements, they have opened Bullroarer for testing of patch update 14.2. So update your clients if you have the bullroarer client downloaded. However many people, including myself are currently unable to logon to that server. My suspicion is that it still has some restrictions left over from the beta and accounts who participated in HD beta can not in 
Kaylorin: but the rest of us cannot currently. No doubt they will fix that eventually but its worth trying to get in.
Kaylorin: We know there are 3 main components to the update, first the session play in the Dead Marshes with Frodo and Sam.
Kaylorin: Secondly a new window, available with shift C for collections on which mounts and pets will now be found.
Kaylorin: Finally skirmish soldiers are getting a buff at the higher levels to reduce the damage they took from the mitigation changes etc. There will also be new soldier levels purchasable from store. These are the areas mentioned so far but when the patch notes are put up we should know more.

Kaylorin: This week's Item of the Week is a level 100 pocket item wilth lots of will and some agility, plus morale and power. [Polished Canine of Determination]. Let an officer know if you would like it.

Kaylorin: Turbine store sale this week will be storage and currency related items, including 20% off shared storage, vault upgrades, inventory slots and currency cap (f2p/premium only)
Kaylorin: They also announced a permanent reduction in the price of the xp disabler (stone of tortoise) item to 100 tp from 495 tp.
Kaylorin: High levels wanting universal solvent for crafting including essences, can get one free using code ESSE8

Maurelio: how can i use that code? last week i have try to get the weekly free item
Breeper: Its based on your Char/toon sometimes it wont work
Cait: find the free item in the store, click quick buy, type in the code, and click apply. if it is the right item & code, it will change the price to 0, then you click on buy
Lesraldor: if you press the quick buy option in the window that pops up there will be and apply coupon button just to the left of that button there is a window, you put the code in that window
Cait: don't click buy if it doesn't go to 0 first

Kaylorin: And now, we reach the best part of the meeting, and the part you can wake up for, as you will need your wits about you as our erstwhile deputy kin leader introduces us to another obscure or overlooked aspect of LoTRO practice. So over to Cait for her Did You Know segment (that last answer wasnt it by the way ;) )

Cait: There are several ways to open various interface windows in the game.  
While our leader isn't inclined to anyone controlling Kay, using ctrl K will open the skirmish interface, which has 2 tabs on it, one for lifetime skirmish stats and the other for Skirm soldier equipped traits. This is particularly handy to be able to look if your skirmish soldier is up to par with your level before joining a random Skraid (Skirmish-Raid)
If you forget the crtl K command, you can also locate this panel by clicking on the golden ^ at the far left of the skills bar at the bottom of your screen.
There are several useful panels under that ^. Another is the short-cut way to mailboxes, though this only works for VIP. You'll find it under the Social category.
Under ^ then System is the "Help" menu, where you can read technical FAQ's and submit tickets when you are experiencing a bug or other problems with the game not functioning as it probably should. It is not ok to submit a bug report or ticket just because you find an area particularly challenging!

Lesraldor: no you submit that ticket in the kinship chat box and a kin member will be with you to help at some point
Breeper: I thought that was why they added the new world chat!
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